• Worked beautifully, (BTW I am from Pakistan)
    Thanks FreewareGenius!

  • Notsupportedinmycountry

    FreewareGEEKnius solution!!!
    Jajajajaja Thanks!

  • Akis

    Excellent! Nice trick. I am from Greece and works fine 😉
    By the way what’s the difference between Spotify and Grooveshark?

    • Samer

      @ Aksis: the reason I like Spotify is that you can access and play your friends’ playlists. which is especially great when, as in my situation, there are a couple of people I know who keep up with the music scene and are always putting out great stuff.

      The second reason is it’s iPhone app, which is great (there is Tunnelbear for iOS, btw, but I did not test it as I actually bought the paid Spotify service). The iPhone app with the paid service will let you sync music to your iPhone wirelessly and play it offline.

      • Saba

        Hi, to get the spotify paid service do you need a US credit card?

  • JFP

    wow nice thank you
    always wanted to test this service.

    work great from canada

  • Fox

    This is a great service ,

    Now I’m using free account but
    I want to subscribe this service , but i cannot do that because Indonesia not in spotify’s country list.

    is there any way to solve this ??


  • Great post. You can also use http://www.unotelly.com to get access to spotify for free ! They don’t have any bandwidth or speed restriction ! Its free to use !

  • pavlix

    very nice tutorial keep walking!

  • misko

    thank you so much! didn’t know what to do without my spotify music but you saved me!

    greetings from bosnia! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Amazing!! It works perfectly 😀

  • Do you know if this trick would also work with Netflix when traveling outside the US?

  • bip2549

    hmmm…all I get is a music playsite when I launch Sportify…

  • is there any way to access spottily in my iPad in india and one more question sir I’m having mac book earlier 2008 model with lion installed in it is there any trick or tweak or any way to install lion in it plz do reply

    • Samer Kurdi

      @ Ahih. Yes, you can install a VPN app frist. Tunnelbear is available as an app on your iPad, but you will need a paid plan on the iPad I’m afraid (USD 4.99 per month I believe). There may be other VPN apps for iPAD with a free component, so you might want to look around. As for your second question I don’t really know much about macs I’m afraid, so I cannot help you.

  • Talat Ahmed

    This was working great for me, but then all of sudden it Spotify said I changed my location. Then I tried logging into TunnelBear again and it did not recognize my username or email address. Anyway to get by this now?

  • shuriken1_pal

    this is awesome…thanks for the share

  • Mariuz

    Great tutorial! I love spotify!

  • Ya this is awesome, but i can’t log in to spottily dude. Better, I don’t even have an account.I can’t because i don’t have access to spotify because of the not-available-in-your-country thing.
    So this is worthless if i can’t even open spotify.

    Is there a way to bypass the spotify not-available rule and create an account anyway?

  • M4tej

    Works perfectly, thank you for putting this out!

  • ingrid

    can’t thank you enough!!!!!!

  • Bes

    So far so great.. Thank you very much for the information.
    I found it very annoying that I could not use Spotify after I left the States, now I am happier.
    Thanks again 😀

  • Bes

    and yeah, I cannot thank you enough. You rock!

  • Arina

    it doesn’t really work. yes, you can get on the website and download the client, but when you open it, it sees you as being abroad.

  • Ra1nMak3r

    Omg i can not thank enough as well, im from greece. When I want to hear music I usualy use youtube but games lagg with adobe flash player on. While with spotify nothing lags 😉

    • Unleashed

      Spotify is officially available in Greece now 🙂

  • kyle

    thx man this really helped works perfectly

  • Seargee

    Hi, i downloaded everything, but spotify doesn’t recognize my facebook account! what should i do next?

  • Hunter

    Man. thanks a lot. This is awesome

  • Jere Poli?

    Thank you very much ,this is awesome.
    Greetings from Croatia

  • Renee B.


  • Unleashed

    Good thing Spotify is now available in Greece turkey and a few other countries, slowly it is rolled out to more countries.. For Greeks who need help use support@spotify.com

  • maria f

    my spotify app says that i got 47 hrs left
    what does it means???

  • Angel

    Good One. (From Peru)

  • Lucy

    Thanks for your adivice, it worked great for 14 days and then Spotify shut my profile to offline and said I changed my location…. did the same thing happen to you or?

    • Dejan Plavsic

      Just reinstall spotify 😀
      If this doesn’t work, do this steps again.
      Had the same problem, now works 😉

    • Eddy Longshanks

      I think if you change your location on facebook and use facebook to login, then it stays normal. worked for me

      • s

        how do you change location on fb? this just happened to me after 14 days it just kicked me out of Spotify

  • Togar

    Excellent solution! Thank you Bro!

  • Danny

    WOW DUDE!! it even works on my iPhone. i use France location because the US isn’t available. well now i can enjoy. I’m from Indonesia anyway, Hello 🙂

  • Richa

    Can i not log in using my email id? Is facebook login really necessary? 🙂

  • john

    wow really man thank you so much you are awesome

  • xserxes

    That’s great! Thank you soo…. Greeting from Azerbaijan.

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  • Ina

    It doesn’t even work! I’m so pissed. :/

  • Scott David

    Samer , thanks for the article. For those who live outside US and want to access Spotify, you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.

  • Penny Jay

    Thanks for the article Samer. For those who live outside US and want to access Spotify, you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.

  • Abdullah Ali Sherkoh

    dude you are a genius you made my life so easy thanks a million man

  • Jose

    How can I make it work from my android phone

  • Kendra

    Thanks for the article Samer. VPN is good if you want to hide your real location. However, about content streaming, I prefer the DNS option. Currently, I am using UnoTelly and have no speed loss which allows me HD streaming with my 10mbps connection.

  • Still works, thank you so much ! <3

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    thanks alott, srsly made my day! 🙂

  • Chewie Wookiee
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    This is like I found god ….Thanks man .. You are the best.

  • Katrina Kiritharan

    Hi Samer,
    I have been using Spotify for a month abroad using this method. Now, for whatever reason, it won’t log me in. I say “log in using facebook” and the page redirects… the html even says login successful within it. But then my spotify application (I have a macbook) doesn’t change.

  • This is the only way to use Spotify in Pakistan – https://sceneonhai.wordpress.com/2015/09/23/use-spotify-in-pakistan/

  • Rodrigo B.

    Amazing, is there anyway to do this in an iPhone, or does it carry over from the PC?

  • Yusra Tahir

    I dont have fb. Is there any alternate??

  • Yusra Tahir

    And one more thing. Will this work on my cell too after all this process??

  • Kyle

    If you guys don’t mind paying, you can use https://musicforworld.com/index.html. It costs money but you get a Spotify premium account which can be used on your phone, laptop, playstation, etc. with no issues. Hope that helps! 🙂