Clean up your browser and your PC with ‘Click and Clean’ for Chrome and Firefox


Are you sick of cleaning up the various leftover bits and bytes on your system manually? Click and Clean is a handy FREE Chrome and Firefox extension that help you to get rid of all the garbage on your system: your history trail, caches, cookies and whatnot with very little effort or time spent on your part, for both your browser and your PC in general.

There’s a ton of different programs to ‘clean up’ your system but are just shortcuts or clones of tools that are already on your OS.

I’ve used a program called FixBee for quite a while now and never had any complaints about it, but sometimes when you want to clean out your browser history and things of that nature it makes sense to do it right then and there in your browser.

Enter Click and Clean, which lives as a button in your browser toolbar and is just so practical and provides immediate browser-cleaning gratification.

We tested the Chrome version of this extension. Once installed, you’ll see an icon with a big C in it on your address bar and that’s where you’ll go to clean things up whenever you’re ready. Click on the big C and you’ll get the main menu as a fast pop up and you can choose exactly what you want to program to do immediately (see screenshot above). The option to “Clear Private Data” is the one I use most often, as it basically provides a super convenient shortcut to Chrome’s standard removal capabilities for getting rid of pages history, cookies and other browsing crumbs. Using the C & C button this way saves me a few clicks at a time and while that may not seem like a lot initially, it does add up over time and use.

Click and Clean ScreenShot00044Click and Clean ScreenShot00042
In addition to making crumb removal faster and easier, C & C will also scan your system for malware if you so choose. Hitting that option will bring you to a page that will let you run what’s called a “QuickScan” to see if you’ve picked up any known malware and help you to remove it fast and easy. While I wouldn’t suggest this as your sole and only means of defending your system (a decent active anti-virus program is a must, for instance) it is certainly more than adequate for those quick moments in between full system scans to be sure you’re maintaining your system’s health. There are also options to clean up temporary files, downloaded files, video browsing history (this one is majorly useful for many of us) and even a handy shortcut to your task manager. It will even remove various tabs from your browser by domain if you want it to.

Click and Clean ScreenShot00043

While Click and Clean may not offer anything in the way of futuristic innovations, it does offer a solid, fast way to maintain your browser’s and your PC’s health with a minimum of muss and fuss, mostly by using tools and programs that are already loaded on your Windows OS or your browser. It’s also completely free, as mentioned, so you won’t be paying an arm and a leg to get it done. Downsides are minimal and consist mostly of an extra click or two here and there for the first few times you use it and setting up options. I would definitely recommend this extension for anyone who has Chrome or FireFox and wants to keep their system cleaned on a regular basis so they don’t have to spend hours doing so annually or monthly. Until next time, my friends!

  • Get Click and Clean for Chrome or FireFox here.

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  • tomchicago01

    i’ve also used the password generator that is included. While password security apparently is coming to be largely a myth, it nonetheless provides another option to the dim passwords we often choose on the spur of the moment.

  • I used to use this on Chrome back when Chrome missed the one feature every other browser had and that was to delete data on closing the browser. As I’m not a big user of Chrome I’m still not sure if it has this feature yet or not but I see no real purpose for this add on on Firefox which does have the ability to clear whatever you choose on closing the browser.

    As to the malware scanner that sounds like a rather dangerous gimmick they have added.

    @tomchicago01 I use LastPass for storing all my passwords (except important ones like PayPal, Ebay and my email) and it has a built in password generator which has a plethora of options.

    I have a feeling the makers of this extension keeping adding things on in an effort to appear more attractive to people but to me Jack of all trades master of none comes to mind.

  • Bob

    CCleaner does all this already and alot more…and as Carbonize says, Firefox at least can be set to cleanup however you want – completely configurable. On close, every few days or never for each type of file it generates.

    But I don’t bother, just run CCleaner every day and done in a few seconds.

    • My personal routine is to clean up fortnightly. CCleaner first then a defrag set to optimise.

      • Bob

        I am much more paranoid than you, i suppose ! I actually run ccleaner after logging in to anyplace that needs a password that I don’t want scraped.

  • B.C. Tietjens

    Paranoia is just good sense when everyone is out to get you, and just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re NOT out to get you! CCleaner is a great tool, and I certainly like it, but this one is just one more option for those that like to have multiple choices. Personally, I find it comforting that no matter what your software needs are, you’ve always got more than one choice of freeware and this is a great example of that. Thanks for reading and for the comments, guys! Please share links so we can boost traffic to the site and get our ratings up where they should be!

  • friend of freeware

    Oddly, this extension is not compatible for use on Google Chromebooks????

  • BioBob

    Thanks for the support, B.C. Tietjens, and yes, there ARE plenty of badboys out there on the intartubes, LOL.

    I certainly post links to your great articles all over the place. Speaking of which, it seems like time to review your discussion of DVD & BlueRay rippers and encoders out there. All of your previous discussions seem to be pretty long in the tooth and some links in them are dead.