How to download the Favicon from any site


Favicons are very small icons that typically display a site’s logo or brand. These are familiar to everyone who has every bookmarked a URL, and can be seen on the browser’s tab for any page you are visiting.

If you’ve ever wanted to download the favicon from a website then read on. This post will describe an easy and convenient way to do it using free online service Getfavicon.

Before you try anything else, try typing this in your browser’s address bar, without the quotes: “” (thanks Moreno).

Where SITENAME is the name of the site you seek. If this doesn’t work for whatever reason, then try the following.

Download Favicon illustration2


Enter the following in your browser “”


Enter the following in your browser “”

Again, change ‘SITENAME’ to whatever site you want. Note that you can use subdomains as well, etc.

This should display the favicon inside your browser. Right click on the image and save it. It should be an .ICO file, if it’s not, rename the extension of the downloaded file to .ICO.

That’s it. Visit for more info.

  • Moreno

    why not using then saving the page?

    I was logged as you (Samer Kurdi) before posting, i had to log out, why?

    • Samer Kurdi

      Moreno. Thanks for pointing this out. I added it as the first option in the article above. This does not work with all sites in my experience.

      As for the logging out, it is because I use an online caching service (Yotta). It has been reported to me before that this happens sometimes, however, it is only the illusion of being logged in (I hope). I had a reader who emailed me about it previously try to actually get into the site, and he was not able to.

  • Monimonika

    I had been using before in Firefox, and the site had allowed me to use the “Add to Searchbar” add-on to setup a search keyword that I could just type in front of whatever URL I was at and get the favicon.

    So, I used to be able to type “getfavi ” (my keyword) in front of any URL in the URL bar and I would automatically be sent to the site to download the favicon. Very useful for getting some pretty favicons to personally use with the Favicon Picker add-on.

    Sadly, is no longer available. (;_;)

    Is there a way to make a custom search engine using “” so that a keyword can be used? I’m looking into the coding but have not made much progress yet (I suck at coding).

    Moreno, not all sites use that format or location to store their favicon. I’d give an example, but I unfortunately don’t have enough time right now to go searching for such a site. Maybe later after work.

    • Samer Kurdi

      Monimonika: not sure if I understand.. did you want to add favicons to search results in Firefox? If so, try this

      • Monimonika

        No, that’s not what I meant.

        I typed:
        “So, I used to be able to type “getfavi ” (my keyword) in front of any URL in the URL bar and I would automatically be sent to the site to download the favicon.”

        Note the “download the favicon” part at the end.

        On the website (now defunct), there was a “search box” that would accept URLs from which the website would extract the favicon from and then provide a download link for in its results.

        Instead of having to copy the URL and then go to the website each time, I was able to make a shortcut keyword as described in my self-quote above.

        I guess I could try getting used to typing out “” each time in front of the URL. It’s just not easily memorable…

        *idea dawns in head*

        *goes off to attempt to learn some javascript to make a bookmarklet*

        • Samer Kurdi

          Monimonika: you are right, it was clear, I apologize. I will keep an eye out for something like this, a search box.

        • You don’t need a bookmarklet: a regular bookmark will word, as long as it has a search key in Firefox. This is the address of the bookmark; %s is where Firefox fills in your search query.

          So suppose you were on You would then trim it down to in the address bar, and add which ever search key you chose in the book mark in front of it, so for example:


          Then press enter, and it works. If you want it to auto-trim, then you would probably need Javascript and a bookmarklet. Until this site accepts full URLs, that is.

  • Just out of interest why would you even want to get a sites favicon? If you want their logo you can nearly always find a high quality version using image search.

    • Samer Kurdi

      A very good question. I am sure there are many reasons to do it, but in my case, I was testing a right-click utility (#9 in this article) which could insert URLs shortcuts in the right click menu, and strangely it did not automatically grab the Favicon. So, in the interest of having a nice looking context menu, I set out to download the favicon for all sorts of sites.

      And then of course the next thought that came to mind was to post and artilce on how to download favicons, especially as the handful that are out there site a service ( that is now defunct.

  • guignol

    You can also enter in browser “” and see favicon.

  • Tha

    You can also use to get favicon. This site also supports various options to get the favicon and social icons.

  • raj

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  • Deependra

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  • Deependra

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  • fulltimekiller

    Go to
    paste the website url to the text field and click get icon