This is our ‘Frequently asked questions’ page, the purpose of which is to list some of the most common questions that come our way. If you have a question that is not listed here, feel free to email me.

Where are the download links?
The last line of a post will contain the link to the program or service, or a link to the download. If a post contains multiple tools, the title itself will link to the external page where the download is to be found.

Why don’t you host the downloads on the Freewaregenius site itself?
I cannot afford the bandwidth; also, it is better to get the download from the developer’s site to be sure you are downloading the latest version. There are many tools that have been discontinued or disappeared from the net, or ‘last freeware versions’ that we actually do host.

Can I write a guest post and publish it on this site?
You can. We will have to approve the choice of program or topic (it has to involve free tools) and reserve the write to edit the text or refuse to publish for any number of reasons, including: the quality in not up to our standards, the writing style does not quite fit with what our audience expects, we don’t like the analysis or we think it is not as value added as we require, we do not like the tools or services chosen, or the existence of dubious links . Unless you are linking to your own personal page or blog, any links in the text  have to be organically related to the content of the post, in that the user would want to go there, and not just through a random text anchor.  We reserve the right to remove any links that change or are redirected after publication.

Does Freewaregenius.com install any spyware/malware or toolbars within my browser?
You have got to be joking! This is a personal blog, nothing is installed on your system.

Why are you always praising what you write about? Is there anything you don’t actually like ?
I only post reviews of software that I think is worth writing about, by definition. What I don’t like I pass over, since there’s no need to waste my and your time with it.

How often do you post?
My goal is 30 postings/month. These may come in ‘batches’ though, rather than once a day.

Do you install and test every program you review?

Will you review my program (or my favorite program) if I ask nicely?
I might. There are reasons why I might not, though: if I don’t like the program or I don’t feel it is as good as others out there, if I don’t know much about the subject or category, or if it simply isn’t that interesting or just a me-too contender in a list of many other good options.

Will you find or recommend a certain program if I ask you? Will you answer a software related question by email?
Probably. I will at least try.

Is the software featured on Freewaregenius really free?
Yes. If there is a ‘paid’ version of the software the review will point out the differences.

But is it handicapped in any way (crippleware/liteware)?
If it is posted on Freewaregenius it will have to offer considerable value; crippleware will not, whereas liteware quite possibly will, and may be posted.

What about nagware (programs that require you to wait and/or click a button on a screen)?
I have a particular aversion to nagware; so its very unlikely (although technically possible if the program really has something to offer).

Would you consider trialware? (definition here)
No. This site is about freeware.

Will you post software that is in alpha or beta?
Yes. This will be stated under in the text itself.

What is your policy on adware? Will you post adware titles on your site?
The answer to this is that in very rare cases I might, provided that the software satisfies the below conditions:
– The program is unique and has a high value added.
– The ads do not interefere with the user experience (i.e. the UI is well designed and the ads unobtrusive).
– The ads do not link to gambling or adult sites.
If I do post an adware title it will be stated in the review text. I will be very accomodating with regard to ads that point to the developer’s other FREE titles.

What about programs that ask you to register or provide an email or other personal info?
I will post these, but will state that this is a requirement.

Will you knowingly post programs that contain spyware and/or other malware.
No. I will go to great lengths to make sure that no such software is featured on Freewaregenius. If we make a mistake, we will take a post down (this happened once in 6 years of publication).

How would you know if a program contains spyware?
I install it and see how it behaves in relation to my firewall/antispyware/antivirus software, and I will upload to VirusTotal and check the VirusTotal profile on the program. I regard VirusTotal as the ultimate reference on these issues.

Will you post abandonware/orphanware?
I will post abandonware games. With respect to other programs it is unlikely, as there is so much going on in terms of quality freeware/open source software that I see no reason to look into software from the distant past whose legality is unclear or questionable.

Will you post cracks or warez on your site?
No. Everything is 100% legitimate and legal. One of the objectives of this site is to show that there is quality free software out there that will do most everything that you need, and that you really don’t need cracked software.

More information can be found in our About and Privacy Policy pages. If you would like to contact us, use this form.

  • Hi. I hope this is an acceptable way to contact you; I couldn’t find any other way.

