Freespell is a memory-resident spell-checker that can be be invoked through a hotkey combination from within any application. It uses the Aspell open source engine. Here’s how this progam works: From any application, select the text that you would like to spell-check and press the hotkey combination (Windows Key+Z by default). A DOS-based window will



Folder2MyPC is a small free app that can add folders, application-shortcuts or system services to ’My Computer’. It can also add any application(s) to ’Control Panel’. Here’s what you need to know about this program: Folder2MyPC can add any folders and apps you choose to ’My Compuer’ (see screenshot). It can add applications to ’Control Panel’, within



Mobysaurus is a free English thesaurus and dictionary that runs in the background and be accessed inside any application from the system tray or using a hotkey. It resides locally on your machine, which means that it can be used offline, and integrates an impressive range of references including Roget’s Thesaurus, WordNet, GCDIE Dictionary, and


Icon Phile

Icon Phile is a small program that can be used to change Windows system icons (including desktop icons, cursors, drives, start menu and folders), as well as the icons for any document format/extension such as compressed files, MS offices files, graphic and media files and others. Ever installed a really cool program such as an


Shell Tray Info

Shell Tray Info is a small portable program that allows you to re-arrange the order of icons in the system tray. For the 4 people out there who, like me, want a program that can re-arrange the order of icons in the System tray I present you with Shell Tray Info. Why would anyone need



WinWorkBar is a free desktop-based personal information manager that combines a calendar and to-do tasks list with notes and popup-reminders. If you’re looking for this sort of program you will find that WinWorkBar offers just the right mix of features to make it really useful without being too complex or overladen with features; everything this



Stickies is a desktop notes program that offers a slew of advanced features including timed alerts, logging of all activity, PDA support, notes sharing over a network, and emailing of notes from within the sticky application. I initially set out to find a stickies program that offered simple features; with Stickies I found what I


Aurionix FileUsage

Fileusage is a freeware program that provides up to four extra columns within Window’s explorer ‘detail’ view that show total size for files and folders and files, total number of files within each folder, and total percentage disk usage for each file/folder. This program is similar to Folder Size in that it displays the size

Taskbar Shuffle Screenshot

Taskbar Shuffle

Taskbar shuffle is a tiny app that enables you to re-arrange windows that are in the taskbar simply by dragging and dropping them. The smallest review ever. This is a very small program that works very well and is 100% free. Version tested: 2.0 Compatibility: Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP. Go to the program home page to download


Visual Task Tips

Visual Task Tips is a lightweight shell enhancement utility for Win XP that provides a Vista-style thumbnail preview of a minimized window in the task bar simply by placing the mouse arrow over it. Here’s what you need to know about this software: A very small program that takes very little resources Does what it



Dexpot will allow you to set up and customize virtual desktops within Windows such that each can behave as a seperate workspace with its own icons and runnning apps. It offers powerful tools to customize and manage these virtual desktops in a nice intuitive graphical user interface. Let’s say that you use your computer for


MagicDisc Virtual DVD/CD

MagicDisc is a program that can create disc image files from CDs and DVDs as well as mount disc image files of various types through a virtual CD/DVD drive. Here’s what you need to know about this program: Will work with both CDs and DVDs Allows you to open and use disk image files without the need to