Five Free Android Games That You Must Play!


We recently published an ambitious article entitled ‘The Best Free Android Games: our Top 5’, which should have had a better title like ‘The Top Five Free Android Games’. In any case, we had to install and play many dozens of free games in order to write that article, and discovered many excellent free games.

This article will showcase five great games that you may have never heard of, but that can rightly make it on any ‘best of’ games list: Robo5, Alien Plant Planet, Plight of the Zombie, Tupsu The Furry Little Monster, and Real Racing 3.

1. Robo5

An action puzzle game where you, a robot, climb up a platform environment made (mostly) out of wooden crates, and which you have to shuffle and manipulate in order to find a way up.

Robo5 Screenshot1

It’s quite clever, visually appealing, and overall very well made. The puzzles can be a bit too hard at times, but well worth persevering to the end. (FREE)

2. Alien Plant Planet

A beautifully drawn point and click adventure featuring a girl protagonist (which I like to see given that I have a daughter who likes to play games). Solve puzzles in an alien environment where anything can be expected. But, more to the point, a great game that will appeal to most everyone. (FREE)

2013-03-12 11.11.25

3. Plight of the Zombie

I for one have become tired of zombie-themed games, but when the game is good, it’s good (and at least in this game you get to play the zombie). ‘Plight of the Zombie’ combines stealth with ‘draw the path’ gameplay to good effect. (FREE)

Flight of the Zombie Screenshot

4.Tupsu-The Furry Little Monster

A cute action/puzzler with very nice visuals. Tupsu drags his/her body by using his extensible, sticky eye to grab a hold of objects. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but is a great game. My $.02: the game could have used a different way to release the eye other than clicking on the eye itself, such as a button somewhere. (FREE)

2013-03-12 10.48.02

5. Real Racing 3

Not my kind of game, as I don’t like tilting the device to steer; but people I know and respect gave ‘Real Racing’ the thumbs up. The kind of game that will impress onlookers, Real Racing 3 is a freemium realistic first person 3D racer that is free to play, with optional upgrades that can be purchased.


Take note, however, that Real Racing 3 is a huge game that requires 1.7 gigs or so of storage space. The one good thing is that it will download on your external SD card by default, if you have one. (FREE).

  • As usual, Samer, great article and recommendations. If I may make an app suggestion, though… I’ve learned that there’s one more thing for which all Android apps need to be routinely scanned, and that’s “add-ons” such as “push” advertising.

    There are several tools out there, now, which scan for such things, though most of them narrowly-focused as to what they scan for. And some anti-virus tools, now, also scan for such things. But I gotta’ tell ya’, Samer, there’s a guy who started-out a couple years ago trying to create a universal app that scans for add-ons (specifically “push ads,” but all manner of other adware, too) of every type; and boy-oh-boy was his first try visually ugly, but extraordinarily effective. In short order, he rebuilt that app to where it looks and feels as professional as any other; and it now behaves a lot like an anti-virus app (except that it’s strictly for detecting apps with insinuated ads/adware… particularly the most egregious “push” type ads) …

    …and because he’s now been at it a while, his database of such apps is bigger and better than anyone’s. Moreover, whenever I’ve contacted him and told him about some app with push ads in it about which he maybe didn’t know, he’s always been able to quickly tell me exactly what kind of advertising code is in it, and what it does (so, in other words, he really knows what he’s doing); and he’s also always been very appropriately grateful… and always, in any case, responsive.

    So I really like this guy, and I love what his app has now become. I now would never operate any Android phone without not only a good anti-virus app on it, but also not without Denper’s excellent “Add-ons Detector” app…

    …installed and running, too. It’s freeware, as downloaded, but then you can upgrade, in-app, to the paid version; and the salient difference between them is mostly just that the paid one will automatically scan for you, either periodically, or whenever a new app is either installed or updated (the latter being the one that I most appreciate). Either version, though, scans exactly the same, using the exact same database, and identifies all the same bad stuff… and so I’m sure you’d agree that the freeware version is worthy of being discussed, here.

    I could not more stronglly recommend it…

    And… oh, yeah… my official disclaimer (which I always offer whenever I gush about something, as I’ve herein done) is that I have nothing, whatsoever, to do with Denper or his “Add-ons Detector” (or any of his other) apps. Anyway, as usual, keep-up the good work!!!


    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

    • Now I’m confused. Are you thinking that some of these games come bundled with adware ? .

      • No no, I never said anything about these particular games.

    • Samer Kurdi

      Thanks for the tip about AddOnsDetector. I will look it into for a possible writeup. I’ve tried similar apps in the past, but its good to know that this is so comprehensive!

  • Wim de Lange

    Nice games, downloaded 4 out of 5 to test them. Thank you.

  • Samer Kurdi

    @ Gregg, @ Carbonize: I’ve editing this exchange, as you can see. I hope you both are ok with it. The old exchange was getting out of hand and wasn’t relevant to the topic at hand.


    • Works for me.

      On an off topic note I do wish there was a decent SMS app for Android. Handcent and Go SMS Pro are both getting to bloated offering extra rubbish nobody really wants. I tried Pansi but it doesn’t feel as polished and apparently is currently crashing on MMS creation.

    • In anticipation of that, I both took a screenshot of the way it was before editing, and also saved it to my hard drive. What’s here now, though, publicly, is perfectly fine with me.

      Gregg L. DesElms
      Napa, California USA
      gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  • Well i gave Plight of the Zombie a try. I found it to easy and there are only three sections you can get for free so it’s pretty short as well. It doesn’t come with a proper tutorial though so you have to figure things out like what are the main objectives and the fact it doesn’t matter if the other zombies die or not. Oh and remember you must collect the brains before you turn the last person. No replay value neither as you are just scored on getting the brains. Now Major Mayhem has replay value.

    • Samer Kurdi

      That’s why we featured five games rather than just one 😉

      • Surprised you’ve not reviewed 4 pics 1 word yet. Like it needs any more publicity 😐

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