    I have an honest question for you:

    Why do people create freeware? I mean, I’ve created some cool utilities, but I want to be paid for them. So, is there some other pay-off to freeware that I’m just not seeing?

    For example, I created a really handy utility called WinZen. I use it all the time, and I thought other people would like it, too. But sales are practically nonexistent. So, should I improve my marketing, or should I make it freeware? Sorry to sound selfish about it, but what’s in it for me to make it free?

    I’m asking this seriously, and I hope that, as someone who has a lot of experience with freeware and freeware authors, you’ll give me an honest and enlightening reply.

    BTW, you’re welcome to try a copy of WinZen, gratis.

    Lee Grey
    Grey Matter

  • Hi.

    I have a freeware named Free Window Sweeper. It’s a free privacy clean-up tool that allows you to remove Internet and computer traces, browser history, cookies, index.dat files, typed URLs and more. It also offers support for many 3rd party applications, and can clean custom file, folder or registry locations. It also has a cookie keeper and secure deletion method. You can download it from http://www.findsth.com/download/SweeperSetup.exe. I want to add it to your website.

    Best Regards.

  • Love your site man. It is like a freeware heaven.

  • Shouldn’t that be “reserve the right”…? Although, given the context of editing text, “write” could just be an intentional pun I suppose.

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  • Hi webmaster!

  • Dear Freeware Wizards: I don’t know much (yet), but I DO know I LOVE YOU… so, would you please consider helping me with an issue which is WAY OVER MY HEAD? . . . I need a (Movie) DVD SONG RIPPER…you know, a program that will ACTUALLY rip ONLY the various SONGS on a DVD… I have TRULY TRIED to research this…As far as I can tell, the ONLY freeware I could find was undesireable, & the FOR MONEY ones CONFUSED me to the point that I could not make an informed decision…Because I TRUST YOUR JUDGEMENT ENTIRELY, will you please let me know what your ideas are about any freeware, & if there isn’t any- which others would you recommend for RIPPING SONGS in particular? . . . I understand how busy you are! I am willing to wait . . . Sincerely, Kayla

  • Please list Popnote

    PopNote is a lightweight yet robust peer to peer Instant Messaging communication client that works over the Internet.


  • Me

    Did the new Ajax cause the website to run slower? I’ve not visited this site since sometime in May, or maybe it was April. Can’t remember, but today it seems to be running very slowly and taking awhile for pages to load. I love this site and even if the pages load slowly, I’ll still keep looking around. Good stuff here. But more importantly, this is a completely trustworty site. I trust any software I get from here, and I look here first before I go to anothter site. If it’s here, this is the site from where I’ll download it.

  • Me

    One more question, Do you know of another progam like “Zorro” the little program that supposedly darkens part of the computer screen? I downloaded it and it didn’t work. Seems to be buggy, and was very unstable. I had a heck of a time removing it from one of my computers. I’d like to have a program like that but in looking and searching hundreds of pages using Google search, I haven’t been able to find one that does that. I know they’re out there somewhere because I see them in action when I visit certain websites. Thanks.

  • Samer
  • Me

    Samer. thanks for the information. There were some error 404’s popping up but I eventually got it downloaded, and so far it appears to be working. Appreciate your help.

  • I was searching around and found this new freeware 360desktop which enables your desktop to perform a panorama almost.

  • hey, i was searching around the internet again, yeah i do it alot, and i found a new vista start menu program. it has two versions a pro and freeware one. it organizes the vista start menu, which is really annoying to use.

  • hearts

    through one of my feeds I found this today, but I really do not have the time to install and test it, despite it sounds interesting, maybe if you read through it and found interesting, you could give it a review!

  • i have converted youtube videos, but why is there no sound, and recently i have tried to convert videos but it just gets stuck on the part before it shows the download bar on the websight.

  • Navagon


    I think you should know that jZip has decided that installing a Yahoo Firefox browser hijack without warning or an option to uninstall it is perfectly acceptable. In light of that I sugeest you remove all support for this application.

  • Hi,
    Congratulation for this website. I am not sure if free web-based game fit in your category of freeware (it is not downloadable). Just in case, I’d like to mention our game: http://www.robostrike.com
    We have been maintaining it since 2003. You might like the gameplay and I’d be interested to know how much you would rank it. In any case, keep up the good work.

