Introducing: The Ballerina Monsters


Are you missing Freewaregenius and wondering what we’ve been doing for the past several months? One project I’ve been working on is: “The Ballerina Monsters”; written and illustrated by my friend Kate Ledogar. What it is is a series of children’s book apps for Android and iPad that your children (and yourself) will love!

Elspeth,  Philomena,  and Cybeline are identical triplets that, having been once taken to the ballet, fell in love with it, and have insisted on wearing ballerina costumes ever since. The girls live with their mom while their dad, an astronaut, completes a six month mission on the dark side of the moon.

The Ballerina Monsters

I first encountered “The Ballerina Monsters” around two years ago when my wife and I visited my friend Kate and her husband near Boston, and she showed us some delightful drawings of a children’s book she was working on which centered around three mischievous girl characters she called “The Ballerina Monsters”. Kate was trying get her stories published, but the Ballerinas may just have been a bit too mischievous for traditional publishing houses, and I made the comment to that perhaps she should try publishing these herself as apps. A year later, I got an email from Kate asking about self-publishing, and to make a long story short we are now publishing the Ballerina Monsters series in partnership: Kate doing the writing and illustration, her friend Marco Werman (of Public Radio International) doing the narration, and myself doing the sound effects and animation and dealing with the outsourcing of app development.

We are releasing three apps: The Ballerina Monsters (as a FREE app that introduces the characters to readers), “The Ballerina Monsters GO WILD”, where the Ballerinas visit their grandmother in the country, and “The Ballerina Monsters IN SPACE”, where the Ballerinas’ quest for ponies (of course) prompts them to explore the cosmos.

The apps are currently available for Android and iPad, and will be available for iPhone in the coming few weeks. Check out video previews below.

The Ballerina Monsters (preview)

FREE app for iPad and Android (iPhone version coming soon)

Get The Ballerina Monsters App Get The Ballerina Monsters App


Go Wild – The Ballerina Monsters (preview)

Available on iPad and Android for $1.99 (iPhone version coming soon).

Get The Ballerina Monsters Go Wild App Get The Ballerina Monsters Go Wild App


In Space – The Ballerina Monsters (preview)

Available on iPad and Android for $1.99 (iPhone version coming soon).

Get The Ballerina Monsters Go Wild App Get The Ballerina Monsters Go Wild App


Want more Ballerinas?

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  • mouser

    That is really cool, Samer! The illustrations look great and it seems like a wonderful project to be involved in.

    • SamerKurdi

      Thanks Mouser. It really is a great project and the characters are delightful.

      The next step is to make it take off. Does anyone have any ideas? 😉

      • Chamber

        Ideas? Mine is use part of my next Google Play card for it.

      • ABookDesigner

        As a book designer myself – its really really hard to break into this world and truly a ton of luck is involved. Most authors have really great ideas.. but the end result truly depends on traction and pick up by libraries, schools and most importantly.. media outlets. I have found ebooks and apps to have even LESS traction than traditional books which at least have a shot being picked up by schools and such… given the “mischievious” nature of the characters and unorthodox publishing format… I wish you all the luck in the world producing an income from this venture. Good luck!

  • Panzer

    Nice to see that you are still around, Samer.

    • SamerKurdi

      Thanks Panzer. I’m still around, and planning a Freewaregenius revival (although going forward the site may have a new name/URL).

      • Cerberus_tm

        Hi, good to see you again! Why the new name/URL?

  • Alaa A. Ismael

    WOW finally looks great Work Samer

  • Chamber

    I’ve really missed you Samer, but wow, you’ve done some great work there. I now understand why my favorite site has been dormant for a while now. Thumbs up.

  • WJ

    Congrats! Downloading now for my kids. As far as getting the word out, parents are always searching for new fun kid-friendly apps and books. By default we would search the App Store for well-established characters they are already aware of as they quickly get drawn into the story. Maybe sometimes it’s just what characters the parents know also (dr. Seuss, Sesame Street, Disney stuff etc). So I can see it being a long road to gaining some traction, but the model you’ve used is sound (first one free). I have never searched for this, but it occurs to me there must be blogs out there specifically dedicated to kid and family friendly content and apps. Maybe approach some of those to get some write ups? If you get a big well trafficked one to give a good review…well who knows? Good luck! Always enjoyed your freewaregenius work…looking forward to whatever comes next!

