CCCP Codec Pack


CCCP (short for Combined Community Codec Pack) is a filter pack designed to enable your applications to play as many media file formats as possible while being as light and un-intrusive as possible.

It includes tools such as Media Player classic, Zoom Player, and Haali Media Splitter.

Origins: CCCP was apparently conceived in order to enable the playback of all the different formats that were proliferating quickly on the Anime scene; with all the different Anime ’groups’ promising to support it.

(A codec pack is a collection of Directshow filters that enable media players and media editing applications to decode/read/play and sometimes encode/write various media file formats).

I want my computer to play and/or edit most any media file formats that is out there: in this case, CCCP is for you. These are the reasons I highly recommend it:

  • CCCP codec packIt works: It is not merely a mish-mash of a things that may or may not work (like some other codec packs are).
  • It’s compact: CCCP is designed to be lightweight: while some codec packs contain overlapping filters that do the same thing, CCCP does not contain unnecessary extras.
  • It’s safe: CCCP is built so it will not ruin your system and/or send it into a tailspin. The CCCP site actually states that installing CCCP might resolve previously existing conflicts.

Note that while the above points are the reasons CCCP’s was invented, it is hard for me as a reviewer to evaluate how CCCP will behave in every conceivable situation. All I can say is that so far my experience with it has been excellent. I also tested uninstalling it and it uninstalled beautifully without a trace.

Do I need a codec pack: If your media files are playing just fine and/or your media editing/converting applications do what you want then you probably don’t. If you encounter media files that do not play on your machine and your player is unable to download the necessary codecs on-demand, a codec pack will likely provide a solution. Note that some programs like VLC media player, GOM player, and Mediacoder have their own internal codecs and do not require system codecs.

Supported formats: The aim of CCCP is not to cover every media file format under the sun, but to offer a good all-around collection of codecs that supports a wide range of possible media files that you might come across. Here’s a list of formats supported and not supported:

  • Formats it can play: Video: Containers; AVI, MKV (Matroska), OGM, MP4, TS, FLV. Codecs; MPEG2, MPEG4-ASP (including Xvid, DivX, and other generic e.g. 3ivx, lavc, etc.), MPEG4-AVC/H.264, Theora, WMV9, and FLV1.Audio: MP3 and relatives, AC3, DTS, AAC, Vorbis, IMA, ADPCM, LPCM, FLAC, TTA, Wavpack.
  • Formats that can be optionally enabled: The following are not enabled by default but can be enabled in FFDshow: Video; VP3, SVQ1, SVQ3, H.26+ (for 3gp), Indeo 3 (IV3), MJPG, LJPG. Audio; AMR (for 3gp).
  • Formats that are not supported: Video; Real Media (.rm .ra .rmvb .ram .rpm etc), advanced features of DivX such as subtitles, chapters, and interactive menus (these need the DivX Player). Nullsoft Streaming video (.NSV), RV10-40, VP6 & VP7 (VP60, VP61, VP62, VP70), Indeo 4 & 5 (IV40-IV49, IV50). For Audio; Real Audio, Musepack (.mpc), Monkey’s Audio (.ape), OptimFROG Audio (.ofr .ofs).
  • For Real Media and Quicktime support, you can install Real Alternative and Quicktime Alternative. Note that if you install any of these you do not need to re-install the Windows Media Classic player (it already installs with CCCP).

The Verdict: This is the Codec pack that I would recommend. It works very well and comes without any of the problems that codec packs typically come with. It has excellent documentation and benefits from the support of a dedicated community that is constantly testing and improving it.

Rating: 55 Star Rating pick

Version tested: 2006-12-15

Compatibility: Windows 9x, ME, 2000, 2003, XP.

Go to the CCCP Project page to download the latest version (approx 6.5 megs).

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  • Carlos

    I just bought a computer and I have windows vista. I downloaded some old family videos and it comes up with that it cannot be run because of a missing codec (Intel IMA ADPCM (11) codec) I’m not computer savy but i’ve been looking up the audio codecs and i don’t seem to understand. I would really appreciate it if someone can help out.

  • Raheel Irshad Butt

    I just bought a computer and I have windows XP. I downloaded some old family videos and it comes up with that it cannot be run because of a missing codec (Intel IMA ADPCM (11) codec) I’m not computer savy but i’ve been looking up the audio codecs and i don’t seem to understand. I would really appreciate it if someone can help out.

