Cyber Tuesday GiveAway: iCare Data Recovery Professional


This is a data recovery software which I admit I do not know much about, except that I am using it right now to salvage some files off a busted hard drive and am liking it.

I do not know if it is any better or worse than the other free(or paid) data recovery software software out there.

Here’s what I do know: you can get this for free through Nov 29th 2011 pacific time by following this link.

Actually, I know a few more things:

  • It has a nice wizard interface.
  • It has a deep scan option (which is very important in a data recovery software)
  • It will attempt to salvage files that are accidentally deleted, files from partitions that were formatted, and files off of lost partitions.

That is all.

  • Toni

    Thanks Samer!

    It is always good to have another recovery tool in your Toolbox. One might succeed where another one doesn’t. This one looks inpressive though I hope I never need it.

    The other tool I have is Recuva. I saved data wih it a few times, for example when photo’s on a camera where accidentally deleted. But it was not always able to recover all files.

    I would advice anyone to have one or more free recovery tools on your drive or USB stick. If you have to download such a program after something went wrong, you might overwrite just the data you wanted to recover by doing so. Which probably means they can’t be recovered anymore.

    Anyway Samer, good luck with your busted drive and let us know how it worked out for you!

  • Panzer

    I use Mini Tool Power data Recovery.

  • Samer

    @ Panzer: Mini Tools data recovery is now restricted to salvaging 1 gig of data in the free version, which makes it pretty useless to when you need to salvage an entire 300 gig’s worth of data from a broken hard drive for example.

    Anyway, we are testing 6 different free data salvage tools and comparing salvage rates and other criteria. We should be able to publish the results within the next couple of weeks.

    @ Toni: thanks buddy, not sure about the results yet since each 1% of the hard drive is taking about an hour to scan. Recuva is definitely on my list, and performs fairly well.

  • Panzer

    @Samer: I have a backup on 2 USB. 😉

  • Steven Avery


    When I had to recover many gigs (hard disk / os problem) the trick was to use a Rescue / Boot disk (linux style) and then the file manager commander that was on that disk (Free Commander if I remember) to copy to an external. Worked great.

    I think that these tools are more for simple deletes, a file or a few files that got smashed, e.g. by user (thats’s you and me) error.

    In such a use, speed is different than when you are thinking of restoring 300 gigs.