Create a password-protected hidden folder using “My Lockbox”


My Lockbox is a free program that can quickly hide and password protect a folder and all files/folders within it from being shown in the Windows files system, and will do so under Windows safe mode as well.

I’ve always resisted writing about programs such as this one because the “protection” they provide is in most cases easily breached and the hidden files and folders easily discovered simply by booting into safe mode, and anyway I already had a staple for freeware encryption programs which I reviewed a long time ago in the form of TrueCrypt (which mounts encrypted partitions/virtual partitions)..

The reason I tried “My Lockbox” in the first place is because it promised to maintain its protection even under safe mode. I tested this and it is true; however, it is still the case that your hidden files can fairly easily be detected by someone who (a) knows that they’re there and (b) is relatively technically proficient.

On the other hand I would think that the whole point of using an encryption program, at least on a desktop system, is to hide the knowledge that the hidden files are there rather than to hide them well necessarily. If this is what you are after then My Lockbox might be a very good fit for you, as it can hide and unhide your protected folder at a push of a button. Here are more notes on this program:

  • Performance: hides and password protects a folder on your machine instantly. Can be invoked using a keyboard shortcut (CTRL-Shift-P by default). No need to create hard disk partitions and /or allocate space for virtual volumes.
  • Safe mode: booting into safe mode does not reveal your hidden folder, which remains hidden just as when booting under the normal Windows environment. Note: you have to check “protect in safe mode” in the settings.
  • The background process: shutting down the My Lockbox process does not reveal your folder. Note that the program is added to your start folder, probably to support the hotkey (mentioned above). However you can remove it from the start folder using Starter. I advise this as I do not see why this process should be potentially calling attention to itself until I manually start it myself. (Note: the process takes up a mere 3.5 megs in memory).
  • Folder sizes: the size of your hidden files does not appear in the parent folder. For example if your hidden files are in “C:downloadsMy LockBox”, with the folder “downloads” containing files that total 100 megs in size and “My Lockbox” containing another 50 megs; when the “My LockBox” folder is hidden Windows will show “downloads” to contain 100 megs only, discounting the size of the hidden files within it.
  • Tray icon: once your folder is unlocked, a little “My Lockbox” icon in the tray menu gives quick access to the program. If you do not want this icon to be showing (and advertising itself) you can hide it.
  • Start menu shortcuts: creates start menu shortcuts by default. Remove them manually if you do not want them there.
  • Two ways that your files can be revealed: I was able to view and copy the files by booting into DOS using a recovery disk. Moreover, there are some utilities which can reveal hidden files and folders and will instantly see your hidden folder and files. In both cases, however, the potential snoop has to (a) know there’s something there to look for, and (b) have special tools at their disposal (a boot disk or special software).
  • No USB protection: this program is not geared towards hiding files on a USB drive. Try TrueCrypt instead.

Overall: insofar as it is a simple 1-click process, My Lockbox is a very easy program to use and does not require the kind of setting up needed for more powerful virtual-partition type programs. If you don’t expect a ninja-force of black-clad techies crashing through your house in order to get to your PC and reveal your hidden files, “My Lockbox” just might be a good solution for hiding files you don’t want other people to know about.

Version Tested: 1.2 (build

Compatibility: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista. Supports 64-bit PCs.

Go to the program page to download the latest version (approx 1.27 megs).

  • Anonymous

    It should be called “Porn Hider” !!

  • Josh

    I discovered this program long before it appeared here in this website. I highly recommend it, it is one of the very few freeware (1-2) that can be trusted in this category. If you have any problem, you will get excellent customer service from the company that developped this software. They will even help you if the password does not work anymore, and will effectively solve the problem (I say this from experience, as it happened to me a few years ago).

  • saicode

    they have another software called Hide Folder XP, which is quite robust but commercial.

    I don’t don’t know how they are giving this for free!

  • cicom3nd3z

    When I click Lock and Exit from the menu, the process “flockbox.exe” remains opened. Even with the process turned off from the Task Manager the folder remains locked. I don’t really see the use of this process (except the ctrl shift p shortcut). Aside from that, it is a great app.

  • “Free Hide Folder” is another alternative. (and I don’t want to know what you are hiding)

  • manoj


  • ruchi

    I forgot my password so can anyone help in telling how i can restore of change my password. I make my folder in hide option also.

    Thanks for your help in advance

  • n

    i forget my password? is there is any way to open my Lockbox

  • vine


  • nenad

    he…another guy that wonders how to access the files when the password is invalid :/

  • ???

    ? ??

  • besart

    qa po bon a je mir

  • jenishmpatel

    I want to change my password

  • Meh

    This product isn’t reliable.

    I just installed it, haven’t even used it yet, and already I’m getting “Current password is invalid”.

    Thanks for nothing. Now, how do I get this trash off my machine?

  • JC

    I just changed my password.

    I realy don’t remember the password I used, I need my folder back.
    I don’t care if I need to throw My Lockbox to the trash can, but I need that folder.

    If someone can help me, please do it.

  • JB

    Installed software and lost password to program is there software capable of finding the hidden files or getting password back, chaning password

    Or a way to get file unhidden i need my files

  • Kakang Prabu

    How to get the freeware of “My LockBox”

  • Yt

    Hello all,

    To those that have forgotten your my lockbox password, you may try to use some uninstaller software.

