How to remove Windows Media Player from the Windows 7 right click context menu


Many people do not use Windows Media Player, and yet we all seem to be stuck with the ubiquitous WMP context menu entries in Windows, cluttering the right click menu.

Worse yet somewhere along the line Microsoft has inserted a strange “shop for music online” context menu entry in what seems to be a fit of iTunes-envy. All the more reason to remove WMP’s presence from the context menu.

This post will show you how to remove the Windows Media Player context menu entries in Windows 7. WMP itself will not be removed or uninstalled, and will still be accessible on demand.

WMP context menu entries removed
Toggle large iconsStep 1: go to Start Menu in the lower left corner, then ‘Control Panel’, then ‘default programs’

If you cannot see ‘default programs’ then in the upper right corner, find and toggle ‘View by Category’/Large icons (see image to the right). You should then see a display similar to the screenshot below.

Select default programs

Step 2: next, click ‘Set program access and computer defaults’

Set program access and computer defaults

Step 3: next, make sure ‘custom’ is selected and click the down arrow to the right.

Custom configuration

Step 4: scroll down to the ‘Choose a default media player’ section; uncheck the ‘enable access to this program’ opposite the ‘Windows Media Player’ entry (see screenshot below). Click Ok

Uncheck enable access

That’s it. The context menu entry should now be free of all traces of WMP.

  • googly

    regsvr32 /u wmpshell.dll ?

  • Fred Martin

    Great tip !!!! thank you

  • Eleanor

    Does anyone know how to set the context menu to allow copy-paste for Windows7 home premium. It used to work – also cannot send links that can be opened by clicking (link shows in black not blue and cannot be pasted into address). Thank You.

  • Christopher

    Quick and to the point, nice howto! Thanks

  • Bobo

    That was easy. Thank you Samer.

  • stOneskull

    what if i still want access to windows media player, i just don’t want it in my context menus?

    • mick lovell

      then this doesnt work, you must find another way

  • cjajl

    tnx it worked 😀

  • Anonymous

    I hope this works

  • Ander

    Yes, but keep in mind that this removes the Media Player and Media Center entries from your Start Menu, too—so don’t do this if you think you’ll ever want to use them.

    • mick lovell

      its easily reversible. just rewind the steps shown here. although, it must be borne in mind that the player will restart with default settings should you re-enable it

  • Denton

    Very quick and easy to do! Thank you!

  • Milkshake Man

    Didn’t work.

  • Darwin

    Thanks! Worked great!

  • Akisha

    One hour raking in registers without success, yet the solution is so simple. Thank you very much! 🙂

  • plug

    Worked fine, thanks

  • Cap’_’n dread

    I’ll give you a giant , lights flashing massive song parade, tick up for that one….. but with one caveat. when you have custom in front of you, you need to click on microsoft or non microsoft first, then click on custom for the box to be populated, or else you are staring at a blank white box of nothingness