Quick Cliq: on-demand launcher provides a wide range of shortcuts and functions right at your fingertips

Quick Cliq is a free, small app that provides instant access to program, folders, files, and URLs. Created by the same developers that brought us previously mentioned JumpTo, Quick Cliq offers a slew of additional functions, including “folder menu” shortcuts that automatically display all sub folders recursively in cascading menus. Quick Cliq also includes a


Hot Corners: launch favorite apps, files and folders by touching the corners of your screen

This program provides an interesting way to access favorite folders and files or performing any of range of functions (running any program, running the screensaver, searching Google, showing the desktop, etc.) by hovering over any of the four corners of your screen, which apparently is inspired by Obviously, you can launch no more than 4


JDcontextmenu: enhance Windows’ right-click menu with a host of useful functions

JDcontextmenu is a free app that installs a wide range of commands in Windows’ right click context menu. You’ve seen many of these before; here’s a list: “copy full path”, “”copy name”, CMD line here, MD5 checksum, FileDateTime Stamp, Create new folder(s), send fullname by email as a link, add file to startup folder, clear


3RVX: stylish, hotkey-enabled volume control

3RVX is a free program that offers volume control through hotkey and/or middle mouse wheel combinations. It also visually represents the volume levels and volume changes on-screen and in the program’s system tray icon. Ever wished that you could raise/lower or mute your PC volume using hotkeys and/or the mouse wheel? With 3RVX you can


VolumeTouch: control system volume with the mouse (or hotkeys)

VolumeTouch gives quick control over your PC’s volume by using a combination of hotkeys and the mouse or arrow keys. The first thing I will say about this program is that, aside from performing a very useful function, it scores high marks in terms of the user experience it provides. Once you start experimenting with

Icon change before and after featured

How to change the icons used for any file type on your PC

Description: ResizeEnable
is a small, free windows
hack that gives you the
ability to resize any window
by dragging and dropping
its lower right corner –
including those windows
that normally do not allow
you to resize them.
Reasons why you would
need a program like this (a)
if a program’s
windows exhibit strange
behaviors when run under
different resolutions from
the one used by the
programmer, a program like
this can be a lifesaver in
that it will allow you to
resize the window such
that it works for you (b)
sometimes if you have an
unusual screen resolution
some windows may behave
strangely, or (c) because
you can, and you would
like to


Customize your folders with StyleFolder

Freeware program StyleFolder can perform a handful of interesting folder customizations straight from the Windows right-click context menu, including changing the folder’s icon, using an image as folder background, and changing the font color used inside the folder. All customizations are saved into the folder itself and are preserved across PCs or over the network.



Shup is a small memory resident app that can upload files to Stashbox. It can also instantly upload images (or other types of files) to several online storage services straight from Windows’ right-click context menu (Flickr, Imageshack, Photobucket, Stashbox, Waffle Images , or even a custom file hosting service). The tool also performs several other

Volumouse Screenshot


Volumouse is a free memory resident program that provides easy system volume control through combinations of mouse wheel and keyboard shortcuts. Imagine the ability to, say, press CTRL on your keyboard and use the mouse wheel to quickly increase/decrease your system’s volume. Another hotkey (ALT for example) might allow you to flick the mousewheel to

Klipfolio Featured Image2


KlipFolio is a desktop-based interactive widget engine.It is designed to be a personaldashboard that monitors any type of online information (such as news, videos, email, RSS feeds, stocks, weather, ebay auctions, etc), but also offers offline tools such as memory/cpu/folder monitoring. It features a slick, customizable user interface and supports hundreds of available widgets (called



gTrans (short for Google Translator Interface) is a free, memory resident program that can do on-the-fly text translations using the Google engine. It is a small program that can be accessed through the system tray and supports multiple-language translations. Ever found yourself humming a song and wondering what the words to it would sound in,


FirmTools ShellExtension

FirmTools ShellExtension adds 3 image-file related functions to the Windows right click menu (a) a ’convert’ function for image-format conversions on the fly within explorer, (b) thumbnail previews for images within the context menu, and (c) a print function which prints a centered image with the file path on top. It supports GIF, JPEG, BMP,