DVD43 is a program that runs in the background and decrypts copy-protected DVD’s on the fly.

It has the effect of making a DVD unrestricted and region free, allowing for simple copying of files to your hard drive within the Windows file system and/or unrestricted access to the DVD by third party software. It will also remove audio CD protection.

The first thing that I’d like to note is that this software is different from DVD ripping software in the vein of as RipIt4Me/DVD Decrypter or DVD FAB HD Decrypter. What DVD43 does can be though of (in a way) as transforming an otherwise encrypted DVD into what for all intents and purposes acts as a ’normal’, unencrypted DVD (similar to the shareware software AnyDVD).

DVD43 Screenshot

In many cases using a program like DVD43 is will save you the need to spend 20-30 minutes ripping a DVD to your hard drive first (not to mention the 4.7gig-to-8gig hard drive space you might not have on hand). For example, if your objective is to ’shrink’ an 8gig DVD and copy it onto a standard size blank DVD (for which you would use DVD Shrink), DVD43 would spare you the need to rip the entire 8gigs into your hard drive first, allowing DVD Shrink to get access and get to work on the files on the DVD itself.


Or let’s say that your interest lies not in copying the DVD itself but rather in converting it into a video file that you could load up on your Ipod or mobile device using a program such as Handbrake. In this case as well DVD43 will allow Handbrake to process/convert your desired titles straight from the DVD itself, saving you the time, effort, and hard drive space of ripping the DVD first.

Here are some notes on this program:

  • How to use: after installation, DVD43 will run in the background and show itself as a yellow smiley in your system tray. Once you insert a DVD into your drive it will take a few seconds to recognize it and then will change to a green smiley, indicating that it has successfully removed the protection.
  • Random testing: tested DVD43 on the 3 very random DVDs that we happened to have Netflixed at the moment and it was able to decrypt all of them without hitch.
  • Types of protection(s) removed: unfortunately this info is not clearly stated on the program’s home page. After some Googling I found a statement in relation to this new version (4.0) cryptically declaring that “DVD43 removes most types of copy protection found on movie DVDs”.
  • Resources cost: extremely small; less than 2 megs in memory.
  • Audio CD protection: also supported. Did not test this one personally.

The verdict: this is just what I’ve been waiting for. I’m personally more interested in converting DVDs and viewing on my Iphone than copying them to other DVD media, and DVD43 will save me a lot of time and energy that would otherwise be spent waiting for DVDs to rip to my hard drive. A great, simple program overall that works just as intended.

Version tested: 4.0

Compatibility: Windows 2000, XP, Vista (32 bit).

Go to the program page to get the latest version (approx 527K).

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  • Thanks for great free alternative for AnyDVD.
    Hope it works as good.

  • Samer

    Okay, a day later I had the chance to try this one on a relatively newly-released DVD (Ratatouille). Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to work. The good news is that I was still able to rip it to the hard drive using RipIt4Me .

    Still, DVD43 is a fantastic program that works for most DVDs.

  • Jeff

    HELP! My computer will no longer restart after I installed this program! Any ideas?

  • Pierre

    Jeff: restart in safe mode and uninstall

  • Jeff

    I shall, I have gotten it to work. The program however seems to be the source of many other problems. I am not sure how finalized this product is, it seelms to be a great idea, I would just catuton anyone thinking about using it.

  • Samer

    Jeff: I’m glad you got the prob sorted out. I am surprised it gave you so much trouble because I’ve been using it for the past 3 days without hitch!

  • Gokool

    I tried this miniware with a DVD I checked out from the library—and it did not work. It was not able to remove the encryption. Well, better luck next time—perhaps!

  • Ken Adams

    This did not seem to remove regions for me…I tried two dvd’s Snatch (with Brad Pitt) and Shooter 2007. Neither were removed…
    Any suggestions?

  • gordenio

    i have installed the latest version of dvd43 and for some reason i cannot copy any dvd with 1 click i have never had the problem b4 can any1 help me please

  • relbat

    Tried the DVD 43 4.0 version. “can’t connect, need drivers” was the result I got. Went back to 3.9 version. Anyone else with this problem?

  • elbow

    works great for me. Using version with windows Vista.

  • tigerhawk

    Worked like a charm the very first time to remove encrytption. Using Windows XP Media Center and copied 2 DVDs using Nero 7 so I can protect the originals from damage.

  • the main problems that i’ve had have been solved by using 1click dvd copy. most of the time nero does best but occasionally 1click is the only thing that works… and it’s only one click.

  • gordenio– don’t open 1click until dvd43 has “unlocked” the disc and has the green smiley. that’s what i had to do at least

  • Carolina

    We bought some dvds in the US and in Europe dont work

  • bryan

    how can i disable this because it interfeers with dvd fab

  • Duane Kahrs

    I’m having a hard time finding a download of DVD43 that will work. I keep getting error message that I don’t have the driver installed ?

