Freeware bonanza at Donationcoder – NANY 2011 event


NANY2011 graphicEvery year the folks over at Donationcoder sponsor an annual “New Apps for the New Year” event where they showcase a number of freeware programs. The programs usually run the gamut, from utilities to games to productivity software.

NANY in many cases provides fertile ground for original and unique software concepts to appear.

This year there are 36 entries and some really interesting titles, with a YouTube video explaining and elucidating each. Check out NANY 2011 here.

  • An0nymous

    Hmm, is there any way to tell these coders to get a life and stop wasting time coding stuff that nobody uses?

  • mouser

    we like variety.. if you have an idea for a program, post it on our forum — there is always someone looking for new ideas to implement.

  • nice event, there are some unique programs which will come in handy for me.

  • Meh. Boring publicity stunt…

  • Cherryl

    no thanks. i tried their autotext software but it was really crap. buggy to hell. free is not always good just because it is free.

  • The lacuna launcher is awesome. So useful with my portableapps.

  • SMD

    mouser, don’t listen to these people. Your apps are awesome, and there are a lot of people that like them and use them. Thanks for all you hard work.

  • probeany

    @Mouser, you have no need to defend yourself and Donation Coder against the stupidity of a few nasty minded trolls. Donation Coder has been a valuable asset to my pc experience over the years as well as countless other users. Please continue with your wonderful creative approach to applications and your unique niche in a world of otherwise copycat applications that they keep pumping out.

    Thanks for being here.