CloudKafe connects to and manages all your cloud accounts from a single place


Do you have so many different online storage accounts it’s hard to remember what you uploaded where? Well worry no more on that score, CloudKafe can help you keep all your cloud storage accounts connected and easy to sort through in one location.

It supports Dropbox, SkyDrive, SugarSync, Box, CX, and Google Drive, as well as media sites such as Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Instagram. Best of all, of course, it does all this for free.

For many of us, the idea of the ‘cloud’ has become old news, to the point where we have more than one location online where we deposit things for storage and retrieval. This can become something of a pain when you want to find a specific file but can’t recall where you uploaded it, what service it may be hosted on at this point.

CloudKafe supported services

Additionally, there’s always the issue of keeping track of all your various cloud points in the first place. This is where software like CloudKafe can come in very handy and make your digilife just a little bit easier.

CloudKafe ScreenShot00298

Getting started with CloudKafe is pretty easy, same as with most online based services today. You will be able to log in with your Facebook account if you so choose, or you can create your own account specifically with CloudKafe (for those that either don’t want to use their Facebook account or even those who don’t want to use Facebook). Once done, you’ll have to navigate a couple of verification type emails, which is a minor inconvenience. At that point, the painful part is over, however.

CloudKafe ScreenShot00299

The main screen of CloudKafe will offer a host of different circles, each of which will have their own sublets of circles. These sub circles are links to different online storage or ‘cloud’ applications. There are more than you probably have guessed. Things like Picasa and Drop box are fairly well known but there are also many of the slightly less well known ones like SugarSync and SkyDrive. Clicking any of the large circles, divided into categories like Contacts, Pictures, etc. will bring you to the menu screen for that subject. Each menu screen is essentially the same, offering you different links which you enter your account information for that service and viola, all your online storage accounts are now connected.

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This lets you search all your cloud points at the same time, which is a major time saver when you’re trying to find a specific file. Not only that, but you will now be able to manage your different cloud points from one location. You can upload photos to Picasa, documents to your Drop Box account, and add a few new people to your Google contacts list all from one single place. This is truly a complete access solution for all your cloud accounts, and a brilliant piece of free software, in my opinion. There is a toolbar you can have installed to your local system if you want to increase access, and I’d like to see a mobile app connection for Android and iOS but maybe they will come up with that in the future. Until next time, my friends.

  • Get started with CloudKafe here.

  • Fletch

    I seem to get a fatal error page when I click on the link to the site…

    • Samer Kurdi

      I just checked it and it worked fine. Try again (

      • Fletch

        It works now, thanks.
        Yesterday when I tried I just got two lines of error code on the screen. I tried in two different browsers, as well.

  • I just set it up – I had NO problems. It is a fantastic piece of software. Visually appealing. It also seems to be able to include many apps that other similar services don’t…Great article!

  • Niefer

    Otixo was better but now it has become commercial.

    • Samer Kurdi

      I keep reminding myself to remove all traces of Otixo from this site. I feel annoyed, having featured them in my ‘best of 2012’ article, that they left no free option.

      • Julia

        Yeah, me too. Lots of programs are doing this lately: from one day to the other informing you that there service isn’t free anymore. It’s more than annoying!

        • Niefer

          Now Otixo is free agan.

  • Dios

    just curious, is it safe for the accounts and passwords?

  • So does this require you to provide login details for all your accounts or does it do it via API?

  • Niklas

    try CloudbuckIt – – that one is awesome! many storages and the user interface is so great.