Snackr Screenshot1

Add a scrolling RSS ticker to your desktop with Snackr

If information is power, then surely adding more of it onto your desktop in the form of an RSS feed ticker is a good thing, right? (Note: I am being somewhat facetious here). In any case, if an RSS ticker is what you want, then Snackr, a free multiplatform Adobe Air application, is what you


Download desktop skins, launchers, and widgets with ‘RainMeter Skins Gallery’

RainMeter, to quote our original review of it, is “one of the most powerful free desktop customization and widget engines on the Windows platform”. This software has matured since we wrote about it more than a year ago, with more and more user-generated skins, tools, and tweaks. The ‘RainMeter Skins Gallery’ is exactly what sounds


MaxMax can change the behavior of maximized windows, keep parts of the desktop always visible

Did you ever wish that a section of your screen could be kept from being covered with windows when you maximize them. For example, you may have desktop widgets, sticky notes, a launcher, or other tools or content that you would like to be able to always access. If so, then you should check out


Change your Windows 7 logon screen with Windows 7 Logon Screen Tweaker

This free app is for those who like to customize, tweak, and generally place their individual mark on everything that has to do with their computer. The program does exactly what it says: it changes the logon screen in Windows 7, the user icon, the logon text branding, as well as a handful of other

QLaunch Screenshot1

Organize your desktop shortcuts with QLaunch

If you’ve got too many icons on your desktop, you may be interested in QLaunch, a free launcher of shortcuts, files, and folders. QLaunch provides multiple user created floating Windows that can house your icons and shortcuts, and will even let you ‘cluster’ them together manually in the same manner that people normally do on

Order in folder before and after

Sort scattered files into organized folders with ‘Order in my Folder’

Do you have folders that are choc full of all sorts of accumulated downloaded files? Or perhaps you have a folder that contains a large number of files, some of which you currently use and others that belong to projects that have long since been completed, etc. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you


Organize your files with Pneumatic Tubes File Router

Pneumatic Tubes File Router is a free organizational tool that can quickly send files and folders to the right folders all over your hard drive(s). Users can define folder destinations represented as icons on the program interface (see screenshot) and can then drag and drop files and folders onto the icons to send them there.


Control your Recycle Bin from the system tray with Minibin

MiniBin lets you open and empty your recycle bin from a system tray icon. This would make sense in many different scenarios, e.g. if you find yourself frequently minimizing windows to get to your Recycle Bin, if you like to keep your desktop clean of unnecessary icons, if you use a replacement shell that doesn’t


Automate repetitive or frequent tasks with mouse gestures, using StrokesPlus

StrokesPlus is a mouse gesture recognition program that allows you to perform frequently used or repetitive tasks by simply drawing a gesture with your mouse or performing mouse and/or keyboard modifiers to fire off an action sequence. It’s is a great little freeware program that’s loaded with different options, like adding keyboard modifiers and even


Easy MediaInfo provides quick access to simplified media file info via right click

With media libraries growing exponentially on hard drives everywhere, and the proliferation of different video and audio formats, codecs, and devices etc; most users will find it very useful to be able to quickly find out the codec, resolution, bitrate, and other information pertaining to their media files. Enter Easy MediaInfo, a free media-information lookup

MyFolders Screenshot1

Add your favorite folders to the right click context menu with MyFolders

How would you like to put your favorite folders into the right click menu?, such as to have them right there at your fingertips when you need them: quickly jump to them, move or copy objects to them, and even quickly open the command window within the folders. If this sounds like a good idea

WMP context menu entries removed

How to remove Windows Media Player from the Windows 7 right click context menu

Many people do not use Windows Media Player, and yet we all seem to be stuck with the ubiquitous WMP context menu entries in Windows, cluttering the right click menu. Worse yet somewhere along the line Microsoft has inserted a strange “shop for music online” context menu entry in what seems to be a fit