Jzip is a free compression utility based on 7-Zip. It features the same reliability, high compression ratios, and speed that 7Zip provides with an enhanced user interface.

Before installing PLEASE NOTE: unless you choose the CUSTOM INSTALL option and uncheck the Yahoo toolbar and other software, you may install bundled software/toolbars/etc. that you do not want.

The review below pertains to the program itself, as I tested it, and before they moved to bundle toolbars and things with it.

Version tested:

Jzip is based on the open source 7-Zip, which delivers the 2 most important features you would want out of a compression program (a) very high compression ratios, meaning that your compressed files created with this program will be as small or smaller in size than many comparable compression programs out there, and (b) excellent compression speed. (For comparisons of a number of archive programs see this great comparative review of zip utilities on Donationcoder).


The most consistent criticism of 7zip has always been its rudimentary interface, and Jzip offers the kind of user friendly interface for managing files/archives that 7-Zip’s interface lacks (and that is offered by many archive utilities); such as:

  • Display folder trees on the left-pane, explorer-style.
  • Create folders/subfolders and drag files into these from within the Jzip interface.
  • Switch between icon, thumbnail, list and detail view, explorer style.
  • File sorting. Also supports sorting by clicking on column headers in detail view.
  • Wildcard select (e.g. select all .jpg files within an archive)
  • The ability to view compressed files without having to extract them from the archive first.

Where jZip and 7Zip do not differ:

  • Both will compress and extract archives in 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR formats and will extract RAR, CAB, ISO, ARJ, LZH, CHM, Z, CPIO, RPM, DEB and NSIS formats.
  • Both will extract multiple archives into their respective folders through the context menu.
  • Drag and drop files to/from the interface available in both
  • Right click context menu looks exactly the same. Altogether not a bad thing since it is very simple and functional, although I would have liked the ability to customize it.
  • That wonderful simplicity. Part of the reason why 7Zip is so popular, apart from its performance, is its economical simplicity. I am glad to report that Jzip retains that feeling even when it enhances the user experience.

Wish list (or how this program can be even better):
For a program whose entire reason for being is to deliver a better interface, it makes sense for Jzip to offer the following:

  • Skins
  • The ability to customize the context menu.
  • Provide zip icon alternatives. The one Jzip provides actually looks really cool, although I’m not too sure about its yellow-ochre color. Would have preferred more orange/red color myself (note: if you would like to change your deault zip icons or the icons for any file type, you can use Icon Phile).
  • That wonderful simplicity. Part of the reason why 7Zip is so popular, apart from its performance, is its economical simplicity. I am glad to report that Jzip retains that feeling even when it enhances the user experience.

Freewaregenius 5-Star Pick

The verdict: You can say that this program is just 7Zip with a better interface, and that would be good enough for me. [NOTE: my praise for this program does not take the newly bundled toolbars and other junk into consideration. Please read ‘How to install’ below before installing.]

Compatibility: WinAll; Mac and Linux versions coming soon.

How to install Jzip: choose the CUSTOM INSTALL option and uncheck the Yahoo toolbar and other things that come bundled with Jzip. If you do not choose custom install it will install Yahoo toolbar and possibly some other browser plugins BY DEFAULT without asking.

Go to the program page to get the latest version (approx 2.22 megs).

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  • cicom3nd3z

    Thanks, maybe people will not use a cracked version of winrar anymore.

    Customizing context menu is possible in 7-zip… and I got used to the interface.

    Icon Phile links don’t work but the program is available on Softpedia.

  • BG

    Well, the feature I like most in 7Zip is the dual pane view. If I want to extract to somewhere else than the Desktop in jZip I have to open a separate folder through explorer, and THEN drag it over….

  • Mr. Muskrat

    I think I’ll stick with just 7zip since the context menu works great for me as is. I suppose that if you are used to WinZip that this might be useful though.

  • js

    I highly recommend TUGZip, also! It works well, looks pretty nice, and is of course free.

  • I personally like using IZarc (it looks A LOT like the interface for jZip), which can open a around 23 different file archive types. But, if Samer says it’s good, then it must be good. 🙂

    Great post!

  • Whoops, I meant IZArc supports 47 file archive types.

  • Aaron

    i for one would use tugzip or zipeg as an archiver

  • hardik

    they software is very beautiful

  • jzip crashes when trying to create an archive based on a directory and all subdirectories.

    use something else.


  • adam

    skins are pointless, please do not start that…
    this is a file archiver, not winamp media player.

  • Rarst

    jzip home site now shows “freeware genius pick” reward… Which is misleading – it got 5 stars, but not pick as I see.

  • Samer

    I actually made the “pick” logo when these guys asked me for a freewaregenius logo to link to from their site. So in fact I gave them permission but then forgot to update my page with the “Freeware Pick” designation. I just fixed this, though … thanks for calling attention to it.

  • Eric

    Looks like a copy paste error. Your “Wish list” contains an extra entry “That wonderful simplicity. …” that is actually a duplicate of from the previous list of what it already has. Since it already has “That wonderful simplicity” it doesn’t belong on the wish list.

  • john smith

    I personally use winzip http://www.winzip.com

  • WinXP

    Do you think you can possibly make the download link any smaller & harder to find???

  • bobl61

    Great program if You don’ mind having Smart-Shopper, Hotbar adware, and Yahoo toolbar installed. “No Adware / No Spyware / No Pop-Ups / No Trojans
    ” My ASS!

  • This tool is very great, easy to use and very “light” can run on any weak pc, I love it.
    Duc Hoa

  • Bill

    Be Aware, if you don’t notice the note to use the custom install option YOU WILL CHANGE TO YAHOO HOME PAGE AND GET THE YAHOO TOOL BAR AND HAVE TO BE CAREFUL NOT TO BE TRACKED BY SOME OTHER PACKAGE. There is a warning about the shopping tracking thing but I didn’t see ANY warning about the yahoo CRAP!

  • arjay

    There are 2 versions of this: “Normal” and “Corporate”. Corporate contains no adware, spyware, and won’t change your browser settings. “Normal”, evidently, does and will.

    Still not sure, though, why this is better than 7zip

  • bartman2589

    I know this is kind of an old thread, but I was wondering if Jzip supports the additional plugins available from the 7zip website or if there are similar plugins offered by the author of Jzip.

  • Jason Edwards

    This is what made me choose Tugzip over jzip, and why I will never use jzip even if they take this feature out…

    Quoted From http://alekdavis.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2009-07-13T20:25:00-07:00&max-results=5&reverse-paginate=true

    “jZip also sneaked a shortcut file Archive created by free jZip.url, which I assume points to the jZip’s web site, into the archive. In the spirit of the software trojans, jZip GUI did not show the file in the archive, but I noticed it when I opened the jZip archive in WinZip:”

  • Kaalinashi

    I just had to remove this software. It had hijacked the home page, the search provider of the machine I put it on.

  • I hope this works iv been fucked up hours now tryn to watch porn!!!

  • looks like a great thing here……

  • Anonymous

    i wil check and use it

  • thank u guys for the info

  • I just had to remove this software. It had hijacked the home page, the search provider of the machine I put it on.

  • Emo

    looking forward to trying this software out 🙂

  • Anonymous

    This program hijacks your computer browser and redirects. Unfortunately, I did not know anything about the custo install and now cannot get rid of this malware!!!!