  • jdlcone

    Does not work with Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning for Vista. Got all drivers asked for, still no luck. Looking for something else. Had no problems with this program using XP

  • vhrc99

    Doesn’t work in XP x64 too.

  • Brian

    I have used DVD43 for at least a year, with Nero Recode, with no problems at all. I just uploaded, deleted, uploaded, etc. the latest version 4.1.1, and it simply does not work at all!!! Any suggestions would be great. This is very frustrating.

  • Darla

    i am having the same problem, i would love to reinstall the version 4.1.1, it worked beautifully, but now with the 4.2 i can’t get it to work at all.

  • aubrey rogers

    I have the windows vista 64 x 2 operating system.

    i can not find a version of dvd43 for this. will the 32 bit work?

  • How or where do I click on to DVD43 for my use

  • Anonymous

    Using 4.3.1 with Vista. works with Handbrake for ipod, but not Roxio. I get a message that the dvd is protected. Anyone solve this?

  • tommy

    I have used this program for a few years with intervideo dvd copy express. it works good, but i have run into a few movies that it will not work with. if the movie in your dvd drive shows the drive letter way off to the right of the title, it will not be recognized in the drive and will not work. the following movies will not copy for example.

    UNITED 93 (D:)

    does anyone know a way around this??????


  • rock_chalk_suck _cock

    im trying to used dvd43 and roxio creator basic v9, and no dice.

  • AGenius

    I’m still not quite sure how this program works… It was highly recommended…

    I just don’t get it. I use DVD Shrink, DVD Decryptor, and RipIt4Me. I loaded this and nothing happened. I couldn’t even run the program. Now, if it runs in the background, what programs do I need to run in the foreground?

  • Samer

    Running DVD43 removes the protection. Use the Windows file system to copy the DVD files like any other files (i.e. just as you would copy any other, non-protected DVD).

  • jerryreedjunkie

    I had gotten DVD43 and it was great for 1 movie and then I got pop ups and ad’s out the A**. Tried uping security on my McAfee and next day Hard drive fried. After reinstalling windows XP and drivers. I went through directory and had over 55,000 files tied to DVD43 and all are dead, can not remove, can not open?????

  • diego

    vorrei sapere gentilmente se il programma dvd 43 si aggiorna in automatico oppure non ne sono previsti

  • whitefishdontjump

    DVD43 runs okay with win xp sp3 and Nero 7 Ultra using a Memorex DVD+-R 510Lv1 16x drive.

    1) With Nero 7 Ultra & DVD 43, I found the best way to clone or copy the encrypted DVD is to use the image writer to copy entire DVD to a hard drive folder.

    2) To avoid Errors when writing to a DVD or CD, before opening Nero or inserting bland media, first right click the DVD43 tray icon and ‘Exit’.

    3) I’ve created both a complete DVD on a DL 8.5GB disk and a main movie (no menus) on a standard 2 hour disk.

    A nit: when I installed DVD43, the installer puts a shortcut on my desktop even though I told it NOT to do that during intall dialog.

  • paulboggan

    this was installed on my pc and for 48 hours my pc was completley unresponsive. i havent attempted to try dvd43 yet as i fear more problems may occour. note extreme caution if deciding to use this.

  • Gokool

    Wanted to share a great news, guys.

    This program works flawlessly with Windows 7 (Home Premium – 32-bit). I have none of that crashing, being unable to restart, and unresponsiveness that has been reported by users here.

    After the smiley icon changed from devil to smiley, I just ran ImgBurn (freeware) and selected “create image file from disc” from the main window (you can get there by clicking on “EZ Mode Picker” if you are somewhere else on the program interface), and chose a drive with enough disc space as the output folder for the image file to be put in, and bam, the program copied everything. You get an image file of exact size in your destination folder. Pull out the original disc, put in an empty disc, burn it – which ImgBurn does meticulously – and you get a clone disc. I am doing this to copy a few of my library DVDs that are too dirty and are “two sided.” Argggh.

    These DVD movies are DVD 5 so they will fit on a 4.3 GB discs. I have dual layered empty discs also if such occasion arises. I am glad I figured out how to copy them using ImgBurn. This doesn’t help for you guys who want to fit a dual layer disc into a DVD 5 because such was not my intention.

    Have a good day!

  • CNK

    Well this program worked well for me at least under Windows XP. Only problem is that, once installed the program will automatically run on startup. I am (hopefully) able to get around this by using the free Microsoft program “Autoruns for Windows” (I think that’s the name (on a different computer at the moment so can’t check)) to stop the program from doing this. However the program offers no option (that I could find) to do this on it’s own.