How to Enable Two Step Verification for Dropbox


‘Two step verification’ is a really useful feature for securing your online accounts, which adds an improved verification process to protect your account from unauthorized use.

Dropbox recently introduced two step verification to help its users secure their data. This post will show you how to activate it for your account.

The way it works is that once you login, Dropbox will send a verification code to your mobile number or through your mobile apps, and you will be able to login only if you have the code. Once enabled, you will be required to enter the code every time you want to login. If you want to enable two step verification for your Dropbox account, follow the steps below.

How to Enable Two Step Verification for Dropbox

Login to your Dropbox account, click on your name and go to Settings.


Next go to the Security tab, scroll down and click on Change next to Two Step Verification under Account Sign in tab. Click on Get Started when the pop up appears.


Confirm your password and it will show you two ways which you can use to receive security codes: either through text messages or through mobile apps which include Google Authenticator (iPhone/Android/Blackberry), Amazon AWS MFA (Android) and Authenticator (Windows Phone 7).



It is probably best to use ‘send as text message’ as the majority of people have their smartphones with them most of the time. Click next and it will send a message on your mobile with a security code. Just paste the code in the form and click Next.


It will now give you a backup code which you can use to login to your account in case you lose your phone or in case you want to access your account.

That’s it, you’re done. You have successfully enabled 2-Step Verification for your Dropbox account, and added an extra layer of protection to your data.

  • SFdude

    thanks for the clear explanation.

    In your last image you show
    an example phone# in Pakistan (ie: +92).

    Will Google (or anyone else) charge you $$$,
    to receive the code via an SMS text message
    to a phone in a non-US country?

    Also, how reliable and fast is receiving the SMS code in your cell phone,
    in a non-US country?

    Does it take seconds
    after you enter the regular password on your Desktop PC?
    What if the SMS message does not arrive…?

    Concerned about reliability if I turn 2-step verification…
    Thanks for any guidance…

    • Hammad

      Hi SFDude

      Q1: No, they dont charge you anything. You will receive the message in seconds most of the time. if you want you can install Google Authenticator on your device (iphone/blackberry/android) and it will automatically generate the code so you dont receive a message everytime you log in. And i think i answered both questions.

      Its a must have feature in my opinion. I enabled it on my gmail as well.