Design floor plans for free with Planner 5D


Have you ever wanted to design your own home from the floor plan up, or do you just enjoy fiddling with 3D applications? If so then Planner 5D, which allows you to do these things and costs nothing to use, is a great addition to your free software library.

Planner 5D is one of the best ways I have ever seen on the web to design, modify, learn about and manage floor plan projects.

Whether you’re interested in creating floor plans or you want to see what your current plan would look like if you changed a few things around (like furniture or knocking down an occasional dividing wall), you will find that Planner 5D makes it super fast and easy to accomplish these things in a very visual and easy to use way.


Among the features that you can access in Planner 5D (at no cost!) are the ability to create a new floor plan from the ground up (useful in design work as well as inputting the dimensions of your current living space) as well as using pre-made plans (very useful for getting accustomed to the various methods of using Planner 5D) as well as saving projects for later use. There are 2D and 3D modes available and you can switch between them nearly instantly, but the 3D views do require a slightly higher powered computer to get the most out of it. I’d recommend a discrete (dedicated, separate) video card in your system for it but it is not an absolute requirement as long as you have the memory and the CPU power to render the scenes.

Planner 5D ScreenShot00039Planner 5D ScreenShot00038

You will also be able to place and move objects like furniture, windows, stairs, etc. There are options to add additional floors above (or below) the first floor, as well as expanding existing plans to see what it would look like if you added another room or a garage or whatever you want. You can change between using feet or meters as measurements, take screenshots of the current view, and even do some virtual landscaping! This program is so comprehensive in its feature set and options, it’s an absolute wonder and a gift that it costs nothing to use. You can install it as a Chrome App if you want, or just go directly to the website but either way you’ll be designing and modifying your floor plan vision within moments.

While the Planner 5D program doesn’t offer you options like centimeter accuracy or other micro-functions, it is one of the most useful and easy programs of it’s type I have seen recently and that is saying a lot. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who has any interest in floor plans but doesn’t want to have to go to architectural school to get the basics down. Whether you’re thinking of home improvement or just wondering what you might be able to come up with as a dream home, you’re going to find plenty of options to get that vision into a 5D (2D + 3D, get it?) view with Planner 5D. Until next time, my friends!

  • Get started with Planner 5D here.

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  • unusualuser

    How would you say this compares to google sketchup?

    • robert

      I think it is more of an ease of use thing. Sketch up is more versatile but more complicated and takes longer to learn. Looks like it is best suited to floor plans where you may want to sell a project without so much time invested.