Game, game, game and again game


Game, game, game and again game” is a flash platform game that looks like it is played inside somebody’s stream of consciousness or an artistic scrapbook of doodles, poetry, and philosophical musings.

Despite the name this one can more accurately be described as a toy rather than a game, as the its major draw, as far as I am concerned, is the show of images and words that unfolds as you progress through the various levels.

In theory the objective is to progress through the various levels by making it to the exit; however, it is not clear what the various objects and creatures that you encounter are or what effect touching and/or interacting with these will have on your in-game sprite or the game environment.

In truth, this hardly matters, as being a platform game in the traditional sense is not what this game is about.


Invariably, you will set off a spectacular show of ballpoint scribbles and doodles, words and narrative, videos and sound, which makes the game experience fell like an interactive art installation. Does it all mean anything? Probably. Maybe not; in any case, if you would like to kill some time and stimulate your brain as you’re doing it this game just may be what you’re looking for. Or not. Try it out and see. Compatibility: Multi-platform; plays in your browser. The game home page.

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  • bobo the hobo

    this is a strange game…….

  • Deof Movestofca

    Interesting concept, but ultimately devoid of any content or argument. Perhaps a better title would have been “Here’s a list of things I want to make fun of without having to engage any real thought or meaningful debate”.

    At least that was my impression.