Convert & manage your media with FreeStudio from DVDVideoSoft


Finally there’s a solid and reliable solution for converting and managing all your media files in one place. It’s called FreeStudio from DVDVideoSoft.

I first came across this program when I was trying to find a quick and easy way to convert my .avi files to watch them on my phone.

I don’t have an Android (yet) so I can’t reap the benefits of the app store or anything like that, but most of the mid-range non-Android phones out today have capability to watch videos. Usually a good indicator is if the phone has a video camera feature, it probably allows you to play videos, and hence, movies.

In the old days, this meant a lot of tiresome conversions to .3gpp and other obscure formats. That also meant a lot of hunting for a good freeware program to do the conversion, and subsequently a lot of frustration. Not anymore.


FreeStudio from DVDVideoSoft is a 100% free solution to convert and manage nearly all your media, easily, quickly, reliably, and all in one neat program interface. FreeStudio Manager is the basis of this conversion wonder. It is the ‘front-end’ graphic user interface that is used to run all these sub-programs:

[tabla  th=”0″ caption=”” width=”645″ colwidth=”323|322″ colalign=”left|left”]
Free YouTube to MP3 Converter,Free Video to Xbox Converter
Free YouTube to iPod and PSP Converter,Free DVD Video Converter
Free YouTube to iPhone Converter,Free Video to DVD Converter
Free YouTube to DVD Converter,Free Video to Flash Converter
Free YouTube Uploader,Free 3GP Video converter
Free Uploader for Facebook,Free Video to MP3 Converter
Free Video to Android Converter,Free Video to JPG Converter
Free Video to Apple TV Converter,Free Audio Converter
Free Video to BlackBerry Converter,Free Audio to Flash Converter
Free Video to HTC Phones Converter,Free WebM Video converter
Free Video to iPad Converter,Free DVD Video Burner
Free Video to iPod Converter,Free Disc Burner
Free Video to iPhone Converter,Free Audio CD Burner
Free Video to LG Phones Converter,Free Audio CD to MP3 Converter
Free Video to Motorola Phones Converter,Free Screen Video Recorder
Free Video to Nintendo Converter,Free Image Convert and Resize
Free Video to Nokia Phones Converter,Free Video Dub
Free Video to Samsung Phones Converter,Free Audio Dub
Free Video to Sony Phones Converter,Free Video Flip and Rotate
Free Video to Sony Playstation Converter,Free 3D Photo Maker
Free Video to Sony PSP Converter,Free 3D Video Maker [/tabla]

As you can see from the list, there isn’t a whole lot that FreeStudio can’t do. But, you say, what if I don’t want or need all of those sub-programs? Do I have to take up hard drive space and install all of them? Not at all! One of the features I love most about FreeStudio is that it automatically downloads and installs only the programs you actually need and intend to use.

For this example, I will use the Free Video to Samsung Phones converter, since that’s the one I use the most. I have a Samsung Delve that I was given for my birthday, and I was thrilled to learn it had the capability to hold more than 7 gigabytes of data. To my mind, being a film-o-phile, that means 7 GB of movies on my phone! What could be more fun? Movies on the go is a big deal to me so I immediately went looking for a decent conversion program. That’s when I found the FreeStudio and boy am I glad I did!

One of the nice things about FreeStudio is that you often don’t even need to know the exact specs of the phone or other media player you are converting for. Example: when I first got my Samsung Delve, I didn’t know what resolution and what codecs the phone’s firmware would support. The good news there is that Free Video to Samsung Phones converter has loads of presets for most of the popular Samsung phone models already loaded. Sadly, the Delve is not one of them. That still isn’t a big deal, however. Once I looked up the specs on my phone, it was a supremely simple matter of pointing and clicking the menus in Free Video to Samsung Phones converter to choose the right specs. Then, a single button click will save that profile for later use. It even has presets for high, medium, and low quality output for each different type of phone. It’s a very robust and useful system and very easy to use. The learning curve was less than five minutes for me on this particular program. It even allows you to convert whole batches of files so you can set your computer up to convert your entire movie collection, head off to work, and when you come back home all your movies are ready to be watched on your phone! Brilliant stuff. FreeStudio even offers some customization options for the menus themselves, like selecting different background for the window where you select your conversion files. Its not needed but it’s a nice little touch that shows the developers actually took some time and effort to try and make a great product for the end-user.

phonesI have also used a couple of the other modules in FreeStudio, like the Free YouTube downloader, which is exactly what it sounds like. It downloads and saves videos from YouTube in a number of different formats. If the format you need isn’t listed, however, you can easily activate another module in the FreeStudio Manager and get those videos converted to whatever format you need. The Free Video to DVD converter transcodes most video formats to put them onto a DVD, so you can watch them in your home DVD player or at a friend’s house. This is especially nice for those of us with tech-challenged dates, for example. The Free Video to MP3 converter is great for taking my favorite videos anywhere in audio only format, and the Free Disc Burner module lets me produce my own discs as well. I have used the Free Screen Video recorder to record sessions of my favorite PC games so I can show secrets or tips about the games to my friends. Every module in FreeStudio has an easy to use interface and delivers on it’s promises.