  • Herb


    Hi. Quick question –

    There has got to be some kind of well-written, easy-to-use freeware (or a few different programs that can be used to get different partial views of what I’m looking for) that can listen to the chatter on my home network and figure out:

    ** what-all devices are attached (even if the device is being stingy about letting others know it is on the network)
    ** determine which device(s) is/are the biggest chatterboxes
    ** tell which device is talking to which other device
    – and why
    – and what it’s saying to the other device
    – or what it wants from the other device
    ** put into layman’s terms what all the traffic is
    ** be able to summarize the the transmissions in addition to providing each transmission (and still putting each into layman’s terms)

    ** be able to work on XP and Vista

    My home network has SO MUCH CHATTER on it it is rediculous!
    I have a cat5 network storage device and the ntwk light is blinking constantly and the drive light is also blinking as well so there’s something wierd going on there.

    I think my wireless printer is also talking up a storm as well.
    I think all this BS chatter is slowing down the meaningful traffic and reducing the throughput.

    Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

  • Tom


    FYI i had a hard time finding software using the search box on your site. for example, i searched for “Faststone Capture” but it didn’t return the relevant page.


  • We have a free Windows port of our WinMobile/iPhone pool game.

    You can get it from


  • Roy

    Hey I have got two new excellent freewares.

    i) TheLetterEncrypter
    ii) TheSearchMan

    <a href=”http://venussoftcorporation.blogspot.com/2009/08/thesearchman.html”

    They are both nice tools and have been rated TOP and 5 STARS by many websites(as far as given on the developer’s website).

  • Hi, we’d like to recommend this freeware program.

    Ubiquitous Player is All-In-One multimedia player, web browser, image viewer, text editor and file manager.

    It allows:
    1) to watch video files
    2) to listen to your mp3 and CD music (including playback from folders)
    3) to view images
    4) to edit your texts and use notes
    5) to make simple HTML pages (with tags highlighting)
    6) to rename/copy/move/navigate your files (file manager)
    7) to use built-in web browser
    8) to manage your Internet favorites9) to take screenshots (of full screen or active window)
    10) to use virtual keyboard
    11) to use magnifying glass
    12) to play some games
    13) to do even more!

    Ubiquitous Player supports (and partially supports) such types of files: BMP, ICO, WMG, EMG, JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, HTML, MHT, MPG, MPE, AVI, WMV, WMA, ASF, MP3, TXT, RTF, WAV, PPL and partially MOV and PDF (and some we forgot to mention).

    It doesn’t need installation and can be used from your USB, too (100% portable).

    Maybe you’ll find it interesting.

  • I recently developed an extension for WordPress bloggers.

    WordPress Stats for chrome provides you the referrers, top posts, search term and clicks of your blog without the need to login your blog dashboard.

    1. Great time saver
    2. Provides real time statistics
    3. Easy to use
    4. Free for all

    The extension page is https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/kfkplpbeijhlpnlccijpjpggabgmbopg

    Additional information can be found in http://placeforbloggers.com/general/wordpress-stats-chrome-extension/

    I’ll appreciate if you include it in one of your coming posts.

    Best Regards,
    Shay W

  • Michael Schemer

    Thought you might like to look at Auspex. It is a utility for Windows that allows autotext replacement in any application and also allows bulk changes of text in text files.


  • Raj

    Windows 7 Login Screen Changer (Free Software) at http://www.murgee.com/logon-controller/

  • Jon Schu

    First off, I’d like to thank you for all the great work you do in guiding me toward good freeware! This site is the first place I refer friends to when they’re looking for any kind of program.

    I was wondering if you know of any programs that open “.part” extensions. I can’t find any when i search because the word “part” is way too common in every article on this site. Even specifying the “.part” doesn’t really help.

    It would come in handy if I’m downloading a video, song, or other media file that gets just about through, but fails at the end. I want to open it to use what is downloaded, but also to verify that the file was, in fact, what I was looking for. Thanks for any help you can offer in this matter.

  • Fabiano

    This site was for many years my main source for great freeware, and I am very grateful to you, since you have my life a lot easier in working with computers, Mr. Kurdi.

    It appears though that you’re stopping the posts… Hope that’s not the case.

    Again, thank you so much for your work on this site!