KCleaner: picks up where CCleaner leaves off


Ever wonder why you have so little space on your hard drive? It could be because you have gigantic files that are taking up all the space (which you can identify using these tools), or it could be because so many programs are downloading update installers and creating huge file caches that do not get removed.

If want to get rid of these, and after you’ve cleaned your drive with CCLeaner, try totally free program KCleaner.

KCleaner wants to be, quote “the most efficient hard disk cleaner, tracking every useless byte”. I can’t really say if it achieves this lofty ideal, but it appears to make a good go of it, which I say after it removed more than 1 gig of unneeded files from my hard drive right after I cleaned it with CCleaner.

Kcleaner list of files

First off: what does it clean?

The screenshot below shows the settings screen, where you can check/uncheck what KCleaner cleans. These are mostly common software that most people will have installed (Apple Installer Cache, Windows Installer Duplicates, etc.) and that can take up a surprising amount of space. There is no mystery here, which is why I like this program.

Kcleaner - settings

As you can see (from the first screenshot on top of this post), it is mostly small files that it removes (the largest in my test was 56megs or so). But these can collectively add up. Note that the 1.1 Gigs that it cleared up in my screenshot were found after I had just cleaned my hard drive with CCleaner.

The verdict:

If you have space issues on your hard drive and don’t know where all the space went, try KCleaner. Although I am a big devotee of CCleaner, which I trust more that most hard drive cleaners, but if you want more of a ‘scrub’ try KCleaner as well.

One thing to note: make sure you run this program in administrative mode. The  version I tested ( acts strange when you don’t; churns and churns like its cleaning up files, but in the end does not do much of anything and the files are still there. When you use adminstrative mode it will work as intended.

Click here to download portable version (direct download link). For more info, check out the program page on Softpedia. Note that the portable version and the Kcleaner-lite version from the Softpedia page are crapware free, but that the Kcleaner.exe found on the developer web page comes laden with crapware (a.k.a offers and toolbars). Although you can opt out of these, they are rather tenacious and play with wording so as not to make it clear how to do so.

  • Wim de Lange

    When I go to the site our proxy gives a warning on spyware:

    The link you are accessing has been blocked by the Barracuda Web Filter because it contains spyware. The name of the spyware is: Spyware.Exploit.Misc.MU.kcsoftwares.com .

    Not sure how big that is…..

    • Samer Kurdi

      @ Wim: I don’t know about Barracuda, but I don’t get any such notifications and moreoever I just checked the site with the Google Safe Browsing tool and came out clean.

      Moreoever, the program’s VirusTotal profile is squeaky clean

    • Samer Kurdi

      hmmm. I just re-read the Google Safebrowsing report, and I think it is saying that although this site is not currently listed as suspicious, quote “part of this site was listed for suspicious activity 1 time(s) over the past 90 days.” Which I suppose may be saying that malware was discovered previously on this site. Perhaps it was hacked into at some point (something similar happened to my site about 3 years ago).

      In any case, I replaced the link above with the Softpedia link for the same software.

      If anyone has read this and would like to go to the developer’s site anyway, go Go here.

      • Wim de Lange

        I don’t know much about Barracuda either. It is the authenticating proxy that is used by the company I work for and that blocked the site and probably for the reason you mentioned. Thanks for checking it out.

  • Manoj

    I got the program from the website, no problem there, but when I tried to install it I got an alert from Avira warning me of “virus ADSPY.NaviPromo.J”: http://www.avira.com/en/support-threats-description/tid/7296/tlang/en

    Didn’t want to risk it so I killed the installation. Pity, sounded like a useful program.

  • Try CCleaner with an updated winapp2.ini file and change some of the settings as by default it only deletes temporary files older than 24 hours. Also remember to much deleting can be hazardous. I tested Bleachbit once and it messed up a load of things on my system.

    Also CCleaner lets you specify what cookies to not delete which is very very useful.

    • Wim de Lange

      Downloaded, installed it and removed it. It started to ask questions I did not want to answer and it installed other programs as well, which I don’t like. Also no back button available during intallation. So program sounds nice, but I don’t like the authors.

      I could be wrong and it is not harmful, but how they wrote it did not give me a good impression.

      • I’m going to take it you are not referring to CCleaner when you say you don’t like it and hint that you don’t trust it? CCleaner is one of the oldest and most trusted cleaners out there.

        • Wim de Lange

          You are right. I was not aware that there was a hierarchy in the answers. I was referring to KCleaner. CCleaner has never given problems other then removing things that I preferred to stay, but that is only going through the options.

          • I guessed as much. I just tried the portable version of KCleaner and it doesn’t work and I do find the simplicity of the settings worrying.

  • Mario

    I’ve used KCleaner several years ago and it messed my computer, deleting things it shouldn’t.. Don’t know how is is today. I use CCleaner with CCEnhancer and everything is fine.

    • ecomm

      Sorry Mario,

      I didn’t see your comment on CCEnhancer.

      • Mario

        no problem. I’ve just mentioned it. You gave us a lesson about it!!!

  • ecomm

    Maybe it’s a better (safer) idea to just upgrade your CCleaner with CCEnhancer.

