Extract audio and video files from FLVs with FLV Extract


FLV Extract is a free program that can save video and audio files from FLV files in their original formats without decompressing or re-compressing.

If you weren’t aware of it, FLV files are containers that house audio and video files which may be encoded in any number of formats. FLV Extract gives you the ability to unpack the video and audio files without needing to re-encode or re-process.

This little program will be very useful if you (a) are downloading music from music-sharing sites in the FLV format, or (b) need to demux the audio or video from FLV files.

Converting FLVs to MP3s is possible using a number of programs such as Super or Any Audio Converter; however, these will perform re-encoding operations which take time and in most cases require that the user make a number of quality and format decisions. With FLV Extract, however, the extraction happens in a flash and is almost instantaneous, and the files retain the format and quality with which they were encoded. Here are more notes on this program:

  • Nothing to install: just unzip and run.
  • The UI: a simple dialog with 3 options: extract video, timecodes, and audio. All you need to do is to drop files onto the app for processing.
  • Performance: you can drag multiple FLVs onto FLV Extract and they will be processed immediately within the space of a second (or a few seconds at most).

The verdict: although I do not expect this to have a very broad audience, those of us who need it will greatly appreciate it. Simple, straightforward, and free — just the way I like my software.

Version Tested: 1.3.0

Compatibility: WinAll. Requires .NET Framework 2.0.

Go to the program page to download the latest version (approx 50K).

  • Ant

    Brilliant. Exactly what I need.

  • CT

    Nice, and very handy! No-Install is a BIG Plus, and my only suggestion for an improvement would be to allow it to function when added to the ‘Send To’ right-click menu! Of course, that might increase the program’s size, which is one of it’s great features!

    The author’s other programs are nice, too – I LOVE “RotateCalc”! Makes straightening photos a Snap!

    Small, Clean, Portable, and Works Well – Can’t beat that, THANKS!

  • DS

    Wooow, thanks…

  • wvluv

    works very well, and super fast. should complement dvd slideshow nicely, as well as all vid and audio fanatics out there. Now if transcoders only worked this fast.

  • Sameer


  • Michael

    Does anyone know if there is a way to recombine the video and audio tracks into a regular avi video file?

  • Kashif S. Malik

    .. that’s exactly what I was looking for. Great find!

  • Pretty useless unless you wanna mix the vid with some other audio…or maybe just get the audio..as for extracting the vid, with no sound, can’t do anything.

  • PC

    It looks interesting, but with no obvious way
    to download your program, I think I will
    look some place else.

  • kiki burgh

    how do i download this?

  • Kanj

    Brilliant software

  • Juan

    it works good, but it reduces the sound quality. When I hear the .flv version, it is louder than the extracted .mp3 version.

    Unless I’m doing something wrong, I’m forced to look for another program

  • Guest

    Just because there is a volume difference doesn’t mean the data is different.

  • Clayton

    I don’t think it’s changing the audio at all; I don’t think it re-encodes it. I’ll bet you hear a volume difference b/c you’re opening the video/audio file in a different player than the extracted audio file. Try opening them in the same program, unless you’re already doing that in which case, uh, I dunno 🙂 Not worth going thru the source code for for me 🙂
    Thanks for a wonderful little utility!

    And yes, getting it to take a file as the first command line parameter would be great! That’d make the Windows “Send to” feature work!

  • Pauwry

    Here’s what you do… Extract the stuff, start windows movie maker, put the 2 files (audio and video) in there on the timeline, then just export the movie and you are done!

  • Thanakon

    Your flv exact is absolutely wonderful, much better than those on sale in the market. I have wanted this for along time for my flv video

  • Chris

    Thanks PAUWRY for the audio video seperate join tip. I think it will be useful when audio is off on FLV files. Can fix them up to match when grabbing youtube videos.


    It’s what I was looking for and it did exactly what I wanted it to. For free!! Gotta love it! Thanks!


    My only advice is to make the download go to bigger, it took me a while to find it. Thanks again

  • Mary Sunshine

    This is *so* amazingly perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • xineweber

    Very useful and exactly what I needed, Thank you very much! 5 Stars 🙂

  • Valdis

    You can download YouTube videos as MP3, AVI, Windows Media Video (WMA) and many others for free.
    Just use Bender Converter – http://benderconverter.com It very helpful!

  • Pat

    thank you, that is a great little app. and thanks for source code too.

  • Regis

    This is one great little program. Works exactly as stated, every time and fast.

  • Jim

    I just spent 5 minunts going up and down your page here looking for a link to download this app.
    Theres a link for: You might also like and other s**t, you want people to USE YOUR WEBSITE instead of looking elsewhere. Site webmaster get your act together, think about the end user!

    • Samer

      @ Jim,
      The last line of the review reads “Go to the program page to download the latest version (approx 50K).”
      That’s the link to the developer’s page which contains the download. I do not and cannot afford to host any downloads on my site. Regards.

  • Julie

    This software is amazing. I love it. Thank you very much. It did a perfect job on a file that so many “pro” program couln’t do.

  • To extract mp3 from YouTube i personally use maxvideoconverter.com it’s free and you don’t need no software to download and install.

  • Skysurfer

    The files convert to .aac! I’m trying to grab the audio from an .flv, then manipulate it. I can’t find anything that’ll do the job. Nice app, though. Thanks for your effort.

  • Vidiot

    Skysurfer, this program does not convert! Learn before you complain. You’re getting AAC audio because that’s what the original audio track was encoded as. Open flv files you download from YouTube in VLC then get info. You’ll find that they use AAC audio. And there are plenty of applications that can convert AAC to WAV or AIFF, which you can edit.

  • j

    Flv extract does not extract large files(183 mb). It gives some odd extensions instead of .avi and .mp3

  • Wingz

    Too easy! Works FANTASTIC! Simple, straight forward and no hassle. Well done and thank you for a great tool that is small, and handy, and most of all….WORKS! I tried a number of other ways to extract mp3 from my .flv files but they were tedious and mostly did not work!
    Thanks again….keep up the good work!
    — Australia

  • nbwriter

    FLVExtract- beautiful little program – works fast.
    thanks to author

    Note: Best to make a copy of flv file before dropping into FLVExtract, I think.
    Site bookmarked

    regards nb