Free Giveaway: WinPDFEditor, easily add or remove elements in PDF’s


WinPDFEditor is a not a revolutionary PDF editor, as most of what it offers can be had in various freeware PDF editing software. What is nice about it, however, is the simplicity of it’s interface and the fact that so many word-processor like tools are available in a single place, perfect for when you just want to add an image or a bit of text or remove something off the page in a PDF document, without much fuss.

WinPDFEditor is being given away for free until May 5th. Get your copy and registration serial today.

The program is actually two programs in one: a ‘PDF Editor’ section and a ‘PDF Conversion’ section. The former is the more interesting and value added of the two, since the latter mainly converts PDF to image formats, which a lot of freeware programs can do.

WinPDFEditor Screenshot1

I tested the editor quickly on a serious market analysis document, and livened it up a little bit (by adding cats, of course, see screenshot above). I like the fact that so many tools are there (you can add text, shapes, images, erase elements off your PDF literally with an eraser, etc.). But the program seemed like it was in its infancy and had a long way to go (no undo option, no functions on right click, no ‘send to back/front’). But overall, it wasn’t a bad experience, and I am sure a lot of people would love to have something so easy to use.

Get WinPDFEditor and a free serial here (until May 5th, 2013).

  • Ruchir

    Great find Samer as always.The best stuff for free.And all legal and too good

  • carolann

    thanks much for this! It’s amazing!

  • RKN

    I like all ur articles posted by u sir.

    Thank you for this useful software & wish to get many more like this

  • Nice one.

    Looks like an easy to use program.


  • Dissapointed

    Does not edit anything. Only creates new layers over existing areas. These features (and much more) has PDF-XChange PDF Viewer free for years. It is even not possible to copy existing text. Uninstalled.

  • Peter Neslon

    For Mac user, share a PDF Editor ( here, it works pretty well for me.