Enhance your Right Click Context Menu with Another 10 Great Utilities


If you’ve been following this site, you might know that we are big fans of the Windows right click context menu, and believe it to be one of the best (yet underrated) interface elements in Windows.

We’ve published a series of articles around the theme: interesting functions in the Windows right click menu. In this latest installment we feature another ten utilities that can be quite useful.

A good selection this time around: Debenu PDF Tools, SkyShellEX, Send to Kindle, Remove Empty Directories, SageThumbs, Elevated Shortcuts, Windows Uninstaller, Folder Colorizer, SubiT, and Right Click Replace This.

Right Click Illustration5

1. Debenu PDF Tools: Right Click to Merge, Convert, and Edit PDF’s

Enables you to right click on any PDF and perform a wide range of edits on the spot. If you work with PDF’s you will simply love this.

Debenu PDF PDF Tools Screenshot

Note that at the time of this writing, you can get the PRO (paid) version of this software for free simply by liking their page on Facebook, which is a great deal as it has a lot more functions within it.

2. SkyShellEX: right click to sync any folder with Skydrive

SkyShellEx Screenshot

Skydrive is Microsoft’s answer to Dropbox, and just like Dropbox you can designate a folder on your hard drive to sync files and folders from. SkyShellEX does something rather useful: it will let you right click on any folder no matter where it is located on your hard drive, and move it into your Skydrive folder.

Note that your folder location will not change, but rather the program will create a symbolic link to a new a folder in the Skydrive folder (which is to say your folder will be in two places at the same time, which is something Windows supports). If you want to do the same thing with Dropbox or any other cloud storage service you can use previously mentioned Link Shell Extension to create symbolic links (the latter also works via right click).

3. Send to Kindle: right click to send any document to your Kindle or Kindle app on your smartphone

Don’t have a Kindle? KEEP READING. Because you can install a Kindle App on your iOS or Android smarphone, for free (as long as you have an Amazon account), and it is an excellent reader for PDFs, Mobi, as well as a host of other ebook and document formats, and it does a fantastic job.

Send To Kindle Screenshot - context menu

Send to Kindle installs on Windows and will let you transfer any document or documents to your Kindle/Kindle app, instantly, and wirelessly (as long as your Kindle or device has an internet connection).

For more info check out our article entitled: “How to send ebooks and documents to Kindle or Kindle mobile app WIRELESSLY”.

4. Remove Empty Directories: does exactly what it says, via right click

Remove Empty Directories Screenshot

A strangely useful program that will (you guessed it) remove any empty directories recursively from within the folder or drive that you choose. You have to run as administrator and enable the context menu entry, then simply right click on any folder you want to clean up. You will probably be surprised at the number of empty directories that exist on your hard drive.

5. SageThumbs: preview or convert images in the context menu

Sagethumbs Screenshot

You may remember SageThumbs as a free utility that adds thumbnail support to a wide variety of image types in Windows. It also can be added to the context menu to provide right click image previews as well as image file type conversions, among other things.

6. Elevated Shortcuts: right click to create shortcuts that bypass the UAC prompt

Elevated Shortcut screenshot2 - context menu

If you’re tired of approving UAC prompts for frequently used programs, ‘Elevated Shortcuts’ can create shortcuts for these that bypass the UAC, simply by right clicking the executable. It works by utilizing the Windows task scheduler and does not downgrade your system-wide UAC protection. See our full review of this program for more information.

7. Windows Uninstaller: uninstall any program by right clicking it’s desktop shortcut

Ever wished you could uninstall a program right from the desktop? With ‘Windows Uninstaller’, you can. The program launches the program uninstaller via right click, making the uninstall immediate, quick and simple.

Right Click Uninstall Screenshot

8. Folder Colorizer: right click on a folder to change it’s color

A simple desktop organization tool, whereby you can right click a folder to change it’s color. It will add a hidden .ICO file inside the folder and change the folder icon to it (which means that the folder will maintain the ‘new’ color even if you uninstall the program).

Folder Colorizer Screenshot1

This is what the new colorized folder might look like. Note that you can actually add any color of your choice to the list.

Folder Colorizer Screenshot2

9. SubiT: right click a movie file to download subtitles

If you’re looking for subtitles for a movie simply right click on the video file and select ‘SubiT’. It will look for subtitles across a series of online resources in succession and, if found, download the .SRT file in the same location as your movie.

SubiT Screenshot

Note that SubiT supports 4 languages only as of this writing (English, Hebrew, Norwegian, and Russian), and will download as per your priorities in the settings. If it cannot find an exact match it will show you several potential subtitles files to choose from.

This program is similar to previously mentioned app Oscar, which you might want to try as well.

10. Right Click Replace This: right click to replace one file with another (even system files)

Replace This With This Screenshot

This one for the ubergeeks only: ever wanted to replace a system file but was prevented from doing so by Windows? ‘Right Click Replace This’ will let you select a file and a replacement file in the right click; it will then replace one with another and, in the case of system files, will schedule the replacement process into the next Windows startup. It will even backup the original file under a .BAK extension.