I will say that in some of the earlier versions of the program and it’s modules, there were some occasional issues with crashes or incomplete conversions, usually due to a codec issue. However, I have not experienced any of those bugs with the latest version, and I think they have made leaps and bounds in the quality department.

Having so many free programs in one place, at your fingertips, without taking up a lot of un-needed space on the hard drive is absolute bliss for me, and offers me peace of mind, knowing that no matter what happens in my life, I got that media conversion problem licked and I can watch my favorite movies at the bus stop, in the doctor’s office, or even in line at the DMV!

I still haven’t had the opportunity to test every single module in FreeStudio, but rest assured, dear readers, I will be following this article with another to let you all know how well those work. Given the experience I have had with the Free Video to various phones and other formats, however, I feel pretty confident that they will all do what they say and they will do it quickly, easily, and without muss and fuss. Of course, the best part of FreeStudio remains in it’s name: it’s free! There are so many modules that it’s tough to imagine a conversion project I might have that it won’t do. When I want to use a module I have never used before, it’s a simple matter of opening the Manager, clicking the module I want to use, and watch it download and install itself with no hassles.

There are other programs I have found out there that offer a full suite of media management tools like FreeStudio, but none that don’t cost an arm and a leg, and usually they require some pretty annoying installation of all modules whether I intend to use them or not. FreeStudio is head and shoulders above those, in my opinion. Additionally, you can find other freeware programs that are stand-alones and only do one or maybe two of the things that FreeStudio does. The advantage to FreeStudio is having all your options in one easy to use manager. Tame your wild media with this freeware and you’ll be spending a lot more time enjoying your videos, mp3s, etc, and a lot less time ‘managing’ them in one way or another.

Well, I’m going to go fiddle with the new 3D Photo and Video makers in FreeStudio, so until next time my friends!

Version tested: 5.2.0 on Windows 7 32-bit.

You can find and download the latest version here.

  • Zaio

    Quite disappointed of this software. I can’t convert between video formats. I tried some *.mov to *.avi, *.mpeg to *.avi… and so on…. poor support, and poor features. 🙁

    • BenjaminT

      I’m sorry to hear you didn’t have much luck with the program. Personally, I haven’t had any problem converting .mov. to .avi or .mpg formats. The only exception to this rule has been DRM encoded files, which are not supposed to be converted anyway, due to violation of copyright laws. Depending on the codec that was used to encode the .mov file in the first place, it may have been mis-labeled as .mov and if this is the case, the converter won’t know how to handle it. I hope this information helps you.

  • Bookmarked. It’s a shame some readers can’t grasp the purpose of the software, but this is one I expect to use on a daily basis; my Roku player slurps up “Apple TV” format (e.g., MP4), but most of what I download is MKV or AVI.

  • MP4toaviconverter

    Quite disappointed. You cannot convert mp4 to avi, cannot edit video.

  • It cannot work with some of my avi files. Converting avi to itunes video with lower quality.

  • Easy E

    Open Candy bundled in the installer. Be sure to read the user agreement of this software before completing the installation. I really wanted to try this program, but I’ve been burned by adware/spyware infested software too many times already.
    No thanks on this one…

  • The only thing that bugs my mind, is how DVDvideoSoft is able to provide us with this mother-of-conversion-program without any sort of payment.

    – No payments (nor no “upgrades” or the like – WYSIWYG)
    – No ads or other annoying visible ways of earning money
    – No “donate” buttons (at least inside the software)
    – Converts anything to anything

    Even if this became shareware/payware, paying a few bucks for this awesome software wouldn’t even bother me. This program is as good as it has been described and reviewed! Don’t know how I’ve been able to live without this, before finding it in ’11… ^^

    • Agnes

      Can’t but agree, the software is good. Just one can find everyhing he needs to perform the basic editing of video/ audio files. The thing that surprised me – 3D video/ photo making. Learned for the first time about it from DVDVideoSoft. It IS funny ;))
      Yes, it is a good software, but… looking forward to new improvements 😉

  • I use Free Studio already several months, and I absolutely love this product! Very good and very easy to use.

  • Reinita Afif Aulia

    I use this software to convert my videos to my old SE C510 phone, and it works amazingly.
    Well, one of the downside I found is that there’s no option to change the aspect ratio.
    But well, I can manage with a calculator.
    Before, I used Format Factory, and my phone can’t read the converted videos AFTER I updated it to 3.x ver.