How to acces folder options in Windows 7 and Vista, quickly and from any open folder


In Windows XP, users were able to access folder options quickly, via the tools menu in any open folder. In Windows 7, however, there’s been a slight change, and at first glance it seems that the tools menu is simply not there anymore.

I recently needed to access and change my folder options, so I searched Google for “How to change folder options in Windows 7”, and most of the top results pointed me to the of the Control Panel, where indeed you could access the folder options.

However, a much faster route to “folder options” is to simply press “Alt+T” from any open folder, whereupon the tools menu will appear and let you access “folder options” just as in XP. Click on the screenshot above to see the process illustrated.

How to change folder options in windows 7

How to make menus in folders always displayed by default:

If you want the menus to be always displayed in your Windows 7 folders, go to folder options, click the “view” tab, then check the box marked “Always show menus” and then click “OK” (see screenshot below).

View folder options in Windows 7

  • Tommy G

    The “Folder and search options” button under Organize takes you to the same place.

  • Alexander

    Ah, I wanted to be the one who said what Tommy said… Well, one can’t always be first.

    But you should probably edit this post, as the easiest way to do this is to skip Alt-T, and just press Organize instead.

  • thanks your tip were great. they really helped me now that I’m trying to adapt to windows 7

  • Rogerfer

    ALT + T + O

  • Dave

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 😀

    I really needed to know how to get my menu back!

  • I’ve done everything in ‘How to access folder options in windows 7’ and it is just the same! Like others, I am absolutely fed up with microsoft that they have got rid of the folders at the side of your screen. They were SO VALUABLE for quickly locating folders and moving files about.

  • Tom

    I’m new to 7. In most cases 7 is better than Vista. Hell, Windows 95 is better than Vista. But I COULD NOT FIND folder options until I got your advice on ALT & T. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Kennythekind

    I HATE Windows 7!!! To me, It’s the worst of all worlds. With it’s Hidden menus and toolbars, it’s non-intuitive and it’s wannabe mac tweaks, a stunning example of style over usability. Don’t even get me started about Office…. As someone who was certified in earlier versions of Exel, I shouldn’t be spending time searching for things burried in obscure menus!! While I expect a slight learning curve, I still feel like “change for change” sake is ridiculous. It took me FOREVER to find out how to change the file associations in excel, something I could do in 5 sec in XP.

  • Anonymous

    Wooow thank you

  • pice6183

    my windows 7 ultimate has no folder options under Tools in menu bar and in the Control Panel, where can i find it? any help is very much appreciated. Thank you and more power…