Easily add any folder or program to the ‘send to’ menu with SendToSendTo


One of the most potentially useful yet frequently neglected function in Windows is the ‘Send to’ menu. If you don’t use it much, consider this: you could have shortcuts to frequently used folders there that you can use to quickly move files off your desktop and into the appropriate place.

Or you could place shortcuts to programs that you do not use by default to open certain filetypes.

SendToSend to is a free windows extension that makes it easy to add all sorts of items to your send to menu. All you need to do is right click on the item and select the ‘add here’ entry that the program installs in the send to menu.

Some notes on this program:

  • Copy vs. move: if you want to move something to a folder in the send-to menu, press shift as you right click the folder. The default (without pressing shift) will simply copy rather than move the item (this is default send to menu behavior, by the way, and not the program’s).
  • Adding an item: is done via right clicking ‘add here’. See screenshot above.

The verdit: from the same developer who brought us previously mentioned Filequery, SendToSendTo I a very simple and intuitive program that should be on every computer.

This program is similar to previously mentioned ‘Send to Toys’, but simpler and easier to set up. Highly recommended.

Version Tested: 1.0.2

Compatibility: WinAll.

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 135K).

  • Someone

    It’s okay, but I’m waiting for SendToSendToSendTo myself

    • Samer

      @ Someone: that’s really funny! 🙂

  • gpc111

    hello. it looks interesting but clicking the “program home page” link only displays the “add here” jpg. maybe this can be fixed?

  • Samer

    @gpc111: click on the “program home page” link, which is in the very last line in the review text, to get to the program page. Or just click here (http://sendtosendto.whyeye.org/)

  • Ben

    Manual way: Copy the command “shell:sendto”. Paste in explorer. Drag shortcuts etc. to the folder.

  • Andrew

    Nice little program. How do you remove entries one you have created them?

  • @Andrew: choose Run from the Start menu and type a dot in the box. Press Enter or OK and the user folder will open. There lies the “SendTo” folder, from which you can just delete the shortcuts you don’t want to see in the SendTo Explorer context menu.

    You can also add a “Add Here” item in the SendTo menu without installing any explorer extension (especially if you don’t want to slow down the computer) by making a shortcut to the SendTo folder I mentioned above… (now optionally you can rename it to “Add Here” or whatever you want. If not, you will just SendTo SendTo in the future, as I like to) and placing it into the SendTo folder you just made a shortcut to.

    Then you can add shortcuts to the SendTo menu by right clicking the respective shortcut icon and clicking “Add Here” (or whatever name you gave to that shortcut, like “New” or “Send To”) from the SendTo context menu item.

    If you want to add a shortcut to a program executable, first create a shortcut for it by dragging it while holding the Alt key or right-click-dragging and choosing “Create shortcuts here” after releasing the mouse button. Then you can right click that shortcut to add it to the SendTo menu like above.

    Also if the icon you want to add is not a shortcut, another method that will automatically create a shortcut for it in the SendTo folder is to hold the left mouse button on the SendTo/AddHere/New or whatever name you gave the menu item then press and hold Alt as well and only then release the mouse button.

  • Dwayne McDonald

    how do you add the favorites folders ie pictures , videos ect to the send to list