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Free Easy Burner is a CD/DVD burning and authoring program that supports burning data and audio CD’s and DVD’s, copying CD’s and DVD’s (by ripping and burning ISO’s), and Ripping audio CD’s into MP3’s.

If you want a small CD/DVD burning program that performs all standard functions without many frills, then Free Easy Burner will cater for all of your burning needs (pun intended heheh).

Important Note [8/13/2007]: since first reviewing this program on 2/3/2007 it has become adware, despite still being billed as freeware on the author’s site. This means that as of version 1.2.43 the program, while fully functional, nonetheless displays ads (albeit harmless ones) within its interface. However you can still download version 1.2.21 of this program, which is fully functional and ad-free, from the link at the bottom of this page.

The following is a list of what this program can do:

  • Supports dual-layer DVD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW.
  • Burns Data CD’s and DVD’s: allows dragging and dropping of files and folders, will verify and/or finalize your CD/DVD.
  • Will copy CD’s and (unencrypted) DVD’s by ripping an ISO image on hard drive and burning it back.
  • Will write to ISO (i.e. can create ISOs from any collection of files and/or folder). Will also burn ISO files.
  • Burns Audio CD’s; will convert your audio files into a playable audio CD. Supported audio file formats are: WAV, WMA, MP3, OGG, FLAC, AAC, and M4A.
  • Rips audio CD’s to MP3 or WAV file formats. Supports automatic FreeCDDB tag information retrieval.

This is great, straightforward freeware that does the job very well and looks good to boot. Nice simply functional user interface;  I recommend higly.

Version tested: 1.0.305

Compatibility: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista.

Download FREEWARE version 1.2.21 here. Go here to download the latest version on the author’s site; two things to know (1) the version on the author’s site is adware, and (2) you do not need to enter your info to download if you don’t want to. Also visit the author’s page.

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  • Matt

    Free Easy Cd/Dvd Burner above link to author’s page to download program does not work

  • Samer

    Thanks Matt… link is now fixed.

  • hdgdfg

    How do enable burn verify ?



  • Nero is NOT Better!! In fact, I am downloading this right now because Stupid nero won’t burn FLAC!!! I’ve only had problems with nero, and while i may be one person, i think there are many more people out there that feel the same way!

  • varun

    it z vry nice

  • Ben

    Another pretty good alternative to Nero and this one could be Infrarecorder. No need to install it & has a nice quickstart interface. I really wanna know how you like it compared to “free easy cd dvd burner” ^^

  • Hans Karro

    I like it. It is easy to use.

  • Pat U.

    I am trying to figure out how to download this software. Can someone help me?

  • Robin

    I can’t find a download link either. How do you download?

  • Samer

    I just updated the download info.
    Check out the last row of text in the review (under ‘Compatibility’).

  • Anyone

    Seriously this is way better than NERO. Actually I only found this one because I literally hated NERO and was looking for a new cd-burner. so thx a lot

  • Oz

    This is a very f**king suck program. Don’t download it! My Dual Layer DVD R crashed!

  • DL531

    I downloaded the software and tried to backup a DVD. As far as dealing with the copy protections and region codes, it worked well. However, I can only play the recorded DVDs on my computer. They will not play on either of three different DVD players. This kind of defeats the whole purpose of using the program. This little detail was conveniently left out of the description. I just glad the download was free or I would really be upset.

  • Samer

    I do not think this software is capable of handling DVD encryptions, and nowhere in the description does it say that it does. My suggestions to you is to use RipIt4Me and/or DVD Shrink to copy your DVDs to your hard drive, then use CDBurnerXP to burn them back to DVDs.

    Oh, and btw… this site is a free service that reviews and presents software.. whether or not you decide to try the software is 100% your responsibility. I do not personally benefit from your downloading the programs.

  • will

    It’s WAY better than nero, and it’s under 10mb

  • It’s very good then any software.

  • Kassy

    I am sure that Microsoft is deliberately removing files so that DVD burners don’t work that were preinstalled on operating systems so that you have to buy one. IT’s part of the New World Order to get you to pay & pay!

  • Mike

    Installation fails on Vista – can’t register components.

  • goldbrit

    BEWARE VER 2.0 Load unwanted software and tool bars

  • rich

    Let’s give these guys the benefit of the doubt and assume that the instaler/uninstaller was tested out on earlier operating systems. But on my Vista box, the installer locked up my whole machine, seemingly when trying to make registry entries. I had to go into Task Manager and cancel three different processes just to make the machine usable again.

    After that, the software seemed basically operational, so I tried to do what I intended to use it for in the firat place. This was to generate an ISO-9660 image to DVD but that does not seem to be supported (looks like it will copy an ISO image, but so does xcopy). Already rather suspicious about whether this thing actually installed correctly, or whether it is just inherently evil, I proceeded to uniinstall it.

    Even the uninstaller locked up! I had to manually delete all the junk in Program Files. I didn’t see anything in the registry that looked like it needed to be cleaned out, but who knows what that faulty install put in there?

    Also, somewhere during this rejuvinating experience something called “Dealio” was installed on my machine, despite the fact that I had never requested it. So, I had to wipe that off too.

    Junk like this is why people have to spend their money on registry cleaners, disk cleaners, “tune-up” utilities and all that.

  • reynaldo angeles

    I think this is much better than any cd/dvd burner

  • reynaldo angeles

    I need to prove to my self that this is the burner that i’m looking for



  • Ammadatthissoftware

    how is it that when I burn files (after having ripped my own dvds for backup purposes); it doesn’t really “write” on the dvd. The status window shows it burns, closes and ejects when the copying process is completed. but when I verify the contents of said burned cd, it comes up as “blank”. wtf?

  • steve

    There might be amistake when copying[wrong copying]so you must scan the program or register new user.

  • ovidiu

    thanks is good !

  • Sion

    This program is good, but not the best..
    The interface looks a little complicated, but it supports drag-drop from explorer, which is good.
    I still recommend buying Nero for the best CD/DVD Burner Tool…

    @rich : are you downloading the latest version? this program works perfectly on my Vista, you can cancel ‘Dealio’ installation on installation start-up, and the uninstaller works fine!

  • i want a burner

  • Mal

    CDBurnerXP is better

  • sertacaygun

    Hi from Turkey !

    I’m using Ashampoo Burning Studio 8 with my orginal key. But, i installs 6 version. It’s free and very good, better than this…

    My English isn’t good, sorry for this problem.

  • JakeJHB

    Ok I have done a TON of research in this field, and I have come to 2 conclusions:

    1. the top 20 picks page is outdated!

    2. CdBurnerXP is a far superior choice!

    Please do not download this product before looking at CDBurnerXP. Despite the name, it is the best FREE DVD and CD authoring tool available!

  • rcxx78

    Hi all,
    Free Easy CD DVD Burner is one of my favourites and has been for a long time, but if you need a free alternative instead of Nero i could recommend Astroburn which I think is the best…

    Give it a try.

    Kind regards,


  • rcxx78

    PS. Dont download the Astroburn Lite but the full version, IT IS FREE you just have to uncheck the field ‘I have a commercial license’ during install and voila you have the full version for free

  • Just downloaded the latest version, 4.1. Works fine on Win7 and there seems to be no ads if you uncheck toolbar options.