• Panzer

    Clementine is based on Amarok, which is also available for Windows. So try that one as well …(Although users tell me they like the old Amarok more that the 2.x version)

    One of our editor gave Clementine a negative rating a long time ago (Stealthy association of files etc.). I think he reviewed some of the previous versions so maybe they fixed that already.

  • Krishna

    I have tried this on both Windows 7 and 12.04 (32 bit). I dumped it after 3 days because:
    1. It hanged the system.
    2. It took 100% of the processor all the time.
    3. It was very very slow.
    Have you tested it on 32 bit ? or only on 64 bit systems ?

  • Samer Kurdi

    @ Panzer, Krshna: I am running Clementine on Win7 64bit. I have not experienced any problems with it, and the processor usage associated with it is 0% when idling in the background and 1%-2% when playing.

    It is not slow and does not hang on my machine. I wonder if indeed the version I am running has been improved from earlier versions.

    The version I am using (1.01) was released on Dec 2011. Here’s the changelog: http://code.google.com/p/clementine-player/source/browse/Changelog

  • Nice News …

    but I got Dubli Entertainment to stream my favourite music or music vids for free ….

    maybe you would like to write an article about this?


    • PaulH

      Pjil. . . I am surprised you mention that site, it isn’t even comparable to the software mentioned above, it is not free! the want you to join up to their packages and, the audio/radio one is seven euros ninety five. A month.
      Free we want free!

  • There is also another music resolver that we
    have recently developed and launched: http://www.clickasound.com. It is quite