Create multiple folders quickly and in batch with “Text2Folders”


If you’ve ever had to create a large number of folders or an intricate folder structure to then you know that it can be a laborious, manual process.

With free program Text2Folders, however, the process can be significantly automated, requiring the user either type in the names of the folders (and/or subfolders) that are needed, or import a text file that contains the desired folder names, and the program will do the rest.

This is a pretty self explanatory program, although its worth noting that you can also create subfolders as well, as per the screenshot below.


Text2Folders Screenshot1Text2Folders Screenshot2 - the results

The verdict: I found this program recently when I wanted to create a whole lot of folders, and it did the job brilliantly. Simple, portable, and very useful program if you need this sort of functionality. Recommended.

Text2Folders Screenshot3

Version tested: 1.0.6 build 1

Compatibility: WinAll

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (~480K).

  • Isaac

    Also checkout XMD which seems to do the same thing only even more powerful.

  • I’ve tested Text2Folders and really like it. The advantage of course over Isaac’s XMD suggestion would obviously be the simplicity, but XMD looks very powerful.

  • Melvyn

    As far as I can tell, the only feature I’d need added is a command line option. Otherwise, this is an excellent find.

  • Steve

    What’s wrong with a good old batch file with a list of ‘md’s (or mkdir’s)?

  • Steve

    What’s wrong with a good old batch file with a list of ‘md’s (or mkdir’s)?