“Email This”: a bookmarklet that can email any page from any browser


Email This from Clickability is a free bookmarklet that resides on your browser toolbar and can quickly email any web page that you are browsing to yourself or friends. It supports most browsers, including IE, Firefox, Opera, and AOL.

Have you ever read a really good posting or news story that you wanted to share with a friend or friends? I remember many a time that I would copy a URL, open my Gmail account, and paste into a new email message in order to do this. More recently we have had the proliferation of “Email This Article” links on blogs and websites that make it easy to email a story in a single click straight from the website, although many of these still rely on opening your default local email client to do this, which can be a hassle (especially if you use webmail and do not use a local client).

Email This Screenshot

“Email This” lets you email the URL of any site that you are surfing (to yourself or to others) in a single click. Here are more notes on this service:

  • Uses it’s own browser-based form: clicking on the “Email This” bookmarklet will instantly display an email form. It is self contained and does not need a local client or webmail client to send.
  • Keeping an address book: registering for the “Email This” service will allow you to maintain an address book that collects and maintains all the email addresses you send to for future re-use. Note that you do not need to register to use the service.
  • Email This Installation ScreenshotInstalling: involves right clicking on the bookmarklet and adding it to your “Links” folder in IE or “Bookmarks Toolbar” in Firefox. For more info on installing click here.
  • Other bookmarklets: in addition to “Email This”, the site offers a “Save This” and “Organize & Share” bookmarklets which provide a fairly advanced online bookmarking service. You can use your “Email This” account for these as well.

The verdict: so simply and yet (potentially) so useful. You will never need to search high on low on a website again looking for that elusive “Email this article” link which many or may not be there. You can now spam email interesting articles to yourself and to friends with ease.

Compatibility: IE, Firefox, Opera, AOL, MSN; most likely other browsers as well.

Go to the Email This page.

  • Tima

    Seems to be a handy tool, i will give it try now.

  • ew

    this would be really useful if i mail a lot to others.
    however, most of the things i find online, i rather wish to archive for myself in a quick and dirty way, so i email the webpages that i want to archive, with toread.cc.
    thus i have about 50,000 mails already in gmail, thank god for 7GB of space 🙂

  • I use a gmailthis bookmarklet successfully for chrome browser. I also use an extension for Firefox.
    Both are indispensable to me.

    I suggest you do a search for “”google chrome” +bookmarklet +gmailthis” without the outside quotes.
    I just did and found lots of pages.

    I forget where I found the chrome bookmarklet, but it was from a similar search.
    I can copy out the java script if anyone is interested.
    Also, if someone knows how to save the js file in an abbreviated form, I’d appreciate knowing how.
    BTW, I would need all of the steps.

  • blogward

    Hmmm. Useful, but smells of adware to me.

  • Brian

    I like it. But since it’s _me_ always sending the messages, is there a hack so that I don’t have to type my “from” email address all the time? I don’t know javascript well enough, but it seems like it should be straightforward. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

  • 123


    1st 3 look the same do nohing in ff3.6
    4th 5th go thru the website.. = privacy problem.

    squarefree or similar has an email bokmarklet. i never triede it.