Portitle: right-click to look up movie and TV show information, trailers, and subtitles

We like to showcase right click functions that are unique and/or useful, and in fact have published a series of collections of interesting right click functions. This time around we would like to feature Portitle, a free utility that can look up movie summaries, reviews, trailers and download subtitles for your media files via right

Filemind Screenshot

Filemind adds sophisticated filtering for files and folders

Windows Explorer is great, but could be a lot better. File filtering, for example, is not very intuitive and relies too much on the searchbox, and is not really built to easily allow re-filtering the filtered results. Filemind is a free file management program that enables you to find the files and folders you seek

Order in folder before and after

Sort scattered files into organized folders with ‘Order in my Folder’

Do you have folders that are choc full of all sorts of accumulated downloaded files? Or perhaps you have a folder that contains a large number of files, some of which you currently use and others that belong to projects that have long since been completed, etc. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you


Organize your files with Pneumatic Tubes File Router

Pneumatic Tubes File Router is a free organizational tool that can quickly send files and folders to the right folders all over your hard drive(s). Users can define folder destinations represented as icons on the program interface (see screenshot) and can then drag and drop files and folders onto the icons to send them there.

MyFolders Screenshot1

Add your favorite folders to the right click context menu with MyFolders

How would you like to put your favorite folders into the right click menu?, such as to have them right there at your fingertips when you need them: quickly jump to them, move or copy objects to them, and even quickly open the command window within the folders. If this sounds like a good idea


7Files: a file browser with powerful filtering functionality

Do you ever feel like it is sometimes simply too hard to find the files and folders you want in Windows explorer? If so, 7Files is for you. 7Files is a free file browser for Windows that aims to provide a better user experience for working with files and folder. It looks very similar to


Interact with your music with Jajuk Advanced Jukebox

Do you have gigabytes worth of music files? Have trouble finding the one you want at a given moment? Want to get album covers and lyrics for the tracks you own? Jajuk Advanced Jukebox is free software that can help you with all this and more. [Note: this post was written by Freewaregenius contributor B.C.


Organize your files into a virtual structure with DiviFile

Arranging files into folders is one way of organizing your files, but is limited in that it will not allow you to easily place a file into several categories simultaneously, and can be a lot of work to modify and maintain. Enter DiviFile, a free program which provides another way to organize your files, namely,

Geo-tag your images and locate them on a map with open source software GeoTag

You may not realize it, but the pictures that you take with your GPS-enabled camera or smartphone (such as your iPhone), and many of the images that you download from the internet contain location information that identify precisely where the snapshots were taken (typically, in the form of longitude and latitude coordinates). This means that


Special Folder Manager 2: move special folders easily across partitions on Win 7 and Vista

There is a growing trend to move special folders, such as your “My Documents”, “My Music”, and “My Pictures” folders off the main OS partition to another one. This enables the user to create a ‘perfect’ image of the main partition in it’s smallest form, and to put all of the user data in another


The best freeware file manager: a comparative analysis

File management in Windows (browsing, viewing, copying, deleting files etc) is an area where Windows Explorer is not sufficient for many people. Explorer lacks several functions such as a tabbed interface and multiple panes for organizing files easily, quick file viewing, sorting folders by folder size, enhanced archive management, multiple file renaming, to name a

Another Forty-Three of The Best Free Windows Enhancements That You Should Know About (part 2)

I’ve been meaning to publish a follow up to my first “43 must have Windows Enhancements” posting forever, but it’s taken a long time simply because I wanted to stick with the completely arbitrary “43” number of entries, and of course I wanted to only post apps that are worth writing about (as it turned

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