    What I did was I uses Revo Uninstaller software to remove my lockbox from my computer and I did a reboot. After restarting my computer, I could once again acess the files hidden by my lockbox. Just skip the step of uninstallation when my lockbox ask for password to uninstall it. Such Uninstaller programm might bypass it. Oh you that uninstaller is free btw.

  • mathew

    I’ve been using MyLockBox for hiding less important stuff (and TrueCrypt for the important stuff)but just ran into a freeware utility that reveals the MyLockBox password in about 1 minute.

    It’s called ‘Cain & Abel v4.9’ from
    I just installed it, clicked on ‘Decoders’, then clicked on ‘Edit Boxes’, then clicked on the ‘Blue Plus Sign’ [that shows in the menu line just below ‘Tools’]. It immediately showed my password and the caption “My Lockbox”.

    Btw, clicking on ‘Protected Storage’& the ‘Blue Plus Sign’, reveals my Outlook & Outlook Express Usernames and Passwords.

    Not so safe after all. 🙁
    . . . mathew

  • andreas

    I just changed my password.

    I realy don’t remember the password I used, I need my folder back.
    I don’t care if I need to throw My Lockbox to the trash can, but I need that folder.

    If someone can help me, please do it.

  • shago

    I updated my pc from XP to Vista and now it won’t let me access My lockbox… I tried installing the vista version but all it did was add an extra app. What can i do to access those files.

  • Dilip


  • Helper

    I installed this a good few months ago and thought it was great, it did what it proposed and nice and easy. However I had a hardware failure (unrelated) and my PC was out of order until now. Upon updating my virus software it says that mylbx.exe (My Lockbox) contains code of the W32/Induc.A Windows virus. Use at your own risk!

  • kiran


    I installed mylockbox on my machine (windows vista). i locked a folder but the mylockbox got installed automatically.
    I tried installing again to recover it. But i could not get my locked folder. Can anyone guide me with this. I am really getting no way to do it.



    • thanks for sharing i really need that kind of software .Is this software free or paid.

  • Chukked

    just want to enlist one more equally worthy candidate Folder Defence Free (

    FolderDefence enables you to password protect all the private or sensitive information on your hard drive(s). You can make your files and folders inaccessible, invisible or protect them from modification and deletion. The protected data is not accessible by any users or applications – no matter how they are trying to get in – locally or from the net. Intuitive user interface of FolderDefence will suit the needs of everyone – from novice Windows users to computer experts.

    The amount of files/folders on computer, that you can protect with FolderDefence, is unlimited.

    Main features and benefits:

    – Effectivness of files protection allow you to hide folders out from users, applications and malicious software in Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008 and Windows 7. Only the owner of application’s master password will access your hidden folders.

    – 4 protection methods available: Hide, Lock, Hide & Lock, Read Only
    – Volumes of all file systems are supported.
    – The number of protected files/folders is unlimited.
    – No file system structure modifications are made while using FolderDefence.
    – Usage and uninstallation of FolderDefence is protected with single password.
    – True stealth mode – you cannot detect the protection module.
    – Safe mode support – protection is alive even when system is running in safe mode.
    – Support for folders named with national language symbols.
    – Full Windows 7 support

    only missing thing is encryption

  • Ajay

    can you tell me how you r loking the folder….i m doing project on this…i m doing B.E. in I.T… would be a great help for me….

  • Thanks for this nice sharing of information

    I got my answer right here


  • nice stuff i was looking for it so long for protection thanks man!!!

  • Raj

    Thank to Every One Specially thanks to Mr. yt and mathew

  • Anonymous

    If you have Forgotten your password!!!

    Use Revo Uninstaller (FREE) to remove it. Remove everything in bold. You will see what im talking about. Then just reinstall. It will ask you to make a password. All your files are there again.

    Worked for me.

  • help me plsss

    revo unistaller ddnt help at alll… there some otherway around

  • //Jonz

    Hiii… There is a way you can bypass the folderlock. You need to take out you hdd and access it from another computer with a usb cabel, direct connected to the hdd.. Then you can access the files and copy it to ex. usb. You can buy the adaptor on the net..

  • nice info, thank’s

  • nice info, thank’s

  • Anonymous

    The freeware “Search Everything” reveals the file names …any fix for this?

  • angela

    Forgot my password. does anyone know how to recover? or any step by step way? the folder i hid is really important.. anyone please?

  • Angela

    forgot my password and i protected a really important folder.. can anyone please help? a good step by step would do me well. please and thank you!

  • nice but If someone can help me, please do it.

  • Thank’s for the information, I will try…

  • the information is important to me, I will try…

  • surferr

    For all those who have lost their passwords to My Lockbox; I had the same problem and have found a solution. You will need an uninstall program called Advanced Uninstaller PRO; which is free and can be downloaded from “”. After installing the program follow these steps:

    1. Click on General Tools>>Uninstall Programs>>
    2. Locate and click on the “My Lockbox” icon, then the “Uninstall” button on the bottom left of the program screen.
    3. You will get a confirmation window, again click on “Uninstall”
    4. After a couple of seconds the “My Lockbox” password window will appear, but just click cancel.
    5. At the “Advanced Uninstaller Pro” window click Next
    6. The program will scan the registry for all entries associated with “My Lockbox”.
    7. After completing the scan the program will identify ALL entries associated with My Lockbox; they will be highlighted. Click on the boxes next to the “My Lockbox” entries.
    8. Click Next and the uninstaller will remove all the entries.

    This will not reveal your hidden folders, but when you reinstall “My Lockbox” with a new password they will be again accessible. I hope this helps.

    Good Luck.