How to convert CBZ & CBR files to PDF


I noticed some users looking for this, so here’s how to convert CBZ and CBR ebook files into PDF. This can be easily done using free software.

You will need 2 tools; a decompression program that can extract ZIP and RAR, and JPGtoPDF, a program that can convert multiple image files into a single PDF.

[Post last updated: July 19th 2012]. This post originally appeared in Nov 2006. Note that some of the comments under this post may be referring to a different way of  converting to PDF, as we originally recommended using a virtual PDF printer to do it.

However, we believe that the process described this time around (below) is a lot faster and easier.


Step 1: Rename the files so that the .CBZ and .CBR extensions are changed to .ZIP and .RAR; respectively. If you don’t see extensions on your filenames then either (a) see instructions on how to display file extensions in Windows on this page; or (b) skip this step altogether and use HaoZip in step 2 below.Rename CBR or CBZ to RAR or ZIP screenshot
Step 2: Decompress the newly renamed archive into a folder. You may already have a default decompression program installed on your machine that can do this. If not; Extractnow; a small program that performs extractions only; can do it. Alternately; try my favorite freeware decompression program HaoZip; or any of the free decompression programs that we’ve previously reviewed on this site. Note that HaoZip will decompress CBZ or CBR files without having to rename them first.Extract cbr to a folder screenshot
Step 3: Next; download “JPG to PDF”; which despite its name can convert many image formats to PDF. Extract the downloaded archive in an appropriate place (anywhere on your hard drive) and run the” JPEGtoPDF.exe” executable.JPEGtoPDF executable screenshot
Step 4: click into the folder from step#2 and any subfolders within it until you get to the image files. Select all the images (simply click CTRL+A on Windows); and then drag all of the images into the JPEG to PDF program dialog. If there are non-image files in the mix JPEGtoPDF will simply say that it cannot import these; just click ‘ok’ to move to the final step.Drag images to the JPG to PDF program dialog
Step 5: In the JPEG to PDF dialog; you can enter a different output path and different output filename (the default filename is ‘PDF-Output.PDF’). You can also tweak page size and margin settings; or simply leave everything as is and click ‘Save PDF’ the bottom right corner.JPGtoPDF program dialog

That’s it. You’re done!

  • cool… simple and straight to the point

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    Thank you very much. It couldn’t guess the solution is just by a simple extension rename. It works. I tested it.

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    Are you sure this cannot be done from CDisplay directly into Adobe Acrobat?

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  • TNX! I can now extract cbz files!

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  • Christopher

    Don’t rename all those .cbr and .cbz files, that’s a waste of time, just change the association of those extentions to winrar (or whatever extraction file you use) and then they will be automatically opened by that program.

    To do this, right click on any .cbr file and choose “Properties” at the bottom. Then click on “Change…” which is beside “Opens with:” and select YOUR program from the list.

    Repeat with any .cbz file and you’re done.

    Every time you download any of those files they will be automatically associated. No need rename all those files, or even run a batch program to rename them.

  • Amy

    Thanks a bunch Christopher!!! That was a life saver! So simple and quick! =^)

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    Best/simplest option I’ve found–Comic Rack. A very nice ecomic reader in its own right, it also neatly saves the CBR/CBZ to PDF with one click. No muss, no fuss.


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  • You can find the files shared on uploading sites that the other crawlers miss here megaupload files

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    thanks alot got about 50 files to do that to :/ anyone know a batch command to convert all files ??

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    “”Don’t rename all those .cbr and .cbz files, that’s a waste of time””

    I agree. Any good rar/zip etc opening and extracting software will be able to extract .cbr/.cbz.

    IZarc works the best. Download it for free at:

    Excellent piece of software. I haven’t tried the batch conversion yet though.

    Once IZarc is installed just open the .cbz/.cbr in IZarc and extract. All the pages will be extracted in JPEG format (sequentially) [Or just right click on the required file and select “extract to..” or “extract”]

    Then get yourself a free PDF printer [PDF creator would work or of course PrimoPDF!] or if you use Nitro PDF [not freeware] like me just convert the series of JPEGS to PDF. Done!

    Dont waste time changing the file extension!

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    ugh. Why anyone would want to ruin a cbr or cbz by converting it to the bloated pdf format is beyond me. Just say no!

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    Oroboros, you smart ass! They change it so they can easily use it.. Some people don’t know what to do with a cbr or cbz file..

  • this didnt work

    You suck it messed up my whole comp

  • PDF is better

    You can view a PDF file as a thumbnail in a folder. That makes it worth it for me.

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    ok yeah you don’t need to rename cbr files as rar
    winrar opened them fine for me too

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    I’m looking to burn my .cbr’s to a disc and am trying to make them look kind of like the official discs as put out by Marvel via GIT. Does anyone have a clue what I could do to create those menus on my discs? Please help.

