Connect to Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, SugarSync, Box and FTP from a single desktop client, with CarotDav


How about a single, small desktop app that upload and download files from your Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, SugarSync, Box and FTP accounts?

If this sounds sweet, then check out CarotDav, a FREE, all-in-one desktop client that connects to all these services, and allows for uploading and downloading of cloud files via drag and drop, all from a simple and straightforward interface. It even offers a convenient portable version.

PROS: What I like about this program:

  • An all-in-one client for for cloud storage services and FTP. You can link to multiple accounts from the same service as well.
  • Support for some of the best and most popular cloud service (Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, and SugarSync).
  • The authentication process for these services is reliable and easy. You’ll be connected to your accounts in very short order.
  • Portable version available: which can be quite convenient.

CarotDAV Screenshot1

Here’s another screenshot that displays working with files on ‘details’ view. You can set it to display large icons, small icons, list view, etc.

CarotDAV Screenshot3

Wish list: or how this program can be even better

  • Support for dual / multiple panes: to simplify file management
  • The ability to connect to multiple accounts simultaneously and to drag and drop files from one to another (even if it means downloading locally first in the background). I tried running two instances of CarotDav and copying files from one account to another, without success.
  • Support for: Wuala, SpiderOak, and CX (I could go on, but these three are highly regarded; see our free cloud storage comparison article).

The verdict:

A nice, simple program that does an excellent job. I like the fact that it is small and straightforward and does what it purports to do, and I like that there’s a portable version.

We’ve seen something similar on this site in the guise of Cyberduck, which is a little bit more advanced and has more features, but does not connect to the same range of cloud services that CarotDAV does (e.g. no Dropbox, Box, or Sugarsync).

But this program can be improved greatly by implementing some of the suggestions in the wish list above. I would especially love to see CarotDAV connecting to more than one account at once, and being able to transfer files from one account to another.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below. [Thanks go to reader Panzer for the tip about this program].

Visit the CarotDav program page to download (Windows, approx. 1.58 megs)

  • Chris

    good to have an alternative, however, it doesn’t work with google drive at my end…

  • Mark

    It looks like Cyberduck does support Dropbox:

  • Mark

    @Chris, Google Drive is not working for me either. Otherwise, great app for Dropbox.

  • Wish there was a Linux version, but having a portable one is the next best thing.

  • michael cotterell

    I have no problem with google drive or skydrive – great program especially the portable version.

  • Rei

    > Support for dual / multiple panes
    I have no plan to add panes.
    It’s too complicated for me.

    > The ability to connect to multiple accounts simultaneously
    There are some trouble to manage D&D on .Net.
    but I think I can implement that feature in near future.

    > Support for: Wuala, SpiderOak, and CX
    Currently, I have no motivation:P

  • sync

    The best for me has been Sugarsync. A big comparison chart is available here:
    Unlike dropbox or google drive, you can sync any folder and backup any folder. you can upload by email too. Sugarsync allows you to sync multiple computers and can sync folders between multiple computers.
    Sugarsync gives 5gb, extra 0.5gb for using the link below, 2gb for inviting 20 friends,625mb for completing some simple steps and additional 250mb if you download and complete simple tasks on your smartphone app.Then there is the option of500mb per successful referral, 10gb if they take up a paid account.
    I got 8.375gb (5+0.5+2+0.625+0.250) within minutes. Get it by clicking this link:

    • chris

      unfortunately the chart “bigchart-7.jpeg” is pretty outdated and incorrect in several aspects…

  • smaragdus

    Rei, I really do hope that one day you will decide to implement dual panes. The reason I have never really liked Cuberduck that much is the lack of dual panes. I suppose it won’t be that hard to add a local pane. An option to minimize/close CarotDAV to system tray will also be a tiny nice feature. I will also vote for SpiderOak and CX support. Anyway, thank you for your good job.

  • mironic

    Please, CarotDAV says me:
    Error occurred during retrieving properties.
    Rei.Fs.RemoteResourceNotFoundException: Remote Resource Not Found
    v Rei.Fs.SkyDrive.SkyDriveFs.GetInfo(Uri targeturi)
    v Rei.Fs.FsBase.GetInfoAndEntries(Uri targeturi)
    v Rei.Fs.AutoSplitFs.GetInfoAndEntries(Uri targeturi)
    v CarotDAV.CacheManager.GetInfoAndEntries(FsBase fs, Uri targeturi, Boolean enablecache)
    v CarotDAV.MainForm.Fs_GetInfoAndInnerEntries(Uri uri, ResourceId id, ResourceId parentid, Boolean enablecache)

    What is this??? 🙁

  • vince

    I am guessing the creator is Chinese, what with the writing on the website and using “reflesh” to describe the refresh function

  • Rei

    I’m japanese
    ‘ll fix misspelling in the next version.

  • Mukunthan Iyer

    Can I connect multiple google drive, dropbox accounts, for example, my personal, and my official accounts on gdrive or drobpox?

  • sulasno

    unable to connect to Google Drive

    Rei.Fs.InvalidServerResponseException: cannot parse response xml —> System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.