    • WJ

      Kids love it…already asking me to buy the next one. Guess I’ll be ponying up 🙂 Great work all around!

      • SamerKurdi

        Thanks WJ, this is music to my ears 😉

  • b.c.tietjens

    If there is a revival, you know how to find me.

  • So you’ve let the site completely die while you have been off writing books? Or helping to write books? Great hope it’s worked out for you.

    Well you mentioned you let the site die because you’re not making money from it anymore.
    Well that’s kind of strange.. someone who’s writing about freeware who’s wanting to be paid? So you only started the site to get paid money? So it wasn’t about building a great commmunity of loyal and dedicated followers then? Wow just wow.

    I run my site to help people to battle and fight censorship, i work myself into the ground finding software free proxies, vpn’s networking tools, to just help others.

    I don’t get a penny of income for doing this, anyone who runs a website dedicated to 1 thing, should run it as a hobby, something they enjoy doing .. not to make money!

    And i cannot understand why all your commenters have not said what their really thinking or at least would like to say but to scared they will get flamed or hated for it.

    You’re website was one of the very best for freeware, tips and tricks.
    And you’re basically killing something so good just because it’s not making you money?

    Wow just wow…

    • Glaydur

      Exactly what I was thinking. I still keep checking this site every other month just to see if it has come back but sadly, the author’s too insensitive to even write one last goodbye post.

      Sad to say this will be my last visit. I won’t ever be checking this site or any other site “Samer Kurdi” is involved with.

      • SamerKurdi

        Guys: first off I want to say that I am touched that you guys miss the site so much to take the trouble of leaving these comments. I really am.

        There are a number of reasons why I stopped posting, the financial one being only one of them, but an important one as I have a family and two kids and really do need to make a living. There are several others such as (1) the massive infiltration of crapware into freeware installers,(2) disappointment with Windows 8 and the iphonication of Windows, (3) my being involved in several other projects that take up all my time (although many of these are going to come to an end soon), (4) Google’s SEO updates reduced my audience significantly, and the more I tried to craft ‘quality’, well researched posts, the more my site seemed to sink in search rankings, and then finally (5) I am afraid of being ‘sucked in’ again, as running a blog like this one meant that I was constantly working on it 24/7. There are also other reasons which I don’t care to mention right now.

        However, the fact of the matter is that I find myself constantly thinking about articles and ideas and writing down notes. The reason I didn’t write a ‘goodbye post’ is that in my mind the site has not ended.

        I have ideas about reviving the site, but my main concern is not financial but actually #5 above.

        I hope to be able to come back soon. Please don’t give up on the site.

        • Shay

          Well…. I hope you decide to revive the website ‘soon’… Like many others, i was an avid follower of this website…We do appreciate the effort you have put into this. Awesome job! Maybe you can still find time for one post a month or something like that? Just a thought…

        • And in 3 months, since i wrote this, there’s not 1 single post since?

          I completely understand about how much time it takes to run a site.
          But lets be honest, it doesn’t take 3 months to at least make a post or 2.

          I do 4 posts per day on my site, of different categories.
          So doing 1 post in 3-4 months should be easy!

          As for having a really popular website like yours, well the battle is almost won! you already have or had loyal visitors.

          Try making a brand new website these days, and try to get traffic or advertise it else where, 99% of the time it’s deleted on blogs/forums as spam. As for google traffic google’s dead it’s killing itself by pandering to the whims of the media industry.

          Long story short, you’ve given up on a site that had quite a lot of followers and quite popular. Such a shame.

  • NCMorpheus

    Was checking for recent activity as I also miss the site, and the information provided. But, if your family is your priority that is a magnificent and wonderful choice. Do not accept criticism for placing your life and family before the needs of others. Thank you for your hard work in the past, and may your days be filled with joy until you return to this stage.

  • JULI frank

    Nice post, thanks for sharing