Convert videos to flash FLV and SWF with “Flash This!”


Flash this! is a small, free tool that can convert video files to flash (both FLV and SWF).

This program is a frontend to FFMpeg, the transcoding engine behind the majority of freeware video conversion programs. Here are some notes on this one:

  • No decisions to make: except whether you want to convert to FLV or SWF. No resizing, changing aspect ratio or bitrate, etc. This is part of why I like this program. The resulting video will have the same resolution, aspect ratio, bitrate … etc, as the original. For a more ’transformative’ FLV conversion use SuperInternet Video Converter, etc.
  • Super fast: probably because it is not re-encoding individual video and audio tracks but simply creating a new container.
  • Supports SWF: which is simply fantastic, and another reason why I decided to feature this program on Freewaregenius.
  • Memory use: a nice compact 8 megs.

Wish list

  • The ability to go the opposite way (FLV to AVI). I know you can do this with any number of freeware conversion programs (which I mentioned above), but it would be nice to have this functionality here as well using the same simple interface, without giving the user a battery of decisions to make.
  • Portability. It would seem that a portable version would be very easy to implement.

The verdict: a very nice free tool to keep in your collection, especially if you just want a simple 1:1 format conversion and re-encoding. You will especially like this tool if you do SWF conversions as well as FLVs.

Version Tested: 3.0

Compatibility: Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP & Vista (not tested on Vista 64-bit)

Download Flash This v3.0 here (8 megs). Program seems to have been removed from the developer’s page.

  • GuesttWatt

    Great! By the way, guys, have you heard of DemoForge? It’s worth a look, here:

    And about Scream, another great animation program? It’s able to create animations (.amz) MUCH smaller than Macromedia Flash. Unfortunately, its
    development was discontinued long past and thus it only works on Windows 95/8 machines. 🙁 Well, these old OSes are listed in the review above (compatibility).

    If you happen to have access to Win95/8 machines, you should give it a try. I guess you’ll love it.

    You can download it from the following link: (1.39 MB in size)

    One its creators is called Dee Long, reachable at .

    He may let any of you devs who have a penchant for tiny animes take a peek at its source code. 😉

  • John

    This works well. Thanks for sharing!

  • THis software is great, and the author has a load of other goodies at his site!

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    P.S. : Someday all software will be free? Wake me up when that day comes, I wouldn’t want to miss it!

  • This does not currently appear to be freeware; there’s a “one-time” $19 fee to download an exe file that is the downloader itself.

    Mind you, I don’t object to the developer making a little something from his work, but unless there’s a hidden link someplace, there’s no free downloads.

  • burque

    I don’t find this file listed on the developer’s website, period. There is a freeware version 1.7 available, which I have downloaded but not yet tried. Is Version 3.0, in fact, freeware?

  • Samer

    @ Burque,
    The program has been removed from the developer’s page, but I just added a link to freeware version 3 above (under the “Compatibility” section).

  • That is great stuff. If you like you can upload your swf video on Kiqlo and if they are yours sell it there. It is entirely free and to upload you don’t need a login. Check it out, it is great

  • Ellet

    I read all the posts.
    Yes, very useful tool. But I want a pro tool to convert swf to various formats. I using iWisoft swf to video converter now. That’s what I want.

  • Only video to FLV, but not SWF to FLV. If you want to convert SWF to FLV, you can use iWisoft Flash SWF to Video Converter.

  • Works great.

  • THis software is great, but i need to convert swf to video LOL

  • ace, thanks!

  • well done. i have a bunch of video needed to be converted for youtube thanks for sharing,i will give it a try.

  • jams

    thanks your share,I went to try it.
    my friend share me a ddvideo swf to flv video converter gain,he said :”that software can convert many video format and swf video to flv with high video and audio quality,with a great normalize option ……”now I also try it.