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    Mike.y is a retarded cocksucker. PDFs are a waste. Learn how to install a 2 meg file called CDisplay and be done with it.

  • Maximus

    For the first time, something that was suggested actually worked w/o any issues. But this file first needs to be added to a Winrar Archive and only then can it be renamed within the archive, else renaming it’s extension is pretty close to impossible.

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    So simple, yet brilliant!

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    can i use winRAR

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    Thank you so much! I never guessed that all I had to do was rename the file to a .zip to extract it XD.

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    Thank you so much!And if aided with a converter software the function will be more all around.Nemo PDF Converter 4.0 converts PDF to Word/RTF and Word/Excel to PDF for uses of different situations with speed and 100 accuracy. It keeps intact of the original files and supports batch conversion. You can either batch convert files from the converter or from the button integrated in your documents with ease. Moreover, its user-friendly interfaces will make you a veteran from a new user in minutes.

  • Hi all,
    At the beginning I was annoyed with such cbr/cbz files and used to convert them.
    Then I found CDisplay and now I really prefer to keep cbr/cbz format and use CDisplay !
    ComicRack is also an option, with a library included. But it writes into files, which I don’t like.

    And what is great with cbr/cbz files is that they are rar/zip files, so it’s very easy to access one particular page to change it with a better one for example.

  • Allen Hall

    im planning on burning all my .cbrs to a dvd…
    and i was wondering on how id go about doing so so that i could just read them off there rather than taking up a ton of space on my computer

  • Those recommendations are great, thanks especially for the links to

    7zip and Adobe have become a pain, I’d rather leave stuff in .cbr format and flip through it like a real comic book at 1920x1080p or 2048×1200 or whatever, and count on .cbr to be fully supported by archivers eventually. It’s nice to have converting as an option, though, especially if one wants to do some remixes and add one’s own new dialog (heheheh). This could become a real trend, maybe.

    After all “Jane Austen with Zombies” or whatever is now a best seller… why not remix classic comics with new dialogue, like Green Lantern / Green Arrow or something?

  • ddd


  • Doing this manually worked great for me but was time consuming – especially if I had a batch of comic files.

    I’m primarily a web application developer so I put together a PHP script that would do the conversion in a batch. Then I used a freeware tool called “Pashua” to put a wrapper around it (it even has a progress bar for batch jobs … the bar is functional but a little kludgey and comes up in safari).

    It only runs on Mac though the PHP script at its core could be tweaked to run on nearly any machine that has PHP installed regardless of the OS. In fact, it could be set up as a web page.

    Anyway, if anyone’s interested you can download it at


  • lostinlodos

    CBR’s aren’t just for comics anymore. They’re used for magazines, books, manuscripts, newspapers….

    Printing to PDF allows me to easily OCR books and manuscripts to Text which I can then dump into audio and make audio books out of them for use on the road.

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    Thank you very much Genius.
    Me, instead of PrimoPDF, I used a multiple jpeg to PDF converter.

  • Amelia_Leighanne/Dark_Pantherian

    Ok, this might seem like a very stupid question, but how do you convert the PDFs to CBZ/CBR? I have several comic ones I’d love to switch over, and have no idea how to do it! Argh…any help here, people? *hopeful*

  • Forgot the url…

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    Worked like a charm, and I’m pretty much a noob, lol. Thanks!

  • Lisa

    is there an easy way to split a cbr into individual pages/files? so often i find comic books that are out of order and it is a real pain to save each page individually just to rename them and change them back into a cbr…

    • Samer

      @Lisa: yes, rename CBZ or CBR to ZIP or RAR extensions, respectively, then extract the archive to a folder. You will see individual pages as seperate images. You can then intervene appropriately, adding or removing images, then re-archive and restore the CBZ or CBR extension.

      I hope that helps.

      • aida ash

        awesome tutorial!!

  • I have to say that was pretty easy. I used IZarc (since I already had it) to decompress the images, so that’s another one you can put on your list. One thing, though. When I used PrimoPDF, it printed the first several pages at the end. How can I change that?

  • Never mind, I figured it out. I just used my picture viewer like you suggested. However, when you do use PrimoPDF, you want to use “tabloid” instead of “letter” for your paper size, or else it will cut the edges of the page off.

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    Thank you, it works like magic. I use NitroPDF to convert those image into pdf. I don’t know if Foxit Reader (freeware) can do that.

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    Its easy.