That’s it. If you want more of this type of post (‘Interesting Right Click Functions’) please let me know, as this will likely be my last installment of these for a long time.

  • Jessa

    This is a very helpful article. Thank you.

  • Toni

    Thanks for the great list! Certainly one or more utilities will make my Right-Click menu. As for the question if we need another article like this, well, you already have written a few articles, with plenty of options to choose from, and you can’t just have them all in your right-click menu.
    Then again, of you know a really good utility, please write about it, but I guess I don’t have to tell you that.

    • Samer Kurdi

      You’re right. If I see something worth writing about, I will write it up. 🙂

      On the other hand, it is the idea of ‘right click’ utilities as a theme that I might retire, as it seems that I am much more excited about it than the general readership.

      • Toni

        I think you shouldn’t. Keep reminding us that right-click is great. There seems to be a tendency that ‘if it is Windows, it isn’t good’. And everyone keeps using it. I guess people are so used to it, they don’t see the
        exciting things anymore…

      • Harry

        Please, Samar keep on with the right -click utilities.
        I already use some of those you listed above and find them very useful, especially Elevated Shortcuts which saves me the hassle of make entries in task scheduler, or, heaven forbid, turning off UAC.
        Respect and regards my man.

      • B James

        “I am much more excited about it than the general readership.”

        Not true. One of the main reasons I visit Freewaregenius, and have been doing so for many a year, is the excellent range of file and folder management software you review and all the right click stuff. I am a right click junkie, seriously.

        I use an iphone and it’s great to know about the occasional app that may have passed me by (let’s face it, the iTunes store is too much). But I really don’t think games belong in apps, although I know most sites lump them together. I’m simply not interested in games and just wish they would go away.

        I love your site. Don’t lose the thing I’ve always thought made it great – your thorough reviews of apps that you didn’t know you needed till you saw it on here.

    • Samer Kurdi

      I am finding this program a little too complicated to use. I did look at it though and it seems quite powerful. Thanks for the link.

  • Gustavius

    Folder Colorizer is beautiful however it does force you to enter an email address and click a box that gives them permission to send ads (from their company) to you. Still the colored folders are quite nice.

    • Samer Kurdi

      @ Gustavius: note that you can enter any email, such as a disposable email or even a made up one, to register. As for the ‘send me updates and messages’ , you can uncheck the checkbox next to it in order to opt out 🙂

  • John Foster

    And besides, you forgot to mention the best of above all; MyFolders (from Core Tech. Cons. LLC)
    It is a tiny context menu freeware which copy/move selected files to previously customized destination folders.

    • Samer Kurdi

      @ John: this was actually on my list. In the end, four programs didn’t make it into the list and it was one of them, not because its not a great program, but because I wanted to feature interesting/esoteric utilities.

  • perry

    Colorizer doesn’t have an uninstaller. It’s an evil app. There are many apps that have the same functionality and don’t want to spam you an prevent uninstallation….damn now im stuck and need to clean my registry.

    • Samer Kurdi

      Don’t clean your registry — go to the program folder (C:\Program Files\Folder Colorizer) and run unins001.exe

      Unsure why its not listed in add/remove, but it’s there, and uninstalls just fine.

  • Mystique

    The downside to colorize is that once you change the icons color you lose the ability to have the appearance of a full folder, if it were at all possible to achieve a color change with the usual appearance of example image pages within the folders icon then it would be brilliant but as it stands you cannot.
    Also it is true that you must use an email address to activate, however you can use a fake or temp one but you must click on the option to receive notices via mail or the activate button shall be greyed out.

  • Oxa

    FileMenu Tools
    Works off either the File menu or the right click menu. Comes with a collection of commands, can be customized to include only those you want, and can add any new command you want.

  • Samer, I love this article! I have been reading Freewaregenius for many years now, and I absolutely share your love for the context menu (let’s duel over it!). This series may be my favourite series of all times. This post alone is a treasure trove of exciting, useful, innovative gems. I have installed a couple and downloaded a few more. I encourage you to write more about such great utilities. The context menu saves me so much time!

    • Oh, and perhaps I should also list the kinds of posts that do not interest me personally:

      – Anything to do with sharing pictures/recommendations/messages/etc. with people through network sites (I am on Facebook, but I just don’t find it that interesting).
      – Anything to do with making lists and motivating oneself to do work or whatever, so mindmaps or task lists and such.
      – Anything to do specifically with pop culture, like Hollywood films or information about celebrities.
      – Anything Apple.
      – Puzzle or action games.

      I know, I sound like an old grump now. What does interest me very much:
      – Innovative utility programs for Windows.
      – Good Android applications.
      – Musings on technology/etc.
      – Most other things on Freeware Genius!