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  • Filtereyez

    Many of the files on there are locked or over limited on downloads, a simpler way – right click the page the audio is on, choose “view page source” than Ctrl + F. Type in “media” in the search box and click the “next” arrow twice. Copy the link you see and paste into a new tab, enter and presto! the file downloads regardless of limit or privacy setting 🙂 This will work on almost any page with media………

  • neo

    if downloaded from souncloud use this way more easily, simply copies the mp3 url you want the download, eg


    add 4song.net/download /

    so the url into http://4song.net/download/https://soundcloud.com/versaemerge/no-consequences

    then the file will be downloaded instantly, easy is not it, download from mobile phone use could also operamini

    http://4song.net SoundCloud premium link downloader


    it’s gone…