Duplicate Commander: a file deduping app that can automatically replace duplicate files with hard linked clones


Duplicate Commander identifies duplicate files that exist on your NTFS formatted hard disk, enabling you to easily manage or remove them to conserve space on your hard drive.

It will check for files based on actual file data (i.e. files that are exactly the same irrespective of what they are named) or based on filename, filename and extension, filename and size, or filename and timestamp.

But what I like about Duplicate Commander is it’s ability to instantly create hard links to resolve file duplication problems, right from the program interface (for those unfamiliar with these, hard links allow a file – not a shortcut – to exist in multiple locations while occupying space on the hard drive only once; more on this here and here).

Duplicate Commander also offers powerful filtering and search options, allowing users to include or exclude certain file extensions, to specify file size ranges to include and quickly check or uncheck items in the results based on rules.

This program is free for personal, educational, or professional use. Both portable and installer versions available.

A file duplicate checking program that works really well; but here’s what I really like about it:


  • Can quickly create hard links: you will invariably find many files that are exactly the same located in many folders; if so, simply check one of them and click the “link button” (see the top right corner of the screenshot above) and Duplicate Commander will convert all instances of the duplicate file into hard linked clones; how cool is that? (Note: this works on NTFS formatted hard drives only).
  • Undo changes: via so-called “undo scripts”. Duplicate Commander will ask if you would like to save such a script when performing mass move/copy/hard link operations. You can save these to disk and use them to reverse your changes later on.
  • Sorts results by file size: so you can quickly scroll down and see where the “real” wasted hard disk space is occuring.
  • Can move/copy duplicates into a folder:
  • Portable version: is available
  • The user interface: is quite straightforward and practical. Balloon tooltips tell you what each button in the titlebar does, making checking/unchecking result sets easy.


  • Bugs: I’ve encountered some. Ironically, the software had no problem searching 2 hard drives for files that are exactly the same (i.e. actual data), but crashed midway when searching the same drives by filename. I know, however, that the developer of this one is constantly fixing this sort of thing and ironing kinks out.

The verdict: a very cool file de-duplication program and excellent addition to your hard disk cleaning arsenal of tools.

Version Tested: 2.1

Compatibility: WinAll; works on NTFS formatted hard disks only.

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 606K).


  • bartman2589

    Personally I prefer Duplicate Cleaner (http://www.digitalvolcano.co.uk/content/duplicate-cleaner), also free and also has the ability to resolve duplicate files by creating hard links. Plus it handles MP3 files and more too. Also supports MD5 checksumming as opposed to CRC32 to help make sure that files being reported as duplicates actually are duplicates (CRC32 was reported to have been occasionally providing false matches). And can compare against as many source locations as you want to add to the list at any one time. Definitely handy for cases when your CD burning software gives you a weird error at the end of your session but you find that the CD appears to be accessible still (as opposed to having created yet another coaster 😛 ). All in all one of the best duplicate file finders I have personally used. Check it out.

    • Samer

      @ bartman2589: I revied Duplicate Cleaner previously and I love it (see here); however, somehow I FORGOT that it also handles hard links to resolve duplicates. It took me re-reading my review to remember. Thanks for pointing it out!

  • Great program. Duplicate files sometimes are a little bit so boring if they are sizeable. When I was using my old laptop with limited hard drive storage volume, once I misoperated a batch of photos and copied (each copy takes 10 GB’s volume) them to 3 places which later I forgot where they were. But thanks to a dulipcate finder utility (I can’t remember now), I successfully digg them out and got them erased, making 20GB free space out. What a great thing software makes!

  • Chris

    Link is dead as far as i can see.

  • Koen Van der Borght
  • Manivannan S

    I wish to add this software to clean my drives for duplicate files.

  • Monimonika

    Thanks to bartman2589 for mentioning Duplicate Cleaner.

    I am finding it easier to use than Duplicate Commander due mostly to how much more compact the list of results are in DCleaner than DCommander. DCommander has the results spaced out so much that I can only work on a few of the files at a time before having to scroll like crazy to get to another portion of the results list.

    Maybe there’s an option for this in DCommander, but I liked how after deleting files the results are automatically removed from the list in DCleaner. In DCommander, I had to go up to menus to get rid of single-result groups each time (which, combined with the excessive spacing, made working through a long list seem extremely tedious and never-ending).

    I also like how DCleaner forces me to consider my choices of either to delete/hardlink/etc. by going through a choice screen in order to actually remove files. With DCommander, there’s the chance I might accidentally click on “Link” instead of “Delete” and thus end up with useless hard links (especially with the lag time that sometimes comes up after clicking on other results). The “Link” button in DCommander also tended to stop working and I would have to do some other action on another result group to get it working again.

    Those reading the old Freeware Genius review for DCleaner should know that the scanning problem with hard links has been resolved by making sure to check in Options both “Count Hardlinks in File” and “Exclude Hard Linked files from Duplicate list”.

  • selyb

    Duplicate & Same Files Searcher v1.6.5.1

    I found this a few years ago and like it but it is a bit awkward to get used to. It is very powerful and effective.
    I will try DCleaner now though 🙂

  • There is one small point the programmer is a homophobic sociopath who wants everyone to burn in agony for eternity because he is insane.

  • Squirrel

    Software really shouldn’t crash just because a drive contains a file with a file or directory path longer than 254 characters. This bug makes Duplicate Commander pretty useless.