CDBurnerXP 4


CDBurnerXP 4 is a complete CD/DVD burning solution for the creation of data CDs and DVDs, audio CDs and Video DVDs.

It offers full set of features including on-the-fly disc copying, copying to and burning from ISO images, and ISO image conversion. Supports new DVD formats such as Double layer DVDs, Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs.

This program is the mother of all freeware CD burning solutions. The strength of this program is that it is comprehensive in scope, meaning that it allows you to do pretty much everything you need to do when it comes to burning CDs/DVDs.

One of the things I didn’t like about the older version I used (3.0.116) of this program was that it looked and felt junky like the various features were added on as afterthoughts; CDBurnerXP 4 on the other hand is very well designed both in terms of how it looks visually as well as the user experience it provides. Here are some notes on this program

  • Copy audio and data CD’s on the fly: (swap source and destination media within the same or alternate drives). Copy to ISO file supported
  • Burn Audio CDs: with or without gaps. Supports MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, and FLAC files. Allows for adding tracks from audio CDs without ripping them first (cda-files). Does not rip audio cds (use the free BonkEnc or Exact Audio Copy for this).
  • Burns Video DVDs: in UDF file format; i.e. they will play on your DVD player.
  • Saves and burns ISO files: Converts .BIN and .NRG images to ISO format.
  • Support for new media formats: double layer DVDs, Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs.
  • Verifies data after burning; can simulate burning for error detection.
  • Supports overburning:(from the FAQ “just add as much data to CD layout as possible and .. ignore warning messages if any”).
  • dropboxDropbox: is a cool feature whereby you can drap and drop files to a floating “drop box” (see screenshot on the right). I am a sucker for cool features like this one.
  • Bootable CDs/DVDs/ISOs: supported.
  • Automated backups : not implemented in 4.0.013 but promised in a future release.
  • Other features: simple cover printing, integrated audio player, visual representation of disk space, file filtering by extension, etc.

Wish list: context menu entries for adding files to projects, image file conversion/burning, etc.

I was waiting for the release of CDBurnerXP 4 for a long while; finally the wait is over and is well worth it. Highly recommended.

Version tested: 4.0.013

Compatibility: Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server,Vista.

Go to the download page to get the latest version (approx 1.97 megs). Also visit the program home page.

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  • I subscribe to CDBurnerXP’s feed and I enthusiastically downloaded v4 the minute it came out. But a post later reveals that there are some new bug reports by early adopters that needed to be fixed and a new release will come out in a week or so. So I guess I’ll wait using this great freeware until the bugfix release. :p

  • Anonymous

    I like the new version 4 interface.
    Another free alternative is InfraRecorder. This is a project based on Cdrtools. It is still in a 0.x version and doesn’t have as many features (no UDF at this point), but it works just fine for me and it is portable.
    I’m just happy that I can use free alternatives to Nero.

  • True, I like freeware too. But, I hasten to add, I also have two legit Nero CDs that came with the hardware I bought (1 free from the Mobo, 1 free from the DVD drive). Even so, I end up using CDBurnerXP or imgburn for my disc writing needs.

  • cicom3nd3z

    sometimes bundled nero that comes with hardware isn’t the full version. Anyway, imho, nero is bloated with stuff i don’t use.

  • This is awesome, DeepBurner won’t burn any of my wma files!


  • jl

    Scanned w/ BitDefender infected file is infected w/ a Trojan

  • jl

    Don’t install infected w/ Trojan.Peed.Gen virus, I scanned w/ BitDefender AV

  • The Reaper

    This requires the dot NET framework. I don’t have it and don’t want it just for this.

  • jl

    @jl This is probably a false positive from Bitfefender. I saw on the CDBurnerXP 4 forum that Kapersky also reported a trojan.

  • Ali

    Good program, but it can’t copy cd’s like you say in the review! (not yet at least).

  • Samer

    @jl: I am certain that this is a false positive. I use a slew of security apps that I trust that did not detect malware in CDburnerXP, but my confidence in this program comes from having followed its development over almost 2 years and become somewhat acquainted with the team behind it.

    @Ali: it can certainly copy CD’s, although perhaps they should have made it more obvious in the interface (in fact I happened to be copying a disk just yesterday). Click “create data cd/dvd” upon launch, then go to the file menu then “copy iso disk”.

  • Frankmcc

    Where’s the download link? Damn! I hate it when sites don’t make the link obvious!

  • greyowl

    I installed CDBurnerXP recently and found immediate problems. The gui was unresponsive when I tried to move a scroll bar or access the menus or click on any button. I would have to perform any action several times and then wait for 15-30 sec. or longer for a response. I am using a laptop, 1.6mhz, 512ram, WinXP. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? Obviously others have found this to be a good app.

  • jimbo

    Nero installed as well?
    some versions may not coexist with similar products?
    they have a cleaner

  • CT

    Nice! Now if only it was Portable! =)

  • kameiv

    This program is piece of sh1t. Eat all of your CPU and took 8min to burn a DVD. What’s this? Get back to Nero or look for another burning software.

  • I’ve been looking at several freeware burning programs trying to find one for my sister when she gets her new Vista PC later this month. I’m impressed with CDBurnerXP, it’s done everything I’ve asked so far, but it does seem to be pretty slow. I’ve just burned XP-SP3 onto two identical Sony CD-Rs. ‘CDburnerXP’ took 23 minutes while ‘Nero 6 Reloaded’ took less than 3 minutes. Both progs claimed to be burning at 40x.

  • Jim

    I would like to burn a cd of some of my photos that will work on all dvd players. Will CDBurnerXP do this?

  • bartman2589

    Great program as long as you use a separate program to do your verifying with! The author has essentially refused to do anything about the problems with ungodly long verify times ( , author is the poster named ‘Flo’), DVD verifies with this program often exceed an hour, sometimes exceeding 1.5 or 2 hours. My own experience with a DVD with a mere 13 files each around 350mb the verify took over an hour to complete. I could understand it taking this long if there had been thousands of little files, but with only 13 files there’s really no excuse for it to take this long. Imgburn, my other favorite burning program (just has a really piss poor interface for building a project to burn), doesn’t have this problem. I just really wish the author of CDBurnerXP would get their act together and actually do something about the length of time it takes the program to do verifications.

  • lunaticprophet

    Just FYI:

    Gizmo’s Editor’s Advisory Note: CDBurnerXP is now bundled with OpenCandy.
    See this article for more information.