    1- Rename the files to .rar

    2- with the nitropdf (select combine supported files in nitro pdf)

    3 – its done

  • somupadma

    Another option is the free software “Zipeg” will directly opens CBR,CBZ files.It will show the contents through any jpg viewer without opening also.Zipeg wil handle many zip extensions apart from CBR & CBZ.For making PDF book out of the jpg’s extracted the free software “Fast stone image viewer” is having exellent function “Create>Multipage-File builder>PDF format” which is a childs play to create PDF files.

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    you guys r awesome – thank you very very much from a computer dummy

    however, thanks to all of you im getting pretty clued up these days and it gives me great mirth to see the puzzled looks on the experts’ faces when im talking abt convertors and torrents they didnt think i would know about EVER!!!!


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    did exactly what I wanted it to do, and it worked perfectly, thanks!

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    just rename with extention zip, extract files and open pictures in ppt. it works.

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    1)rename cbr to zip or rar and unzip file
    2)open your adobe acrobat pro or download it
    3)click on the CREATE BUTTON
    5)select the images you unziped before
    6)click on the MERGE button and you are done

  • Arishem

    There is a much easier way to convert .cbr/.cbz files to pdf without having to download and install all of those programs, people…
    1. download, Calibre. It’s a freeware program.
    2. when converting make sure to check “Disable of images to black and white”, and PDF in the output format selection, and voila, you’re done!

    With Calibre, you can even edit the MetaData and comic book cover, if you please. Enjoy!

    • Chris

      Another good and free program is Comic Rack. It offers loads of management and tagging tools. If can also convert CBR and CBZ files to PDF.

      I highly recommend it as a digital comic management tool if you are serious about collecting comics.

  • you could try this site – – it extract cbr files.

  • You don’t need any programs. Dump all the images into Preview’s Sidebar. Then go to File > Print Selected Images > Save as PDF.


  • use calibre as mentioned above

  • dweeber

    No need to rename .cbz file if you have winrar. Click on the .cbz file, tell windows you’ll select a program from a list programs. Select Winrar as the program to use. Winrar will open the .cbz file.
    Extract all files to a new sub folder.
    Close winrar.
    Open Windows Explorer to the new sub folder.
    Ctr-A selects all files. Select Print, and choose your pdf printer.
    Pages print in order and become one file.

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    Thank you for the info. Just also want to share this other way of opening CBR files. See this


    beautifully done!!!
    love this page…

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    somupadma had a great solution it worked great and pretty easy here’s his original comment…
    Another option is the free software “Zipeg” will directly opens CBR,CBZ files.It will show the contents through any jpg viewer without opening also.Zipeg wil handle many zip extensions apart from CBR & CBZ.For making PDF book out of the jpg’s extracted the free software “Fast stone image viewer” is having exellent function “Create>Multipage-File builder>PDF format” which is a childs play to create PDF files.

    • Barney

      Thanks a lot, Fred! Fast stone image viewer is really cool and works under Debian (Wine)…

  • Calibre ftw!

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    anothedr simple conversion is to get bullzip pdf printer, set it up as default. open cbr, cbz or cb7 archive in cdisplay ex and select print in file dropdown menu

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    This is brilliant, so simple and so efficient. Thank you very much.

  • Cidix

    Another simple trick:

    1. Install PDFCreator
    2. Download CDisplayEx (free, open source)
    3. Open the CBR Archive in CDisplayEx
    4. Select Print –> PDFCreator
    And that’s it! No concerns of page alignments post decompression.

  • Tom Ossel

    Hey guys,
    I just used this tutorial and it worked great. I tried to assign winzip to open the files directly and it is no longer working. Perhaps I was a bit impatient…

    Can anyone help me get my settings back to the way they were before so I can continue with this tutorial?


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  • – Open cbr/cbz in SumatraPDF
    – Print to PDF via your favorite PDF “printer” (I suggest: PDFCreator)

    That is all 🙂

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  • Can I use this software with command line ?

  • ComicRack is the best tool for this job. Convert a color cbr 30MB to pdf in 5 seconds. Save the conversion setting as a preset, pick a save location like Dropbox folder. Just right click your cbz / cbr file, select a preset. Done!

  • I love to convert comic cbr/cbz to pdf so I can read with Kingsoft Office on android tablet, very smooth continuous page view mode. I don’t like the horizontal page mode of all the comic readers.

  • Export Books menu screenshot

    Make sure you select PDF as File format in the option dialog:

    Some system don’t have PDF option, you might need to install Ghostscript.

  • ComicRack support batch conversion too. Just select multiple cbz/cbr files, and right click to export.

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    Here some free software that converts these files. It actually has a lot of great features.

    Softpedia Download

    CNET Download

    Software Homepage

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    HELP! I keep trying to extract the file .cbz with haozip but every time i do it still comes out the same rather than individual jpeg images. what am i doing wrong?

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    I found a very good , simple and very fast tool to do that. ComicsPDF . Also available without install.

    Website is in French but

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