Control your PC’s ‘loudness’ with Sound Lock

Sound Lock is a free app that can impose limits on the loudness of your PC’s audio. Loudness is different from ‘volume’, and what Sound Lock does is actually turn down the volume that might accompany sudden loud scenes or the transition to another media file, and will hike it up when the loud segment


Volume2: a beautiful volume control app

Let’s say you have a program that lets you control system volume via the mouse and/or via user-defined hotkeys. Let’s also say that it can display stylish volume sliders on screen, and lets you choose from many different skins for these. And, moreover, let’s say that it can control volume via hovering over and sliding

Another Forty-Three of The Best Free Windows Enhancements That You Should Know About (part 2)

I’ve been meaning to publish a follow up to my first “43 must have Windows Enhancements” posting forever, but it’s taken a long time simply because I wanted to stick with the completely arbitrary “43” number of entries, and of course I wanted to only post apps that are worth writing about (as it turned

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3RVX: stylish, hotkey-enabled volume control

3RVX is a free program that offers volume control through hotkey and/or middle mouse wheel combinations. It also visually represents the volume levels and volume changes on-screen and in the program’s system tray icon. Ever wished that you could raise/lower or mute your PC volume using hotkeys and/or the mouse wheel? With 3RVX you can


VolumeTouch: control system volume with the mouse (or hotkeys)

VolumeTouch gives quick control over your PC’s volume by using a combination of hotkeys and the mouse or arrow keys. The first thing I will say about this program is that, aside from performing a very useful function, it scores high marks in terms of the user experience it provides. Once you start experimenting with

Volumouse Screenshot


Volumouse is a free memory resident program that provides easy system volume control through combinations of mouse wheel and keyboard shortcuts. Imagine the ability to, say, press CTRL on your keyboard and use the mouse wheel to quickly increase/decrease your system’s volume. Another hotkey (ALT for example) might allow you to flick the mousewheel to