EjectUSB: a powerful tool for safe USB drive removal


EjectUSB is an open source program that is run from a USB device to close all programs running from the device and eject the drive for safe removal.

It will also remove registry entries and recent document shortcuts that refer to the USB device.

If you’re not to keen on Windows’ default method of safely ejecting USB devices (the little icon in the system tray) and/or if you encounter the dreaded “The device cannot be stopped right now.

Try stopping the device again later” message more frequently than you care for, EjectUSB might just be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Running the EjectUSB executable is simple and easy and can provide a one-click solution for getting all file/program contingencies resolved

Here are more notes on this program:

  • How to use: extract the EjectUSB folder onto your USB, and then when you are ready simply run the “EjectUSB.exe” executable to eject. If you would like to have a shortcut on your USB’s root folder that runs EjectUSB check out this posting.
  • Does it work: mostly, yes, with some exceptions. There are times when EjectUSB will keep trying to eject the drive and/or close running programs or files but fail. I would suggest that you close open documents and programs as you would normally then use EjectUSB to eject the USB after that; this always seemed to work on my system (to quote the author “EjectUSB was designed to eject the drive as quickly as possible, not to manage programs that the user hasn’t saved data in yet”).
  • Note on performance: some performance kinks have been ironed out across various releases of this program, and I expect future releases will continue the trend.
  • Options: you can modify the INI file and/or run the program from the command line to invoke many options such as whether it will forcibly terminate programs, how much time to wait to allow it to happen, whether to clean the registry, etc.

The verdict: a very useful program that delivers what it promises. This program is a work in progress but has been progressing rapidly and steadily and I expect it to only get better. Recommended.

Version Tested:

Compatibility: WinAll..

Go to the program page to download the latest version (approx 251K).

  • fr

    It doesn’t work for write-protected USB devices like ISP wireless modems or routers, so popular nowadays.

  • Carbonize

    Just pulling a device such as those you just listed will not be a problem. The reason Windows doesn’t like you just pulling out USB sticks is that it could be in the middle of reading from or writing to the device and cutting short the activity will result in corrupted data.

  • Where do I get it?

  • Samer

    @Joe V: go to the program page (the link to that page is under the ‘Compatibility’ section in the review). On the program page, find the “Download EjectUSB” link.

  • Found it thanks

  • dude

    hi samer,

    could you help explain what these mean?

    Version 1.2
    Improvement: EjectUSB can now interface with Sync

    Version 1.1
    Improvement: EjectUSB can now interface with Unlocker to close open file handles;

    on version 1.1, i followed the instruction and i have extracted the unlocker files and place it into the ejectusb folder, with the version 1.2 it doesnt have any instruction if i should place it into the folder.

    what does it mean? the unlocker in the folder doesnt seem to do anything.

  • Kiong-Ping Lau

    I found the programe is not working with my Vista

  • Jon

    Caution. I tried EjectUSB while my portable email program was running and the next time I started it, many of the status flags (read, unread, important) were broken or incorrect.

  • x

    Re: “Where do I get it?”

    I always have to search for where the home page is for software that is reviewed on this site…

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  • bartman2589

    Unfortunately the ‘program page’ link for this item appears to be dead, I was however able to find it on Softpedia at: http://www.softpedia.com/get/PORTABLE-SOFTWARE/System/System-Enhancements/Windows-Portable-Applications-EjectUSB.shtml

    Please note that by supplying the above link I am not in any way endorsing Softpedia, merely pointing out the the file mentioned in this review is available on their site as an alternative to the site linked to by the reviewer.

    It’s also available on CNET’s Download.com site if you don’t mind downloading a download manager/installer that bundles a bunch of ‘crapware’ along with your download.

  • Samer

    @ Bartman: thanks for pointing that out, I updated the link above to point to the Softpedia page