ComiX: browse more than 150 comic strips in one small interface


ComiX is free comic strip browser that downloads and displays more than 150 comic strips browsable by their publication date.

An interesting little gem that puts many of your favorite comic strips at your fingertips for quick browsing.

Here are some notes on this program:

  • Available comics: the version I tested supported 156 comics including well known entries such as Garfield, Doonesbury, Fox Trot, Ziggy, Andy Capp, Dick Tracy, Gil Thorp, etc; however, some of my favorites were conspicuously absent, such as Dilbert, The Far Side, Peanuts, and Calvin and Hobbes. A quick peek into the INI file seems to suggest that the source for these comics may be
  • How to use: select your desired strip from the dropdown, then click on the “back” or “next” buttons to scroll backwards and forward in time (the button in the middle is “today’s comic”). Alternately you can select the date you want from the date dropdown and zoom straight into the comic strip for that particular date (note: not all comics have a daily edition, and if you choose a day for which no strip exists there will be a bit of a lag as the software tries to download a nonexistent entry before it finally gives up).
  • Slide show: this one is a bit easy to miss. Click on the little “slide show” icon in the bottom right and then set the direction for the slideshow (backwards or forward in time, using the “back” or “next” buttons).
  • Comix screenshot2History: what is truly amazing is that you can go back in history to the very beginning for these comics (although I’m not sure if this applies to all of them). For example I was able to view the first Garfield strips dating back to 1978.
  • No install: simply unzip this program and run. All comics will be downloaded and stored locally inside the program folder.
  • Offline browser: when offline, ComiX can still browse any strips that you were viewed previously that it saved locally.

Wish list (or how this program can be even better)

  • The ability to bookmark comic strips as “favorites” for quick access.
  • Adding the following comics would be cool: Dilbert, The Far Side, Peanuts, and Calvin and Hobbes.
  • A description and/or a Wikipedia entry for each comic strip that tells something about it would also be supercool.

The verdict: this program that can be a lot of fun especially if the comics you like are amongst the ones supported. Although all of the comics are available online and you could look them up on Google if you chose to do so, it is nice to have them all in the same place, which is also especially conducive to exploring/discovering comic strips that you previously were not aware of.

Version Tested:

Compatibility: WinAll.

The program page no longer exists, but you can download ver. of the program here.

  • Carbonize

    Damn I love Garfield.

  • Hiram Q. Pustule

    No Pearls Before Swine? No Rose is Rose? No Dilbert? Not even a Crankshaft? I guess it really doesn’t matter that this software hangs when I run it, since it isn’t set up to serve the comics I really want to see.

  • Anonymous

    You can already do this using Firefox. Put your favorite comics in a folder in your bookmarks. When you want to read them, a single scroll-wheel click will open the whole folder, each comic in its own tab.

  • Samer

    Here’s a list of available comic strips:

    5th Wave, 9 to 5, Adam@Home, Agnes, Alcaraz Lalo, Anderson Nick, Andy Capp, Animal Crackers, Annie, Asay Chuck, Ask Shagg, Auth Tony, Bad Reporter, Baldo, Ballard Street, BC, Benson Steve, Big Top, Biographic, Bo Nanas, Bob the Squirrel, Bok Chip, Boondocks, Bottom Liners, Bound and Gagged, Brainwaves, Brenda Starr, Brewster Rockit, Broom Hilda, Carlson Stuart, Catalino Ken, Cathy, CEO Dad, Cest La Vie, City, Clear Blue Water, Cleats, Close to Home, Compu Toon, Conrad Paul, Cornered, Danziger Jeff, Davies Matt, Deep Cover, Deering John, Dick Tracy, Dinette Set, Dog Eat Doug, Doonesbury, Duplex, Elderberries, Faces in the News, Flight Deck, Flo and Friends, Flying McCoys, For Better or For Worse, For Heavens Sake, FoxTrot, Frank and Ernest, Fred Basset, Fusco Brothers, Garfield, Gasoline Alley, Gil Thorp, Ginger Meggs, Gorrell Bob, Handelsman Walt, Heart of the City, Heathcliff, Herb and Jamaal, Higgins Jack, Horsey David, Housebroken, Hubert and Abby, Idiot Box, In the Bleachers, Ink Pen, Jones Clay, K Chronicles, Kallaugher Kevin, Kelley Steve, Kudzu, La Cucaracha, Liberty Meadows, Locher Dick, Loose Parts, Lost Sheep, Lowe Chan, Luckovich Mike, Lucky Cow, Marlette Doug, McCoy Glenn, Meaning of Lila, Meehan Streak, Momma, Morin Jim, Natural Selection, Nest Heads, Neurotica, Non Sequitur, Ohman Jack, Oliphant Pat, One Big Happy, Other Coast, Overboard, Pett Joel, Pink Panther, Pooch Cafe, Pop Culture, Powell Dwane, Preteena, Prickly City, Quigmans, Rall, Real Life Adventures, Red and Rover, Red Meat, Reynolds Unwrapped, Rubes, Sargent Ben, Send Help, Sheneman Drew, Shoe, Shoecabbage, Slowpoke, Small World, Speed Bump, State of the Union, Stayskal Wayne, Stone Soup, Strange Brew, Summers Dana, Sutton Impact, Sylvia, Szep Paul, Tank McNamara, Telnaes Ann, Th Ink, Through Thick and Thin, Tiny Sepuku, Toles Tom, Tom the Dancing Bug, Too Much Coffee Man, Trevor, Varvel Gary, Wassermann Dan, Waylay, Wee Pals, Wilkinson Signe, Wizard of Id, Work It Out, Wright Dick, Wright Don, Yenny, Zack Hill, Ziggy

  • dt

    Forget software for this problem. My daily comic dose is served by’s comic slurper.

    Pick your comics .. and it can turn it into a mobile friendly page, which simply displays every comic you want to see, no ads, nothing.

    Fantastic service.

  • mete

    definately downloading this, for some reason it put my favorite comic, garfield, just as I launched it.mmmm

  • mete

    yea dilbert would be nice

  • Rob Walley

    I’m with “dt” on this one. Darkgate is the best way to view your daily comic strips. A good interface, mobile capabilities amd simply the best selection of comic strips I’ve seen. The site updates the strips as they come out and links to past strip archives with each panel. The only con to darkgate is that there are “too many” strips to choose from, but chances are, if you’re looking for it they’ve got it.