Copy Handler: speed up and control file copying and moving operations


Copy Handler is an open source program that resides in memory and significantly enhances the copying or moving of large files in Windows.

It introduces the ability to pause and resume copy/move operations, can speed up transfers by up to 6-7 times, and adds filtering functions that determine exactly which files and folders to copy or move.

If you ever attempted to copy a large number of files and folders from one partition to another or across network or external drive(s), you might have run across a number of problems with the native windows copying function: the process can take a very long time, or it can ground to a halt for any minor reason, such as encountering a corrupt file, leaving you with the option to either try to fix the problem and re-do the copying operation (and hope for the best the second time around) or figure out which files/folders were copied and try to copy the ones that weren’t (which can be a very time consuming and precarious operation).

With a program like Copy Handler, on the other hand, the copying process is not interrupted by problematic, but moves on to the next file. Moreover, Copy Handler delivers full control over the


copying process; not only does it allow the user to pause, resume, or stop the process at will, but it also introduces a “file basket” type functionality and file filters that can control which files to be copied. It also can result in significant speed increases in the transfer process. More info on this program below:

  • Wish list:Speed
    : the program can deliver varying transfer speed increases up to 6-7 times faster than Windows. One of the reasons for this is that it employs a non-parallel transfer queue rather than attempting to copy many files at once. Note: these figures are from the program page; I did not measure anything Myself.Copy Handler control dialog
  • Control: once a copy or move process is in progress, Copy Handler displays a control dialog that allows you pause, resume, or stop the copying or moving process (screenshot above). You can also control whether to preserve the directory structure in the destination folder or whether to simply copy the file loosely without creating a folder structure. Copy Handler also provides control over advanced parameters such as setting priorities and customizing buffer sizes, etc.) which can be done through a larger, more detailed dialog (screenshot to the right).
  • Filtering: this is one of my favorite features. You can select, say, a list of hundreds of files, select copy then “paste special” from the context menu. This will display a filter that you can use to control exactly which files to be copied. You can, for example, choose to only copy zip and exe files and exclude all others, or conversely you can exclude filetypes in the same way. You can also use advanced parameters to determine files to copy (e.g. files that were created, modified, or last accessed after or before such-and-such a date, files that are larger or smaller than a certain size, files that have certain attributes, etc. See screenshot on the right for more on this.Copy Handler control dialog large
  • File “basket“: one of the things you can do from the filtering screen (accessed through “paste special” or the system tray icon) is to keep adding files and folders to the queue. This results in a centralized “file basked” that you can use to add all of the files that you want copied. Once you are ready to perform the transfer Copy Handler will copy the files in the sequence they were added.
  • Integration: Copy Handler can (optionally) be invoked by the CTRL-C and CTRL-V shortcuts as well as drag and drop, can (optionally) integrate into the Windows right-click menu, and can (optionally) observe the clipboard and, once it detects a copy operation, open a copy dialog that supports defining favorite folders.
  • Memory use: a mere 5 megs in memory. Small by any measure, especially when you consider the functionality it delivers.Copy Handler filters
  • Damaged file recovery: something which is offered by Unstoppable Copier and other programs similar to this one. Would be a nice function to have, although in some way it is no biggie since I can always use the no-install Unstoppable Copier if I need this.
  • Program deletes files skipped during move operation: according to the website this was a feature at the beginning, apparently, but now the author has it on his list of things to change. (And I hope this happens soon, as I am loathe to recommend a program that might delete wanted files).
  • Paste Shortcut broken: the version I tested seemed to cancel out the Windows native “paste shortcut” function. Probably an unintended issue, and I hope it will eventually be fixed.
  • Portable version: would be great. Both Teracopy and Unstoppable copier offer this.

Freewaregenius 5-Star Pick

The verdict: overall this is a great program. It is unique compared to other similar programs (Teracopy, Unstoppable Copier, FFcopy) in the excellent filtering functionality that it offers, and its high degree of customizability. Plus it probably has the best system integration, and is open source. My favorite program in this category.

Version Tested: 1.31 beta svn152

Compatibility: WinAll. 32 and 64 bit versions available.

Go to the program page to download the latest version (approx 42K).

  • I’ve been using FastCopy ( – open source)for quite a while now. This is also highly recommended and is probably the fastest copier in the East and the West.

