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Easily add any folder or program to the ‘send to’ menu with SendToSendTo

One of the most potentially useful yet frequently neglected function in Windows is the ‘Send to’ menu. If you don’t use it much, consider this: you could have shortcuts to frequently used folders there that you can use to quickly move files off your desktop and into the appropriate place. Or you could place shortcuts

Oct 10, 2011
Samer Kurdi


FileQuery: right click to search for movie or music info (and unknown file types as well)

This program will let you right click any file to quickly search for it in Google or other search engines or services. It can be particularly useful in situations such as looking  up information on movie or music files (e.g. cover artwork or reviews), or for looking for unknown file types. FileQuery will differentiate between

Oct 8, 2011
Samer Kurdi


Interact with your music with Jajuk Advanced Jukebox

Do you have gigabytes worth of music files? Have trouble finding the one you want at a given moment? Want to get album covers and lyrics for the tracks you own? Jajuk Advanced Jukebox is free software that can help you with all this and more. [Note: this post was written by Freewaregenius contributor B.C.

Sep 25, 2011
B.C. Tietjens


Organize your files into a virtual structure with DiviFile

Arranging files into folders is one way of organizing your files, but is limited in that it will not allow you to easily place a file into several categories simultaneously, and can be a lot of work to modify and maintain. Enter DiviFile, a free program which provides another way to organize your files, namely,

Sep 19, 2011
Samer Kurdi


Add an online database of programs to your Windows’ “open with” dialog with OpenWith Enhanced

If you’ve ever encountered a file type that you didn’t know how to open, or if you’ve ever wondered about alternate programs to open a file type other than with the ones on your PC, then check out OpenWith Enhanced. OpenWith Enchanced is a free program that can put the wisdom of the crowd to

Sep 12, 2011
Samer Kurdi


Add thumbnail previews for a wide range of image types with Sage Thumbs

If you’re like most people, you like to look at a folder full of images and see thumbnail previews rather than icons. Windows explorer will provide previews for the most common image file types in thumbnail view, but not all of them, which is where this software can come in handy. Sage Thumbs can add

Aug 9, 2011
Samer Kurdi

Geo-tag your images and locate them on a map with open source software GeoTag

You may not realize it, but the pictures that you take with your GPS-enabled camera or smartphone (such as your iPhone), and many of the images that you download from the internet contain location information that identify precisely where the snapshots were taken (typically, in the form of longitude and latitude coordinates). This means that

Aug 2, 2011
Samer Kurdi


Get a super customizable docking launcher with Gizmo Toolbar

Gizmo Toolbar is a free toolbar app that can provide multiple docking toolbar launchers on your desktop. The software two main launcher styles, slab (with icons laid out on a rectangular shape and carousel (laid out of a circular shape), and offers a very high degree of customization: color, size, opacity placement on screen, keyboard

Jul 29, 2011
Samer Kurdi


Get detailed information on media files right in file/properties with MediaTab

Ever wish you could quickly look up a media file’s detailed information, such as bitrate, video codec, audio codec, aspect ratio, duration, audio tag info, or anything else you might imagine? You might already know that MediaInfo gives you detailed information about your media files. But what you may not know about is MediaTab, a

Jul 26, 2011
Samer Kurdi


Volume2: a beautiful volume control app

Let’s say you have a program that lets you control system volume via the mouse and/or via user-defined hotkeys. Let’s also say that it can display stylish volume sliders on screen, and lets you choose from many different skins for these. And, moreover, let’s say that it can control volume via hovering over and sliding

Jul 17, 2011
Samer Kurdi


Special Folder Manager 2: move special folders easily across partitions on Win 7 and Vista

There is a growing trend to move special folders, such as your “My Documents”, “My Music”, and “My Pictures” folders off the main OS partition to another one. This enables the user to create a ‘perfect’ image of the main partition in it’s smallest form, and to put all of the user data in another

Jul 14, 2011
Samer Kurdi


Pokki: put Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and other web services right in your Windows taskbar

You do not need a crystal ball to foresee that Facebook, Twitter, your friends, your contacts, your email, your news sources, all of these (and others) are going to become permanent fixtures on your PC’s desktop (and your tablet, and your smartphone, etc.) But why wait? Pokki is free Windows software that can do this

Jul 10, 2011
Samer Kurdi