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Add tabs to Windows Explorer with TabExplorer

If you love having tabs in your browser, then how about adding tabs to Windows Explorer? TabExplorer is free software that adds simple, functional tabs to Windows Explorer, enabling you to visually keep track of all your open windows in once place and quickly jump from one to another. We’ve seen tabbed Windows explorer before


Put a beautiful and useful analogue clock on your desktop with Blaiz Chimer

Blaiz Chimer is an analogue clock program that also has more than twenty built in utilities for your day to day file needs. It’s loaded with features for alarms and different visuals, and costs absolutely nothing to download or use. Hardly anyone I know these days uses an analogue clock for anything unless they happen

PDF preview before and after

Add thumbnail previews to PDF files in Windows with PDF Preview

Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the first things most people install on a computer, but one thing which I do not understand is why it does not offer the option for thumbnail previews in Windows (other free PDF readers, such as PDF XChange Viewer, offer this by default). If you use Adobe PDF Reader

dual featured

7 FREE dual monitor programs and resources that you should know about

We recently got access to a new extra screen at the office, so we did the natural thing, and started testing all sorts of free multiple monitor software that we’ve always wanted to try. If you use more than one monitor then this post is for you; it lists 7 programs and resources that add

Windows 7 enhancements illustration

Two free programs that can enhance Windows 7 or 8: AniExplorer and Folder Options X

Windows 7 is quite good, but there are certain things that can be better about it. For example, you may have tried to rearrange the icons in a folder manually and found, to your surprise, that you can’t. Or perhaps you tried to filter your files by size or by date in icon or tile


Remap and edit your mouse buttons with XMouse Button Control

XMouse Button Control is a great freeware program that allows you to change what each button on your mouse does. It works with nearly any type of mouse, no matter how many buttons it has, and is very easy to use. Anyone who knows me even slightly will know that I am an avid gamer.


Add thumbnails to all your media files in Windows with Media Preview

We take thumbnails for images and video files for granted in Windows Explorer. Unless, of course, we do not have them. If you have media files that display icons instead of a thumbnail preview, then you probably feel mildly annoyed to say the least. Rest assured: Media Preview is a free, small utility that will


Looking for a great free docking launcher? Winstep Nexus is one of the best

If you have a case of Mac-envy, or if you’re looking for a launcher that combines both form and function, then check out Winstep Nexus. This docking launcher has been out for a while, but the latest release (ver. 12.2) is a quantum leap forward in terms of speed and performance, as well as a


Access favorite folders within a stylish popup launcher on the taskbar, with MiniWe

If you’re interested in a quick and stylish way to display your favorite folders on your desktop in then check out MiniWe. This free software displays a popup window right from the Windows taskbar that connects to any folder that you specify (see screenshot). Moreover, it lets you customize the way your popup looks, as


Toggle hidden file and name extensions visibility via hotkey with HiFiTo

There are many hidden files on your system, and for the most part it is very good that that is the case; it keeps your folders tidy and clean looking, and keeps many files (somewhat) protected, that needn’t be played with. But for those times when you need to see the hidden files (or when