Find large format album artwork at AlbumArt.og

134 is a site that provides searchable CD and DVD art in large format.

I’ve always used Amazon to download album art, which doesn’t provide large size images, and is on occasion unable to deliver artwork for some titles.

My second resource is typically Google image search, which is unpredictable.

This is why I was very pleased to discover It allows you to search for either CD or DVD artwork and instantly produces (mostly) large format results.

It also contains album art from international and/or rare realeses.

A search for “Radiohead” produced a staggering 468 results, which certainly says something about the breadth of this resource. And as the folks over at the CD Design and Album Cover Art blog indicate, in many cases the size of the images is larger than that provided by the album artwork resources in Itunes.

[Via the CD Design and Album Cover Art blog]

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  • Rob

    Nice report! I hate bad looking album art. I would prefer to use iTunes for the coverflow feature, but I do not want to create an iTunes account to download them, which iTunes tells me I must do to download coverart.

    I am sure there is a app that will allow me to do that, I should look for it sometime.

    Or perhaps it will appear here…

  • Groovy Little Garden Gnome

    Absolutely awesome! Thank you very much. 🙂

  • David threefive

    Rob. Songbird is in beta at the moment and an add-on provides itunes like cover flow, sorry but I forget what it is called. But look at and you should be able to find it. seems to work better if you search for the name of a band rather than a specific album. There is also

  • ali

    Well, when reading your review I thought: yeah well, everyone knows radiohead. But like always I can’t find the album art of some obscure old cd by some obscure underground singer songwriter.
    But guess what.. in a lot of cases it did! It even found some artists only known in Holland and singing in Dutch…

    The other thing I noticed, one of the sources (but not the only one) they get their albumart from, is Amazon….

  • Prabhakar Goud

    Wish you a Hapyy New Year Samer. Check this link for a nice freeware, called “UpdateStar.”

  • I wonder where the service gets the artwork from though? I’ll check it out…

  • Gus

    Hi Guys

    check out found all my albums on here!!

  • hi Prabhakar, you can check another piece of software that does the same thing. also freeware.
    Update Notifier from