WinSpike is a small program that runs in the system tray and provides a set of useful functions that can be performed on any open window; these including making a window transparent or opaque, bringing any window permanently to the front (topmost), hiding or uhhiding a window, closing or terminating a window, and a number


Gmail Drive Shell Extension

Gmail Drive Shell Extension creates a virtual hard drive on your computer that uses your gmail account to store files and folders Very simply, this program creates a hard drive icon in “My Computer” that you can use to store files and folders that (behind the scenes) are actually uploaded as emails into your gmail



PureText is a small app that runs in the background and provides the functionality of pasting whatever was copied into the clipboard (using a user-definable hotkey) as simple text without any of the formatting of the original. There are 2 kinds of people who will read this; the first group will be wondering why anybody


FileMenu Tools

FileMenu Tools adds a number of useful commands into the Windows right-click context menu. It is highly customizable, in that you can select exactly which commands you want displayed, and will allow you to insert seperators and submenus as you see fit. It will also allow you to create your own custom commands that can



This program is discontinued. It is outdated and we have no download links for it on this page. Sorry. The text below is a review of URLMenu as it once was. URLMenu is a bookmark launcher that resides in the system tray. It works with Internet Explorer, Opera, and Netscape bookmarks. This program is somewhat dated,

HOBComment Screenshot Context Menu


HOBComment is a Windows Explorer shell extention that enables you to right-click to add a comment to a folder; it will also allow to do the same to add comments to files on your NTFS partitions. I’ve been looking for some time for an easy way to add comments to my files and folders at



Audioshell is a shell extention that allows you to view and edit your audio file tag information directly within Windows Explorer. Audioshell will (a) display audio file tag info upon mousing-over audio files, (b) add new tabs to the right-click ‘properties’ dialog for audio files, allowing you to perform information and album-art edits on the



Folderbox is a Windows Explorer plugin that adds an additional pane within the lower part of any open folder window, so that the window displays the contents of two different folders at once. If you do a lot of file management in Windows Explorer or need to routinely move files into certain folders then you may


Folder Size

Folder Size is a free utility that displays the size of folders in Explorer folder windows alongside file sizes. Works with Windows 2000 and XP, does not work with 64-bit Windows PCs. Despite the fact that I know that Windows does not display the folder sizes in explorer windows, I somehow manage to be surprised


Folder Guide

Folder Guide provides fast access to your folders through the explorer context menu. A right mouse click is all you need to navigate to your favorite pre-defined folders (see screenshot). I remember years ago I tried a shareware utility that did the same, so I’m really please to have found this freeware one. Here’s what



MenuApp is a program that enables you to create folder shortcuts that function like start-menu style launchers (see screenshot). Four steps to get your shortcut launchers up and running:



With Launchy you can search for installed apps rather than browse for them manually in your start menu. Launchy is invoked/dismissed by a hotkey (alt+space by default). It is pre-set to index your start menu links, but can be customized to index any location on your hard drive for any type of file. For example,