• Simakuutio

    I have been using this script (with my Opera) to download music from Soundcloud:


    I hate to install applications for this purpose, scripts are way more confortable.

    • Samer

      @ Simakuutio: good one, thanks for sharing!

      Although I will say that ‘SoundCloud Downloader’ is a portable app, and does not require installation.

    • James Donaldson

      there is a working program for soundcloud 2013 here :


  • Caio

    Thank you, friend! The app is working absolutely fine!

  • jim zealand

    http://www.sounddownloader.com work fine, download all soundcloud songs and tracks, even if the songs and tracks are listen-only.

  • devo

    hi samer

    i went to the http://code-bude.net website and downloaded the version 2 of the software which you have a screen shot, have you got the original review copy which you grab the working screen shot.

    The version of cloud downloader 2 crashes out from the code-bude website and the exe is still 1.5 with a date of the original and not as per his version 2 date and when windows throws the error says a problem with the signature of

    tried the owners website but nothing as yet 🙁

    any ideas

  • well, sc-downloader.com is better to do it 🙂 It offers great features too . I would prefer http://sc-downloader.com. Must try!

  • Matthew

    This works great for me, http://theseotools.net/soundcloud-downloader it has both playlist downloader and mass downloading.

  • Hi Samer, Is there any method to change sound track property? as i want to add different tracks on my website https://seotoolscheck.com in bulk,.

  • mani

    i think is this best tool on my side