• Travis

    Sorry man, Scilor’s Grooveshark downloader walks all over this program.

  • Chiefexaminer

    Despite the claims on their website, there is no way this is legal in most jurisdictions. Saying that “You are responsible for using this software in accordance with the terms of service (TOS) from Grooveshark.com” is irrelevant, Grooveshark and Groovedown are two completely different beasts doing different things, and Groovedown can’t simply piggyback on Grooveshark’s legality – it’s like saying that you bought a box of weedkiller legally, therefore you’re also allowed to go out and poison grandma with it. In copyright terms there’s a world of difference between simply playing music and actually downloading it.

    Sorry to put a downer on it….

  • bindegal

    Thx.. Cool tool 🙂

  • Samer

    @ Travis: indeed, Scilor’s Grooveshark downloader seems like a very cool program.

    @ Chiefexaminer: I must compliment you on a very good analogy (the weedkiller).

  • Long time reader here. Just wanted to say thanks for keeping at it so consistently and bringing us one quality review after another!

  • Tomas M.

    What do you think about this comment?

    “From a legal perspective, this is very much like using your Tivo (which is legal), but for the radio. It is very different from file sharing for several reasons:

    1) Artists get paid: internet radio stations pay for each song that is broadcast, so the producers get paid. This doesn’t happen with file sharing.

    2) Sharing files that you would never legally have access to is a violation of copyright and isn’t protected under the fair use exception. ”


    So it looks like it is legal if you’re not sharing those files. It’s like 10 years ago I would listen to radio and record some of the songs to MC, if anyone know such thing :)))

  • Tom Williams

    I have been using this on occasion for several months and do like it but want to let everybody know that it may lock up or GPF on Windows XP SP3 after you select a max download and then do it again under another search term. Easy enough to deal with. Simply restart after each search term. I like to use this to rip some songs that I already have on albums, CD’s etc. but don’t actually have ripped down to my work place. I can then play them on my Android and am within my copyright requirements since I purchased these items anyway. It gives me another quick way have having external quick access to my CD/Record/Cassette/8 track Tape collection.


  • Dean Mitchell

    This seemed to be the ideal followup to the Grooveshark application you recommended earlier, but it sure didn’t turn out that way. I always seem to have a problem with those downloading services that offer regular downloads after a wait and “premium” downloads instantly…….after you pay a fee for it. They never work as advertised and always steer people to the “for fee” downloads. Consequently, this is not freeware but instead is just another application designed to take advantage of users expecting freeware. I would have preferred a link in your review to the app itself rather than the homepage, or a recommendation of another app that does the same thing. Thanks for your reviews.

  • theGeek

    Simply use jDownloader, if you simple copy the URL, it will even download playlists for you! Not to mention it’s a must have for any computer =b

    • Samer

      @ theGeek: wow, thanks so much for the tip. You’re absolutely right about jDownloader being a must have for every computer!

  • Lind L Tailor

    Sorry to say but the latest version of this as of January, 2013 installs malware that hijacks your browser. Even if you “un-hijack” it is a Trojan that is resident and just hijacks again. I used Groovedown for a long time but sadly had to discontinue using it. If you don’t believe me then retest the latest version. Or just do a Google search for “Groovedown malware”.

    • Samer Kurdi

      @ Lind: I just downloaded the latest version and tested it with VirusTotal. I am happy to say that it came out with a squeaky clean 0 malware profile. See here http://bit.ly/VAN84h

      Groovedown, like many free software titles, attempts to install crapware and other browser extensions you may not want. However, you CAN tell it not to, by choosing ‘custom installation’ and unchecking everything underneath (see screenshot below).

      Groovedown installer

      If you want to learn more about avoiding crapware, read my article: How to install software cleanly