  • Samer

    You can do any of the following:
    Install VLC media player and see if that can play your video (it probably will);
    Identify and download the codec you need using CodecInstaller, or
    Install the CCCP codec pack; it will probably make your video playable in any media player.

  • Anonymous

    you here

  • bege


  • Sam

    Hey could some one tell me how to download this?

  • pablo r. bassabe

    i’ve been blessed downloading codec pack,now i enjoy different dvd formats beautifully.


  • lisa blondell

    i have a new computer and am missing an audio/video codec to play old videos please help me download the appriated software to view them

  • Samer

    Try CodecInstaller. It will identify and download the codecs you need.

  • Charles

    “Intel IMA ADPCM (11)”

    this is the message I keep getting with Vista on my desktop. Can you download the codecs I need so I can play my media.


  • Anonymous

    The VLC media player worked for me. Downloaded from

  • goldnfingaz

    I need Intel IMA ADPCM (11) audio codec

    can you download it to me?

  • Keith

    I also need Intel IMA ADPCM (11) audio codec for Windows Media Player 10 on a new pc from Dec, 2007 running vista. This codec pack does not day it is compatible with Vista and is dated Dec 2006. will the pack work for me?

  • Norman

    Thanks Anonymous. The VCL Media Player does work great. I was about to pull more hair out of my head with my new laptop VISTA system. I’ve already had to replace my printer because VISTA didn’t support it. This is the first time I downloaded to my laptop from my vidcam. It had all my movies from my first trip to Panama and I was afraid I’d have to go back to my desktop XP to view them (which doesn’t have a DVD burner). I was hesitant to install the program but I just followed the instructions and it worked perfectly the first time. And it was FREE!
    Much thanks again for the help. I recommend it.

  • Chris

    i would like to have all the relavent codecs for watching movies on my computer. i dont have cccp and i realize that i have to uninstall all codecs before i install cccp. i just dont want to screw up my computer but i want to be able to play back any vid.i have like 20 different cocdecs on it now(used sherlock to see what codecs i have on my comp now) i usually go to websites that use flash players and i want to start downloading divx vidoes and burning them to disc to watch on tv. can some one guide me on how to uninstall old codecs and install cccp. also would like some insite on some of my questions about falsh websites and divx.

  • shlea

    Intel IMA ADPCM (11) error? play the video files on windows movie maker.just import your video file then it will definately play!

  • Paul

    How about codecs for rmvb? to import videos in WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER

  • m

    I bought a new computer with vista, Then I put old palm pilot videos in it, .asf files. They worked originally but when I went to open them again the computer said it needed Intel IMA ADPCM (11). The program I downloaded to open the files Quick time also said it couldn’t recognize the files now. I don’t know why this happened but I just downloaded the VCL player and all is well again.

  • chuuurr

    i have downloaded cccp and vlc etc and NONE OF THEM WILL WORK!!! I have downloaded so many different torrents and it says it will not play no matter what i use.

  • Samer

    You have to be careful of torrent videos that require “special” codecs. If it wont work with CCCP and VLC it is probably bogus. They want you to go to a special site and download a special codec… this is a SCAM designed to either make you pay to access the downloaded file or to install malware on your machine. Delete the videos and move on.

  • groush

    Well, I just tried the Codec link listed above and got a 404 error. Does anyone have an updated location?

    Thanks much for your help.

  • need to know about my video’s

  • DetBenson

    VLC is only for windows version ’95 ’98 ME, I have XP, I still can’t play the wma files I ripped to my player, I get this message when it tries to play: ‘Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file. For additional assistance, click Web Help’ ‘ does it make any difference if it is missing this: This file is missing media usage rights’. When I go to check out the music file, it hasn’t got any codec next to ‘Audio codec’, can anyone please tell me which is the appropriate codec for this?

  • Linda Shanell

    I just bought a computer and I have windows 7. I downloaded some old family videos and it comes up with that it cannot be run because of a missing codec (Intel IMA ADPCM (11) codec) I’m not computer savy person but i’ve been looking up the audio codecs and i don’t seem to understand. I would really appreciate it if someone can help out.