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Mp3Tag is a comprehensive audio-file tag management solution. I’ve been using this software for more than 2 years, during which time I have also tried and used other similar shareware and commerical programs, and I can honsestly say that Mp3Tag is the clear choice for this type of software. And its 100% free. What I really like about Mp3Tag is that

Unlocker ScreenShot


Ever had a file or folder refuse to be deleted or renamed? This most likely happens because another program or process is still in memory and still accessing that file or folder. Unlocker is a nifty utility that enables you to “unlock” files or folders that are being held by other processes and is easily

RocketDock Featured Image


I’m perfectly happy with my Windows machine. I don’t want a Mac. If I got a Mac as a gift I would probably return it and get a PC instead. That being said, I am all ga-ga over this Mac OS X style docking-launcher, probably the best of its kind. I’m using it on both