    From the website of the developer: http://singularlabs.com/software/ccenhancer/

    CCEnhancer is a small portable tool which adds support for over 900 new programs into the popular program CCleaner. The tool uses the winapp2.ini system built into CCleaner to easily add new rules and definitions for programs. The rules were mainly sourced from the Piriform Support Forum. (Piriform is the developer of CCleaner)

    How it works:
    Start CCEnhancer and click on the button to download the latest rules. When finished, a question pops up to start CCleaner. If you do so, all the extra rules are included into CCleaner, so you can start cleaning exta thorough.

  • kalm-man

    No virus alert whit avast, but the program become “not responding” twice, on the third run pick up quite a bit of mess worth 6GB, so is a keeper for some more tests.

  • Just to add that whilst I wouldn’t trust this even if it did work on my machine I do use Wise Disk Cleaner alongside CCleaner to be thorough. I have 3 Wise products on my USB stick as they came from portableapps.com

    You can get the Disk Cleaner from http://wisecleaner.com/wisediskcleanerfree.html
    They also doa registry cleaner and a disk recovery program although I use Recuva for that.

  • Archit

    First of all i am a big fan of freewaregenius.
    It lists some of the best softwares.
    But unfortunately this time it is not the case
    This software is a malware.
    It installed browser protect, delta toolbar, something knowledge base like thing which asked questions i did not want to answer.
    So please remove this entry from your otherwise very good collection of softwares.

  • Samer Kurdi

    @ Everyone:

    I am frankly surprised that this software is seen as problematic. The review was based on the portable version from the developer’s page, but I just downloaded and installed the version found on the Softpedia link, without problems.

    * The VirusTotal profile for this version was also very clean (http://bit.ly/10aFBEC)
    * The cleaning, on my machine, went without hitch and did not cause any problems whatsoever.
    * There were NO browser tools or other crapware installations attempted. The installer didn’t try to install any such thing at all.. ** Update: I finally figured out where the crapware was coming from, see my next comment below.

    I am sufficiently alarmed as to consider removing the post. But it seems like such a mystery, why my experience is so different from some of you.

    • Surprised the portable version worked for you as it would do a scan and then lock up for me.

      As to the extras in the installer are you using the one from Softpedia or the one from the official site?

      • Samer Kurdi

        I got the portable version from the developer’s site, and the installer version from Softpedia, both worked and were crapware free.

        However, I just went back and got the installer version from the author’s site, and I see that it is aggressively trying to install crapware, using some of the most deceptive methods (which I wrote about previously).

        I just changed the link in the article to link right to the portable version, although I may simply remove this entry altogether soon.

        • Wim de Lange

          That is the same experience I had when I downloaded it from the site. And because of that I had the negative reactio. That is why I was surprised you were so positive. Very strange all those different versions with different behaviour.

          Your decision to remove the entry or not, but add a warming about the different versions?

          • Samer Kurdi

            @ Wim: I just did, explained the different versions at the bottom of the writeup.

            • I notice you have no Analyze button in your screenshot?

            • Samer Kurdi

              The screenshot was right after I had pressed analyze (it had just finished analyzing).

  • Jim

    downloaded from authors site, but it came bundled with so many other
    programs I did not install.

  • Hi,

    I’m the developper of KCleaner. Thank you so much for writing this review !

    Should anyone need support, please feel free to contact me or our KCleaner user’s forum : http://www.kcsoftwares.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=12

    Concerning installer :
    – Regular installer comes with RK + sponsor. No Spyware. Sponsor can be rejected and/or uninstalled independantly easily
    – NoRK installer comes with minimal sponsor only
    – Lite Installer comes with NO sponsors at all
    – Portable package (zip/7z) available as well

    Download page : http://www.kcsoftwares.com/?download

    • Thanks for your reply. Do you have any comment on what Samer calls “aggressively trying to install crapware, using some of the most deceptive methods”? I’m sure you are telling the truth, but this does your reputation no good…

      • Nothing agressive…. and at least far less than many other popular freeware that are bundled with OpenCandy these days !

        May Samer be more precise ?

        • Steven Avery


          Kyle’s history has long been one of being too far on the crapware edge. There are lots of discussions in Wilders, where his Sumo product does have some fans, and there would always be lots of excuses given. I stopped using any of Kyle Katern’s software simply for this reason, after it seemed like bandages were put over these problems but that they were never really fixed.

          Steven Avery

          • May i found this comment unfair ? Look at wilder’s : most people are very happy of my freeware !

  • Paul

    I settled on a range of cleaning software a long time ago but I sometimes look at new programs that have an analyse option so I decided to try this.
    The result was that it found 537 MB on XP x86 and 62 MB on Windows 7 x64, in both cases apart from a few temp files that were in use almost everything else was Windows Hotfix Uninstallers.
    There was nothing on either list that was likely to cause problems so I ran it on both without ill effects.
    Not something I would use everyday but worth running after MS Updates.

  • John

    Samer Kurdi, quality not not quantity is important. for me it looks like you try to get your website full!

  • Jan

    I think Ill now why the barracuda kicked in. Because of the spyware you install next to the application. Watch when you install. The software can be good I do not know. But the spyware it installs while installing the application..not OK

  • Kyle

    KCleaner – 2.0 (Released 2013-09-03)


    IMPORTANT UPDATE : Complete User Interface redesign (more user friendly !)

    – 0002092: [Refactoring] GUI redesign + new main icon + icons for action buttons (Kyle_Katarn) – resolved.
    – 0002087: [New Feature] “Shred file” menu action (or button ?) (Kyle_Katarn) – resolved.
    – 0001867: [New Feature] “One click” Clean operation (Kyle_Katarn) – resolved.