  • I usually use Teracopy, but after a couple this software is really sucks! its going slow every time and broken down on itself on every PC i’ve install.
    i’m goin to try ware, thx Samer!

  • Paulo

    Try SuperCopier, free and a great software.
    I replaced Teracopy and others by this one.
    Unfortunately the autor never update his little masterpiece and a few adjusts will “crush” entirely the competidors… 😉 but still a great piece of software.

  • Martin

    It seems to lack unicode support.

  • Ranne

    I also use TeraCopy:

    Somehow I didn’t want to use it as the default manager (such things are basically worthless for small files and such), so I disabled the option and use the drag + right-click context menus instead. Long story short, it works fantastic on WinXp x64 and I see no real reason to try something else. Just in case you decide not to go with this one for whatever reason.

  • Copy handler is pretty fast compared to the conventional copying. It did help me.

  • Fred Thompson

    I’m getting mixed results with USB drives. My guess is throttling the drive heads on the bus-powered drives really bogs things down.

    Is there a way to set custom configurations so CTRL-C and CTRL-V work normally? I didn’t find such options. To illustrate, I set CTRL-B to activate ArsClip to prevent confusion about how CTRL-C and CTRL-V sre expected to function.

  • Peter O

    As you note in your review Copy Handler may delete files “skipped” for one reason or another in the copy process.
    This is the sort of thing (unexpected consequences) we might expect of MS programing, so how on earth do you justify a 5 star rating?

    Also one users comment implies that copying small files may be hindered somewhat, I’d like so see this explored a little further.

    Thanks for the review & your site availability.

  • Have tried, both Teracopy and Copy Handler but found SuperCopier to be just as fast and the most user-friendly. It also has a portable version.

  • I still use tera copy. I did die once, but i just reinstalled and it worked fine again. Never gone wrong with tera copy. would never look back.
    Interesting bit of software here though. Keep up the gd work samer

  • abhiraj

    ha ha pause the world………………………..

  • please post the link for the same software

    thanks in advance

  • eh?

    He says “…I am loathe to recommend a program that might delete wanted files” and then gives it a full-star rating and makes it a “pick”. If you’re “loathe to recommend” it, why rate it so highly? That’s a total contradiction, and I’m glad I noticed the “might delete wanted files” caveat before blindly trusting your stupid “pick” rating.

  • Samer

    Excuse me mister?

    This site is a free service. You’re not paying money for these reviews. If you don’t like them, don’t come here. No skin off my back.

    A total contradiction? Indeed! I can still decide to point out a flaw and give a “Pick” rating. My ratings are part and parcel of the content, and they’re my business. Again, if you don’t like them, go elsewhere; nobody is forcing you to accept and/or abide by them.

    And oh by the way I do not take any responsibility for anything you do on your computer. If you would rate anything different its up to you. Otherwise be civil if you’re going to leave a comment.

  • eh?

    You assume I’m a “mister” (male)!

    Yes, you contradicted yourself. Maybe you weren’t sure what “loathe” means, but it means “to find repugnant”. You can’t possibly think it makes sense to say “I am loathe to recommend… [i.e. I am repulsed to recommend…]” while at the same time highly recommending it. Sorry, but it just makes no sense whatsoever. Can you imagine someone reviewing a restaurant, and saying “I am repulsed to recommend this restaurant, and I give it my highest rating!”

    I didn’t try to ascribe any responsibility for my actions to you.

  • Samer

    You know, part of the reason why this blog is successful is because of it’s highly readable content; the writing speaks for itself.

    Which is why I don’t need English lessons from you.

    Like I said, “I can still decide to point out a flaw and give a “Pick” rating”. If it doesn’t make sense to you then so be it.

    In any case, my issue is with the mean-spirited tone of your original comment, which was completely needless.

    I’ve also decided to put an end to this exchange. Any further comments on this will be deleted.

  • Okay, while I agree that the wording is a mite “Muddly” ;P I understand the point. There is a serious flaw that he considers to be rather severe, but with adequate forewarning the program is still excellent.

  • blogward

    One of those apps that the saintly programmer has sweated blood over and crammed in as much configurability as possible. Somewhat overcooked, I fear. I use Directory Opus (not free – not cheap either) so I understand how much it means to improve the Windows copy system – but unfortunately this introduces its own idiosyncrasies and redundancy.

