Copy Path: copy file and folder paths via right click


Copy Path is a small, free Windows shell extension that adds the ability to copy the path, folder path, or filename within the right click shell extension.

Works on individual or multiple selected files and folders.

This is a simple shell extension that allows you to copy the path for files and folder via the right click menu. Interestingly, there are at least two other utilities on the internet with the same exact name that do the same thing; also, this function is offered in other utilities bundled-in with other functions (see here, here, and here for example).

It is also built into Vista if you press shift while right clicking on a file, but I nonetheless really like this program for several reasons:

  1. Path, folderpath, or filename: you can specify whether to copy the entire path, the filename only, or the folder path only.
  2. UNC: can generate a UNC (Uniform Naming Convention) path, which can be very useful. For example “\YOURCOMPUTERC$File.txt” instead of “C:File.txt”.
  3. Multiple items: select multiple files and folders and copy the path for all at once into the clipboard.
  4. I like that it’s an individual download not bundled with other functions.
  5. Will display the path in the context menu itself (see screenshot above). Note that this is optional and can be switched off.

The verdict: really nice. Recommended.

Version Tested: 1.1

Compatibility: WinAll. There’s a fix that allows it to run on 64 bit machines. Read the comment section on the program page (read all the way to the end).

Go to the program page to download the latest version (approx 348K).

  • WanjiSan

    I can also recommend ClipPath, which does much the same thing, but has an additional coolness: it has an email link option, that brackets the path in brackets, so the link is maintained in Outlook even if there are spaces in there.

  • Or, hold down the shift key when you right-click.

  • Toni

    @Owen: but that doesn’t work for all the XP uses outthere, including myself

  • Great blog! Really helpful!
    I found a cool free software you may want to check out. It’s called FotoBounce. Check it out at
    It has built in face recognition to help organize photos and tag them, it also pulls photos from facebook and flickr!

  • David

    I’ve been using NinoTech Path Copy for years now and I’ve always been happy with it. You can even create your own copy methods! See

  • Samer

    Thanks guys for the feedback. I especially like NinoTech Path (@David); Clippath is cool as well (Wanjisan), esp. the Outlook link function.

    @kelly: I’m trying FotoBounce. I like it so far. Not sure if I will review it though because of the way they’ve implemented the ads, which are kind of in-your-face. We’ll see 🙂

  • Firstly, love the site. I check it every day when collecting my podcasts in my RSS reader!
    Now, reading about this tnight made me realise it is a function I really could do with a lot. I seem to often be right clicking/properties, just to get the filepath quickly so this is ideal but I didn’t think it required such a program.
    So I went looking, as you do, googling and I found a great little script that just gives the exact same Vista/Win 7 function. If you right click with the shift key pressed you get an option to copy the filepath.
    Well, it actually copies the full folder and file path.
    Owen, above, says ‘just press shift’?
    I have NEVER known that to work in XP… it doesnm’t. Does it?
    Anyway, hope you don’t mind but here is a link to the script.
    It is easy to install and uninstall and also for anyone who doesn’t like .vbs scripts then there is a .reg file you can use instead.
    Thanks again for the great site!!

  • Thanks for the info. Now I can copy the file path with out hassle of clicking properties..
    Thanks lots man..

  • Full of Grate

    Did not know about the shift-right-click…gracias

  • bartman2589

    better yet why not just get FileMenu Tools from:

    It lets you copy the path or the filename of the file/folder that’s currently highlighted as well as providing a large number of other VERY useful tools including a very powerful batch renaming utility among others.

  • Looks like the link is broken. I found a similar thing here ( but would really love for somebody to repost the original setup file somewhere.

  • Putzo

    Indeed the original authors link is very dead. I managed to track his (slightly outdated) blog but no references to the proggie were found in the archives. So instead I searched softpedia and came up with this nifty little tool hosted at codeplex:

    It kinda resembles NinoTech Path Copy and works great on Win7 x64. Many path copy options to play around, but you can’t customize the context menu entries or format the copy string, which is a minor issue for me.

    I’m sticking with it 🙂

  • Putzo, thanks for the resource! However i am wondering if i can copy multiple directories’ paths without any addon software.

  • Bryan

    Uhhhh, where is the download link on this site?? Too much clutter.

  • Meister

    good tool

  • we have designed a similar tool, but not this complex:
    check this out:

    it’s called the “Get Path” pluggin for windows