  • Curtis Zigler

    Question? Where are the download links on this page?

    Do I have to join to get access to your freeware?

  • Samer

    No need to join/register.

    Under the compatibility section, it will say something like “go to the program home page to download the latest version”. Click on that link, then once you are in the program page you look for a download link.

    I do not host any downloads on Freewaregenius.

  • fr

    I think both teracopy, copyhandler and unstopablecopier maybe handy on ocasions because they have different features. BTW Samer, you have copyhandler portable here: I was curious about their speed, so I pick one folder with 70 MB and 584 files, and did three quick tests (with unstopablecopier set to “fastest data recovery”):

    #1 test
    teracopy – 13 MB/s
    copyhandler – 9,97 MB/s
    unstopablecopier – 7,75 MB/s

    #2 test
    teracopy – 12 MB/s
    copyhandler – 11,63 MB/s
    unstopablecopier – 7,35 MB/s

    #3 test
    teracopy – 29 MB/s
    copyhandler – 23,96 MB/s
    unstopablecopier – 12,96 MB/s

    After test #2 every program performed slower, which seems to confirm some users experience, but I was amazed to discover, after reboot (with the same services, processes and +/- the same numbert of threads), I had an increase of + 100% (doublechecked). Awkward !

  • Samer

    thanks for this good info.
    I’ve thought about doing a comparison post for these programs, including the 3 you mention, FFCopy, Fastcopy, and Supercopier. If I ever find the time 😉

  • Chris

    I’m surprised no one else has mentioned TotalCopy. While I do like Copy Handler, I keep finding myself going back to TotalCopy for its ability to throttle the copy speed instead of outright pausing it and its utter simplicity. Using even its highest throttled setting (5 MB/sec), I can usually get full responsiveness with the other programs I’m using, and to speak of its simplicity: it’s just a simple window (much like Windows’) that is invoked using a right-click-drag. The filtering is nice, but I can filter my own copy jobs (sorting by file type always worked for me). The downside is that it bugs out sometimes (pretty rarely in my experience) and doesn’t look like it’s being updated anymore.

    Anyway, I’m not trying to downplay your review: like I said, I like Copy Handler, but TotalCopy is a nice, simple alternative if you don’t mind no more updates.

  • felisgris

    You are ‘loth’ to recommend, not ‘loathe’.

  • Speed up copying

  • mody

    it’s just a simple window (much like Windows’) that is invoked using a right-click-drag. The filtering is nice, but I can filter my own copy jobs (sorting by file type always worked for me). The downside is that it bugs out sometimes (pretty rarely in my experience) and doesn’t look like it’s being updated….. really love it.

  • Jemborg

    It’s worthwhile mentioning that there IS a new version of this – Copy Handler 1.31 Final – just released last month.

    Maybe whatever bugs mentioned here have been ironed out. I’ll give it another go.

  • fr

    Yes, that would be a nice subject for an article. Whish you could benchmark the latest versions of:

    7.MS Richcopy (new kid on the block, multi-threaded)

    I’ve been looking for this info arround but no one seems to have done such a comparative. Looking forward for your article. 😉

  • Robert

    I made small test with same files ( about 4,5 GB )
    – Copy Handler 10,5 Mb/s
    – Fastcopy 13,5 Mb/s

    thanks for your job 🙂

  • Robert

    Mistake – Fastcopy showed in the end not the avarage speed, but just the finishing speed.
    Anyway it is faster,
    -Copy Handler 6:50 min
    -Fastcopy 5:33 min

  • Robert

    it seems I something missed here

    – simple copy-paste 5:52 min

    why then we need these freewares?

    ( all was done with same files from internal hard drive to external hard drive )

  • Robert

    700 Mb ( pictures) copying from one folder to other in the same hard drive:

    – simple copy-paste 0:36 min
    – Copy Handler 0:34 min
    – Fastcopy 0:42 min

  • bob99

    maybe a little late this but found via one of your friend sites! 🙂

  • I use Ultracopier for my personal usage.

  • I use Ultracopier for my personal usage.

  • Tony Roni

    Fastcopy is the best to me, it also has fastdelete which is efficient too, the only drawback is can’t make Fastcopy replace the default windows copy and delete operation like which teracopy has done it by default.